The dreaded slice is the shot amateur golfers most commonly struggle with so we've compiled this list of the best drivers for slicers

Best Drivers For Slicers 

Slicing the ball off the tee is one of the most common and destructive shots for amateur golfers.

Not only does it put you in a bad position on the hole but it loses you significant distance, which makes good scoring harder to come by.

Luckily, the best drivers from all of golf’s major brands are on hand to help if you have a tendency to slice the ball.

Below is a list of the best anti-slice drivers 2020 had to offer and some exciting new ones to look out for in 2021, which are also the best drivers for beginners.

Best Anti Slice Drivers

TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver


TaylorMade’s anti-slice driver for 2021 comes in the form of the SIM2 Max D driver, replacing 2020’s SIM Max D Type.  

With the entire Inertia Generator and 22g back weight moved toward the heel of the clubhead, this driver boasts a strong draw bias to counteract shots going to the right. 

Some face masking on the topline also helps the ball start more left, making the SIM2 Max D an ideal option for those who slice the ball and don’t want to lose distance. 

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Drivers Review 

Ping G425 SFT Driver


Ping’s new G425 range comes in three heads – the Max, LST and SFT. 

For slicers of the ball, the SFT head is the best option because it stands for Straight Flight Technology. A consistently straighter ball flight is achieved by a fixed weight near the heel of the club for maximum slice correction. 

It offers even more draw bias than the G425 Max in its draw setting, which means serial slicers of the ball will definitely want to opt for the SFT head.

The rest of the club performs the same as the G425 Plus which we loved when we reviewed it earlier this year. 

The whole G425 range comes with an Arccos sensor embedded in the grip, creating a very competitive package for 2021.

Ping G425 Drivers Review

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Driver

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Driver

Image credit: Cobra

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed is the lightest driver Cobra has ever made and is a great driver for seniors, beginners and those who have a tendency to slice the ball. 

For those who struggle with a left-to-right shot shape, more slice-resistant shots are made easier with internal, back/heel weighting and offset hosel design that delivers higher trajectories. 

Some may not like the quite significant amount of offset that can be seen at address, but if you are fed up with seeing your ball fly right off the tee then the Cobra F-Max Airspeed is a fantastic option. 

UK Buy Now at Jam Golf for £269

US Buy Now at TGW for $329

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Best Callaway Drivers

Image credit: Callaway

A driver aimed specifically at those who slice the ball, the BB21 is one of the best anti-slice drivers for 2021.

This driver provides distance, forgiveness and allows the ball to travel down the fairway, rather than across it as many slicers experience. 

The beauty of this driver is that it comes with all premium technology found on Callaway’s Mavrik drivers

At address, the generous amount of offset and large club head inspires confidence and the loft adjustment in the hosel allows you to add or take away loft depending on your preference.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review 

UK Buy Now at Online Golf for £398.90

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $499.99

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

Best Golf Drivers For Seniors

Image credit: Wilson Staff

Another offset driver to help with a pesky slice, the Wilson Staff Launch Pad is an easy-to-hit driver that provides a higher ball flight as well as straighter one. 

It has a more upright lie angle and significant heel weighting to encourage the clubface to return as square at the point of impact. 

Much like the Cobra F-Max Airspeed, the Wilson Staff Launch Pad is also a very lightweight driver so will help those who have slower swings speeds, as well as those who slice the ball.

Wilson Launch Pad Driver Review

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £249

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $299.99

Titleist TS1 Driver 

The Titleist TS1 driver is one of the lightest drivers Titleist has ever created and is targeted and those golfers with moderate swing speeds and a tendency to slice.

The TS1 is noticeably more lightweight and also has an added built-in draw bias compared to the TS2 driver and other drivers in the same family.

Offering much-needed assistance to the far higher percentage of club golfers who struggle with a slice than a draw, the TS1 is a premium driver built with slicers in mind.

Titleist TS1 Driver Review

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale for £349

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $349.99

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Draw Driver 


This driver comes with a few great design quirks that are used specifically to help a player who is prone to slicing the ball.

The slightly off-centre line where the crown drops down a level encourages a closed face when used for alignment. This closed face will help keep slice to a minimum, as will the slight offset.

While this driver has no adjustability, it doesn’t matter as it is already set up perfectly for golfers who want to avoid the slice.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver Review 

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale for £279

Honma T//World GS Driver


Honma’s GS range was announced at the start of 2021 and is aimed at golfers with moderate to slow swing speeds to help maximise distance without losing forgiveness.

GS stands for Gain Speed and the driver also has a strategically positioned tungsten sole weights to promote a draw bias.

Cobra RadSpeed XD 


While last year’s Cobra Speedzone drivers had draw adjustability in the hosel, the brand did not release a specific draw head.

However, the launch of Radspeed in 2021 has brought with it a new Cobra driver aimed specifically for those who slice the ball.

The most important weight for slicers is the 10g draw weight added to the heel of the head. Alongside the 6g weight positioned at the back of the head, the Radspeed XD offers forgiveness, distance and straighter ball flight.

Plenty of adjustability in the hosel and with an Arccos sensor included in the grip, the Cobra Radspeed XD has got everything an anti-slice driver needs.

Cobra Radspeed XD Drivers Review

Mizuno ST-X Driver 


The new Mizuno ST-X driver has a beautifully classic aesthetic while still offering the technology that keeps ball flight as straight as possible.

When we tested the new Mizuno ST-X, it was our clear favourite of the new family of Mizuno drivers.

Whether this was down to the more compact shape or the draw bias was hard to say.

However, what was clear during our testing however was that it delivered the most consistent results with shot after shot finding the fairway. This added consistency also translated to a few extra yards.

Another classic looking, premium draw bias driver adds to our extensive list of anti-slice drivers.

Mizuno ST-X Driver Review

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