Best Putters 2024

Which are the best putters this season? The putter is arguably the most important club in the bag so here is our guide to the top models on the market right now.

Best Putters
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There is always a debate about which are the best putters in the market. There are so many options, styles and types of putters to choose from and finding the right one for your needs as a golfer is imperative. Of course, there is still the choice to be made between different styles of putter and we will highlight the main contenders here. 

Starting with blade style putters, which will tend to suit ‘feel’ players who have a stronger arc to their putting stroke. Then there are mallets, which will suit golfers who require extra alignment assistance and/or have much less rotation in their putting stroke. Mid-mallets then sit somewhere in the middle of the two depending on how they've been designed. 

Given all of this, at Golf Monthly we test a lot of putters and to help you find the one which will get the ball in the hole for you, we have created this comprehensive guide with lots of different styles and head design. Because of the length and breadth of putter design, we have split this guide into several sections so you can go straight to the section and style of putter you are after. For more choices, you can also check out our best blade putter guide and best mallet putter guide or most forgiving putters guide.

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