This Is The Package Set Which Will Get You Back In To Golf

This package set has been a favourite of the Golf Monthly team for years now, and here's why it'll get you back into the game...

Black Friday Best Golf Package Set
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Looking to get back in to playing golf soon? Are you thinking of starting playing the game for the first time? Getting your hands on one of the best golf package sets (opens in new tab) is by far and away the easiest and most cost effective way to start playing golf again. The Black Friday (opens in new tab) sales bring about an even better opportunity to get back into the sport.

There are a huge amount of package sets out there, and finding the right one at the right price can be tricky. Finding the best package set deals (opens in new tab) can be even harder as manufacturers continue to being out very competitively priced options That's why we at the Golf Monthly team think we've found just the right package set for beginners or those returning to the game. 

It's just the right amount of golf clubs, all with just the right amount of forgiveness and at just the right price point that offers golfers quality, longevity and value. 

That set is the Callaway Warbird 14 package set, a package set that regularly sells out as soon as it is restocked by retailers in the US and UK. Our data shows its the most popular package set by far when it's in stock - and there's good reason for this. 

Callaway Golf Warbird 14 Piece Package Set

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The reason it's such a great deal is that you get a full set (14 clubs) that are all high quality but ideal for the beginner or returning golfer. The oversized driver is forgiving and confidence inspiring. The irons are cavity backs that offer the right combination of distance and control. And the putter is a premium offering Odyssey fit for the bag of intermediate players and low handicappers. 

The bag is excellent too. A premium cart bag like this could cost upwards of $150 on its own and, in many other package sets, you'll find that this is where manufacturers usually cut corners to save some money. 

All in all, it's by far and away the best package set currently on the market - and the best value for money.

As we mentioned earlier, it sells out quickly at retailers across the world...

There are of course some other excellent package sets worth highlighting at different price points. 

For the best budget package set, we'd highly recommend the MacGregor CG3000 Golf Club Set (opens in new tab) - a great value option at £299.99/$300. In this you get just 10 clubs compared to the Warbirds 14. You'd expect this with the price difference, but this does make the set less complicated for new golfers. It also comes with a carry bag instead of a cart bag which is much more convenient to take on course.

For a little but extra than the Warbird set, there is the TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite package set (opens in new tab). This set retails roughly around £1000/$1000 for a 14-piece set. The clubs are super premium for the price however and they wouldn't look out of place in a mid-handicappers bag. 

For those coming back into the game or starting for the first time, there is a wide range of package sets and deciding on your budget is the first step to deciding which set is right for you. Check out the best Black Friday package set deals (opens in new tab) here to see if you can nab a bargain on a package set to fit your game. 

You can also check out our guide on the best beginners golf clubs (opens in new tab) to see some other great options.

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