Our guide to the best golf club sets for those golfers looking to invest in a whole new line-up

Best Golf Club Sets: The Entire Set

Not everyone goes about buying a new set of golf clubs in the same way, and we all have different preferences.

For some, the preferred option is to buy an entire set, or package set. Maybe you only play once or twice a year, or you just want a spare set at home.

Regardless, you still want to get the best golf irons, best golf wedges and every other type of club you can think of. In short, you want to get the best golf clubs for you.

There are also those who are new to the game and just want to buy a set from the shelf without going through the custom fitting process.

It’s why package sets are typically aimed at beginners and mid to high handicappers.

Kids are often a common focus, too, when it comes to package sets and you can see some of the best golf club sets for kids in our guide.

More accomplished golfers tend to have greater demands. However, if you want a package set of clubs to kill many birds with one stone, here are some of the best golf club sets that you may wish to consider.

Best Golf Club Sets – Best Package Sets

Inesis 100 Package Set

Decathlon Inesis 100 Half Set

Image credit: decathlon.co.uk

Whilst not strictly an ‘entire set’, this is a clever make-up from decathlon, with a strong 7-iron (6/7) and strong 9-iron (8/9). It’s aimed more at beginners, but don’t be concerned by the low price; in testing we were really impressed by the performance.

Each club is designed for easy launch; they felt stable and produced consistent results. With a mid size top line and wide sole, the irons provide beginners with something that’s really important when just starting out – confidence at address, and extra assistance getting the ball up and away.

We also enjoyed the feel, especially in the irons, which frame the ball really nicely. Meanwhile, the driver sits slightly closed, which should appeal to beginners, many of who struggle with a slice.

In summary, this seven-piece set offers good value for money, and if you’re a beginner looking to get into the game, it gives you everything you need.

Decathlon Inesis 100 Package Set Review

MacGregor DCT3000 Package Set

MacGregor DCT3000 Package Set

Image credit: MacGregor

MacGregor’s ‘ultimate full set for beginners’ and improving golfers’ is comprised of a titanium driver, a stainless steel fairway wood, two hybrids, stainless steel irons (5-SW) and a putter.

The 10.5° driver features a high MOI design for increased stability at impact and an expanding sweetspot for greater forgiveness on off-centre hits, which is something game improvers will really benefit from.

The fairway and hybrids, which incorporate a shallow face with high MOI design, are also easy to use, and make the task of launching the ball nice and high a lot simpler.

Meanwhile, the irons feature an on oversized head design – which, again, makes them extremely forgiving. With a durable bag and four matching headcovers, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this package set.

Wilson Prostaff SGI Package Set

Wilson Prostaff SGI Package Set

If you’re new to golf, you want every bit of help getting the ball in the air, plus you need plenty of forgiveness when you don’t find the centre of the clubface.

The sweetspots on the clubs in this SGI set are large and forgiving, and the heads themselves inspire confidence. We found the irons in particular achieved this.

Meanwhile, the wide sole of the sand wedge makes escaping bunkers far easier, which is an area of the game beginners can really struggle with.

This set comes with a 10.5° driver, a three wood, a hybrid, a 6-iron to sand wedge and an excellent putter to match.

Other sets may come with more clubs (this is a 10 piece set), but it does mean you can add extra clubs, perhaps as your game improves.

Price is also another plus as it comes in at an attractive price point.

Cobra Fly XL Speed Package Set

Cobra Fly XL Speed Package Set

Another premium option in this list of the best golf club sets.

This set comes with 10 clubs in total – frustratingly short of a full set – which includes a 10.5° 460cc driver, a 5-wood and an easy to hit hybrid clubs.

These irons (6-SW) are made with graphite shafts instead of steel, which make them really lightweight and will allow the ball to launch easier. This composition of shafts are ideal if you are a senior golfer starting out for the first time or would just prefer a lightweight feel.

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The trolley bag that is included is high quality too – however this does mean buying a trolley too.

Overall this is another set that allows those who want to pay a little more, get a full premium set of clubs from a well-known brand.

Yonex Ezone Elite 2 Package Set

Yonex Ezone Elite 2 Package Set

Image credit: Yonex

Yonex has long been at the forefront of game improvement, and the Ezone Elite 2 irons have been engineered for greater distance via lower spin and higher launch, thanks to its thin Octaforce Neo face and wide rounded sole.

With the Yonex Quick Adjust System, golfers can refine the loft angle from +/- 1.5° and clubface angle through eight settings for the ideal launch trajectory.

It’s an eye-catching set, and whilst there’s no putter or bag included, lots of golfers would prefer to select their own flatstick.

Meanwhile, the adjustability in the woods is a big plus.

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Callaway Strata Tour Package Set

Callaway Strata Tour Package Set

Image credit: Callaway

The only gear missing with the Strata 12-piece set is a dozen balls and a bag of tees – you really are getting the full set.

It’s comprised of driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons 6-PW, putter and a stand bag, plus two headcovers.

They’re forgiving and easy to hit, and whilst they might not have the same premium look as Callaway’s top end products, there’s no debating the performance on offer.

There’s room to add to the set, specifically in the wedges department, which is where game improvers may want to consider a Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge or two.

For anyone looking for maximum performance straight out the box, be sure to check out this super Strata set from Callaway.

Lynx Ready To Play Set

Lynx Ready To Play Set

Image credit: Lynx

Lynx has a rich heritage in irons, but in recent years, the British-owned brand has strengthened its entire range of clubs.

Whether you’re in search of irons, woods, kids clubs, package sets or ladies clubs, Lynx has you well covered, with an extensive range of competitively priced equipment.

The ‘ready to play set’ is perfect those taking up the game. It features a driver with a large, forgiving head, a 3-wood, 4-hybrid, irons 5-SW, putter and stand bag.

With a deep cavity and low centre of gravity, the irons are easy to launch and offer ample forgiveness, whilst the wider soles in the longer irons make transition from the hybrid a lot simpler.

Both men’s and ladies package sets are available, the former with steel shafts and the latter with graphite.

TaylorMade Ladies Kalea Package Set

TaylorMade Ladies Kalea Package Set

Image credit: TaylorMade

TaylorMade’s Kalea range is engineered to maximise speed and create easy launch.

The brand says Kalea was specifically engineered to optimise distance gaps from driver through wedge ensuring that golfers will use every club in the bag.

Inspired by an independent active and outdoor lifestyle, the set, which is comprised of 11 clubs, is unquestionably very stylish.

Premium price comes with a premium price tag, but you are also getting the excellent Spider putter and a lightweight cart bag.

For more women’s models, be sure to have a read of our guide on the best women’s golf sets.

Callaway REVA 11-Piece Complete Set

Callaway REVA 11-Piece Complete Set

Another top women’s set worthy of inclusion in this list is the REVA set from Callaway.

This set includes a driver, three wood, 5 and 6 hybrids, 7-9 irons, a pitching and sand Wedge and a putter as well as a snazzy cart bag and five headcovers.

We found the woods launched easily which helps players get the ball in the air, and they are forgiving too.

The large, oversized cavity back irons are also designed to help on mishits – make no mistake, this is a ladies set built for the beginner and high handicapper looking to improve scoring quickly by using more user-friendly equipment.

What makes this one of the best women’s golf sets is that the included putter includes the Stroke Lab shaft seen on many of the men’s clubs and even those played by some of the best players in the world to improve the tempo and consistency in your stroke – it could save you a shot or two by helping eliminate three putts.

It’s available in blue and black (right hand only) and in left handed too so all golfer types are catered for. Certainly a set worth considering if you want to make the game seem easier.

Nitro Golf X Factor Package Set

Nitro Golf X Factor Package Set

This 13-club set is one for the beginner golfer, and perhaps someone who’s just looking to try golf for the first time.

They’re not going to set you back a fortune, and although you don’t get the premium looks, the set includes all the tools you need to get you going with the game.

The X-Factor irons feature wide sole surface area with lower and deeper CG structure design, which helps with stability and forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

MacGregor CG3000 Package Set

MacGregor CG3000 Package Set

This entry level set features a driver with optimal weighting for greater distance, whilst the low profile fairway wood and hybrid should inspire plenty of confidence at address.

Each club offers ample forgiveness, including the irons, which feature an undercut cavity to keep the centre of gravity low and deep for improved launch and better ball flight.

A mallet putter and bag are part of the impressive package, one that definitely warrants consideration if you’re in the market for a package set. This model also featured in our guide on the best golf club sets for beginners.

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