Here is our selection of the very best golf bags - models to suit a full range of on-course requirements and conditions

Best Golf Bags

The golf bag is an essential item of equipment and finding the right one could help you make the difference when it comes to organising and planning your game.

Whether you prefer to carry, take a cart or a buggy the best golf bags have been designed and engineered to suit your requirements. You need a bag that will protect your equipment, provide the right level of storage with easy access to clubs and accessories, and one that delivers the best possible ergonomic fit for you. To make the right choice, you need to consider the best golf bags on the market.

If you use a cart or buggy, you’ll look for a robust and stable bag that’s easy to lift and sits well on its side or base. Other features to consider will be, the level of storage, the ease of access to clubs and accessory/apparel pockets. Many modern bags provide water resistance and extra protection for valuables.

If you like to carry, then you’ll look for something lightweight and comfortable that sits well on the back. Depending on the conditions you generally play in, you might consider the quality of the stand and the level of storage available. Easy access and protection of clubs will always be a consideration. As such take a look at our list of the best golf stand bags.

What then are the best golf bags right now? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favourites below to help you prepare and manage your golf game in the most effective way.

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Best Golf Bags

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag

Best Golf Bags

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag

+ Lightweight at under 2kg
+ Seam sealed zips
– Could be more separation in pockets

This stylish looking bag offers a high level of performance on a number of levels. Thanks to the seam sealed zippers, it’s impressively waterproof, while the wider stand delivers great stability on uneven terrain or on windy days.

There’s good, accessible storage with a four-way top divider, ample clothing pocket plus five further pockets for balls, accessories, water bottle, valuables and range finder.

It’s lightweight at just 1.95kg, comfortable to carry with a self-balancing convertible strap system. Those straps can be easily detached if you opt to use a cart. We felt when reviewing that the bag, “ticks a lot of boxes.”

Also if you are a fan of Titleist, check out our guide on the best Titleist golf bags too.

Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag Review

Motocaddy HydroFlex Stand Bag

Best Golf Bags

Motocaddy HydroFlex Bag

+ Waterproof
+ Spacious pockets
– Easilock base designed specifically for Motocaddy trolleys

This is a lightweight stand bag that can also work well with a Motocaddy trolley thanks to the Easilock base system.

The HydroFlex weighs in at a mere 2.2kg, has five spacious pockets to fill and has been crafted from a waterproof TPU-coated nylon fabric with welded seams. It’s been designed to help you keep your kit dry in more extreme weather conditions.

There are five full length dividers to keep clubs well separated and protected and we found the four-point, fully adjustable strap to be extremely comfortable when carrying.

Available in three colours, it’s a stylish looking bag but it’s the versatility that we really love – It’s lightweight if you want to take minimal kit on a sunny day, but there’s also space for full waterproofs and ancillary equipment when the weather turns. Alternatively, you can fit it easily to your Motocaddy trolley – Great for options.

Motocaddy Hydroflex Stand Bag review

Ping Hoofer Craz-E Lite Stand Bag

Best Golf Bags

PING Hoofer Craz-E Lite Stand Bag

+ Super lightweight
+ Extremely comfy to carry
– Lightness means it’s inevitably less robust than some stand bags

The Hoofer has become an iconic moniker within the stand bag market, which also featured in our guide on the best Ping golf bags too.

This latest incarnation is Ping’s lightest Hoofer bag to date, weighing in at an incredible 1.4kg.

Versatility is the key with this bag – If you want it to stay super light and go minimal with just your sticks and a few balls – it’s tough to beat.

But, with seven pockets, there’s plenty of space for equipment if you need to take more, or if the conditions are uncertain. There’s a sizeable apparel pocket that we felt in testing you could easily fit full waterproofs in. And, with a seam sealed valuables pocket and water bottle pocket, most eventualities are covered.

The Hoofer Craz-E Lite certainly nice and compact. In fact, it’s an extremely sleek bag that you’ll find very easy to sling into the boot of a car, a locker or a flight bag.

It’s a nice looking stand bag with a streamlined and unfussy styling – One that suggests you mean business on the links!

Ping Hoofer Craz-E Lite Stand Bag Review

TaylorMade FlexTech Waterproof Stand Bag

Best Golf Bags

TaylorMade FlexTech Waterproof Stand Bag

+ Comfortable self-adjusting strap system
+ Good level of waterproofing
– Not as robust as some models

One of the most annoying things with stand bags of the past was the constant struggle to find a comfortable strap position when carrying – one side too long, the other too short… it could be very distracting.

You won’t have that issue with the TaylorMade FlexTech – The straps are self-adjusting and they slide while you’re carrying to ensure a perfect fit at all times. As such, it sits very comfortably on your back, aided by some nice padding in just the right place.

The fabric is waterproof and the pockets are seam sealed to keep the rain out.

The FlexTech stand system is smooth to operate and, working together with a collapsible base, the bag sits neatly even on undulating terrain.

Clubs are protected by a 5-way top and two full length dividers. They’re also well separated meaning you won’t have to deal with any wrestling to get clubs out.

The styling is cool and understated and, overall it deserves its place in our best golf bags list.

Big Max Aqua Hybrid 2 Stand Bag

Best Golf Bags

Big Max Aqua Hybrid 2

+ Fully waterproof
+ Verstatility for use on Cart
– Slightly more substantial than some stand bags so not as light

A key plus with the Big Max Aqua range is they have been engineered to keep your kit dry in the wettest conditions.

There’s nothing worse than your gloves, grips and other clothes and accessories getting a soaking in the bag. The Big Max I-Dry system has been designed to help prevent this happening.

The seams are sealed, the zippers waterproof and the material specially manufactured to keep the water out.

Aside from that, it’s also a very practical and versatile bag. Roomy pockets allow for plenty of storage while a footless base mechanism means the Hybrid 2 functions well as a stand bag but will also sit squarely on a cart.

When carrying, the Air Channel straps combine with a solid bag structure to deliver excellent ergonomics while allowing air flow to keep you cool on hotter days.

In review we found this to be a solid, durable and comfortable stand bag.

Ogio Fuse Aquatech 304 Stand Bag

Best Golf Bags

Ogio Fuse Aquatech 304 Stand Bag

+ Ergonomic weight distribution when carrying
+ Good storage with eight pockets
– Just over the magic 2kg weight mark (2.2kg)

With its fit disc strap system, we found this bag to be one of the comfiest on the market for carrying. A model that made our best Ogio golf bags list, weight is distributed evenly across the shoulders and you’ll notice that difference towards the end of 18 holes.

There are no fewer than eight pockets and they’ve been placed so as to be easily accessible. It’s easy to grab the accessories or the drink you need without putting the bag on the ground.

Constructed from Ripstop Polyester, it’s a durable piece of kit and one we feel can take anything you throw at it.

Ping Pioneer Monsoon Cart Bag

Best Golf Bags

PING Pioneer Monsoon Cart Bag

+ Excellent performance in wet conditions
+ Plenty of storage
– Bright colours won’t be to all tastes

The Ping Pioneer Monsoon Cart Bag offers superb protection from the elements. With a water repellent construction, eight seam sealed pockets and a pair of ventilated mesh-slip pockets, it’s a great option for those who play in all weathers.

A key feature of a good cart bag is accessibility and the Pioneer Monsoon delivers on this front. A cart-strap channel makes fitting the bag to a cart extremely simple as well as allowing for access to all pockets at all times.

A 15-way top divider keeps clubs protected and easily accessible and a large putter well allows for oversized grips.

The bag comes in four striking colours which will help you stand out on the fairways.

It’s sturdy, practical and will provide sufficient, waterproof storage for golfers wishing to take a selection of equipment options out on course.

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag

powakaddy-dri-tech-cart-bag-web, Best Golf Bags

Image: PowaKaddy

+ 100% fully waterproof construction
+ Key lock system for secure cart fitting
– Functional rather than super stylish

The PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag will keep your kit dry in the most extreme weathers. It’s made from a lightweight Nylon fabric that’s waterproof to an impressive hydrostatic rating of over 10,000mm – If you’re not sure what that means – it’s a lot!

And, this is an incredibly lightweight cart bag – Just 2.3kg which is quite a bit lighter than the average cart bag on the market in 2020.

For those who like ultimate club organisation, the Dri Tech has you covered with a 14-way top divider and spacious putter well. The pockets are also pretty capacious, meaning you’ll have room for a good amount of kit.

It may not be the most striking in terms of design, but the PowaKaddy Dri Tech has a sleek sophistication and looks great sitting on a cart. It also features PowaKaddy’s Key Lock, anti-twist system to ensure it stays firmly in place throughout the round. Nobody likes to be fiddling with bag placement and straps when they should be focussing on a testing iron shot!

Overall it is one of the best golf trolley bags money can buy, let alone one of the best golf bags out there as well.

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag Review

Mizuno BR-D4C Cart Bag

Best golf bags

Mizuno BR-D4C Bag

+ Ample and accessible storage
+ Funky looks
– Not as waterproof as some other cart bags

You won’t be short of storage options with the striking Mizuno BR-D4C Cart Bag. It boasts no fewer than 12 pockets for apparel, accessories, valuables, range finder and water in an insulated cooler pocket.

The great thing is that the design is such that all 12 of those pockets are fully accessible when the bag is sitting on a cart.

Clubs are well protected by a 10 inch, 14-way divider and there’s an extra large putter well too.

The ergonomically designed grab handle makes this bag easy to manoeuvre while the cart strap channel is great for quick and easy attachment to a buggy.

Available in four cool colour options, including Mizuno’s classic staff white and blue, it’s also a bag that will help you stand out on the fairways.

Sun Mountain H2NO SuperLite Cart Bag

Best Golf Bags

Sun Mountain H2NO SuperLite Cart Bag

+ Exceptionally lightweight for a cart bag
+ Stylish modern design
– Not as much storage as some cart bags

The first thing you’ll notice about the H2NO SuperLite, is it’s incredibly light. At just 2.1kg, it weighs as little as most carry bags.

It offers a funky modern design and is available in four cool colour options.

When it comes to storage, it may not deliver quite the volume of some cart bags but what you give away in room, you make up for with the compact, lightweight structure.

Having said that, the four pockets do provide a good amount of space, while the 14-way top divider keeps clubs protected and easy to organise.

The bag is made of a waterproof Nylon fabric and the waterproof zips and rainhood will help keep your kit dry when the heavens open.

If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish, lightweight cart bag, providing decent storage and waterproof protection, the H2NO SuperLite is a strong option.

Callaway Mavrik Org 14 Cart Bag

Best Golf Bags

Callaway Mavrik Org 14 Cart Bag

+ Excellent levels of storage
+ Durable fabric
– Quite large for fitting in car/locker

The Callaway Mavrik Org 14 is a highly robust and durable cart bag. It’s been designed to provide maximum protection and accessibility for clubs and equipment.

If you want a heavy-duty bag that will keep your kit organised and separated, this is a great option.

With no fewer than 11 pockets, there’s a space for everything, even an electric trolley battery pack.

The new moulded rangefinder pocket is a good addition and as it’s front facing, it (like all the pockets) are easily accessed when this bag is sitting on a cart.

The padded 14-way top divider allows you to get at clubs easily and the putter well features a TPE insert to protect the shaft.

A nice feature is that the top divider is flatter to allow wedges to hang rather than drop down.

This is a solid, high performance cart bag.

Titleist Tour Bag

Best Golf Bags

Titleist Tour Bag

+ Ultimate in storage and durability
+ Tour proven with looks to match
– Heavy

The ultimate golf bag is a Tour bag and you can’t do better than the Tour proven Titleist Tour Bag.

Designed with input and feedback from Titleist’s stable of elite professionals, this bag has been constructed to meet the requirements of the best players in the game, and therefore is one of the best tour golf bags money can buy.

It’s bigger than a standard cart or stand bag but it’s actually pretty lightweight at just over 4kg. It’s also been ergonomically engineered and, with the three-point shoulder strap, it’s easy to carry.

The Titleist Tour bag is highly durable and hard wearing and the five-way top cuff has been shaped to deliver maximum protection to club heads and shafts.

Internal storage is excellent with compartments within pockets to allow you to organise apparel and equipment. Zippers are chunky and durable and, with rainhood on, the waterproofing is excellent.

With sleek lines and a quilted finish, it also looks the business. If you want to make a statement on the first tee then look no further.

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