Cobra Aerojet Fairway Review

How did Cobra's Aerojet fairway wood perform amongst its competitors and against last year's LTDx model?

Cobra Aerojet Fairway Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A powerful fairway wood with an excellent feel off the face. Toe and heel strikes perform much better thanks to the updated H.O.T face and the comprehensive MyFly hosel will allow players to dial this club to their exact specifications.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Powerful, hot feeling off the face

  • +

    Perimeter hits maintain speed and flight

  • +

    Adjustable hosel can dial in performance

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not as easy to hit off the ground as some

  • -

    Glossy crown won't suit everyone's eye

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Cobra Aerojet Fairway Review

After the impressive series of LTDx clubs from 2022, Cobra had a serious job on its hands to make the new Aerojet range offer significant performance benefits. The standard LTDx was one of the best fairway woods of the year last time out, so what has Cobra done to advance the good work in the all-new Aerojet franchise? Firstly, much like with the LTDx, I think you'll be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable feel off the face from 2023's class of fairway woods. From my very first hit with this club, it was hot and powerful while creating a satisfying crunch on impact. 

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Through advanced machine learning, Cobra has advanced its H.O.T face for 2023, creating fast ball speeds over a wider area of the face and allowing perimeter hits to maintain good ball speed and spin characteristics. Despite the power on offer, it feels like a genuinely forgiving fairway wood. It's a compelling feeling well worth trying out for yourself if you're after a powerful fairway wood and I was seriously impressed with how well my poor - mostly heel - strikes performed. 

Off the tee this club is a real winner for power and distance but, for me, there are certainly easier fairway woods to hit off the deck than the Aerojet. The CG has been moved lower and more forward in this model and, while this makes for powerful distance off the tee, I think this will hinder those ball strikers who need as much help as possible with fairway woods off the deck. 

I'd put the 3-wood down as a fantastic, powerful option off the tee with its ability off the floor very much down to the type of ball striker you are. The 18° 5-wood proved to be a winner in my testing when hitting off the deck and perhaps this says more about my ability to hit a 3-wood off the ground than it does about the club itself. However, having used the Ping G425 Max 3-wood for the last 18 months, I would suggest the Aerojet isn't the easiest off the deck. 

The crown is made from carbon and has a gloss finish just as the drivers do. Annoyingly, it doesn't seem to have quite the same deep, carbon black finish as the Aerojet driver and quite simply I prefer the matte finish that was used on the LTDx fairway. Of course, opinions on gloss or matte finishes are totally subjective and this gloss finish still gives a premium look if that is to your taste. 

Cobra Aerojet fairway wood from address

You can see how much the crown of the Aerojet fairway woods reflects in certain light conditions. 

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While the carbon crown finish is a bit too sharp for me, the white lines on the face give the clubface a good definition and make framing the ball off the tee or off the ground easy. The comprehensive MyFly hosel remains in the Aerojet fairway and will allow you to adjust for loft and lie. For a lower spinning model, Cobra offers the Aerojet LS which comes in a 'Big Tour' shape of 172cc compared to the 168cc head in the standard fairway. There's also the Aerojet Max fairway wood which is a slightly more forgiving head and some draw bias for those who tend to slice the ball. 

As is the case with most Cobra products, you'll also find the RRP comes in slightly lower than most of its competitors this year. All three fairways come in at £269/$269, a decent chunk below its 2023 competitors with performance being very similar. Are the gains over LTDx significant in Aerojet? Significant might be a strong word, but I have to commend Cobra for the developments it has made in the face construction of the Aerojet range. The forgiveness from off-center shots is a really positive development and, with three different heads and plenty of fitting options, I can easily see the Aerojet fairway wood being a favorite amongst a wide range of golfers this year. 

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