Srixon Distance Ball Review

We test the Srixon Distance golf ball to see how it performed on the course

srixon distance ball and packaging
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A ball that certainly delivers more distance, and whilst it's not going to offer you the same level of control around the greens - at least compared to a more premium model - if you're needing extra yards, it's definitely one to try.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Extra distance was noticeable

  • +

    Hard-wearing and wallet friendly

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not as responsive on those more delicate shots

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Srixon Distance Ball Review

Let's start by stating the obvious: this ball is aimed at those who need help carrying the ball further. True, even accomplished players sometimes want more distance, but changing to a distance ball is not normally the answer.

For better players, especially those who demand superior feel, this ball is unlikely to suit. There can be a bit of a stigma around using distance balls - it's as if you shouldn't need to use one, and that doing so is an admission that you lack power!

This is a bit of a nonsense, really, as most equipment is designed to help in one way or another - whether that's the most forgiving drivers, most forgiving putters, or distance golf balls. Put simply: we all want to play better golf, and any equipment that can help us shoot lower scores is good by us.

So, how did the Srixon Distance golf balls perform out on the course? Well, there's no arguing with the fact these balls are long - this was certainly noticeable off the tee.

Srixon Distance Ball

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As an 18-handicapper (on a good day) with a moderate swing speed, my best strikes launched a fraction higher and with greater penetration - which equated to about 15 yards more distance.

No matter what level you play at, this is a significant gain, and meant I didn't find myself hitting so many longer irons into the greens with my second shot. Given that this is a shot mid to high handicappers can struggle with, it's no wonder people try using distance golf balls. It was also encouraging to see the ball hold its line in windy conditions, and therefore not curve off and lose important yards.

What can put golfers off using such a ball, however, is the feel. Often, distance balls can feel like a rock at impact, although this was not the case with this Srixon model.

Having said that, there is still a degree of compromise, for when it came to playing more delicate shots around the greens, it didn't feel quite so easy to control - less 'grippy'. For beginners and high handicappers, this might not be such a problem, and over time, knowing how much response you're going to get from the ball, you might be able to adapt. 

Srixon Distance

(Image credit: Tom Clarke)

However, if you're rapidly improving and feel you're able to strike the ball consistently well around the greens, you may want to consider using a more premium Srixon ball, one that will give you more control and allow you to be more aggressive. Perhaps the Z-Star, the Z-Star XV or Z-Star Diamond models. 

Finally, in terms of priority this might not be high on the list for everyone, but it noticeable how hard wearing this ball was. If you're prone to the odd mis strike, as many mid to high handicappers will be, they don't appear to scuff very easily. 

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