Here is our selection of the very best golf stand bags on the market in 2021

Best Golf Stand Bags

Finding the right golf bag could help you make the difference when it comes to organising and planning your game.

Carrying a stand bag gives you more freedom to move around the golf course, you can walk straight up to your ball wherever it’s sitting. It’s also quicker and easier to deal with pre and post-game and it can help keep you fit.

If you like to carry, then you’ll look for something lightweight and comfortable that sits well on the back. Depending on the conditions you generally play in, you will want to consider the quality of the stand and the level of storage available. Easy access and protection of clubs will always be a consideration.

You need a bag that’s robust, stable, and will protect your equipment, perhaps you need it to be waterproof too. You also want a stand bag that delivers the best possible ergonomic fit for you.

What then are the best golf stand bags? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favourites below to help you prepare and manage your golf game in the most effective way.

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Best Golf Stand Bags – Best Golf Carry Bags

Best Lightweight Stand Bags

Titleist Players 4Plus StaDry Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Lightweight at under 2kg
+ Additional pockets for more convenient storage
– Legs don’t fully retract when being carried.

Titleist have always provided high quality, stylish and versatile bags and their 2021 Players 4 Plus Stadry bag is no different.

The 2021 Players 4 Plus StaDry features a tour-inspired, low-profile top cuff, four full-length dividers and a new premium double strap for enhanced comfort and simplified adjustment while carrying.

The new strap is noticeably more comfortable and is also self balancing, meaning your clubs stay upright with no chance of falling out when you’re walking.

The StaDry waterproof construction and the high-grade lightweight aluminium legs make for a practical bag in all conditions. The bag also features eight pockets, three more than last year, including an expandable full-length apparel pocket which we found held more than enough clothing. Other pockets include a new pocket exclusively for tees, a redesigned, larger beverage pocket and a quick-access accessories pocket with magnetic closure.

This bag feels incredibly sturdy and well made too and the new strap has made it even more comfortable to carry – a great all-rounder.

Also if you are a fan of Titleist, see our guide on the best Titleist golf bags in the current range.

Titleist Players 4Plus StaDry Stand Bag Review

Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Convertible strap system
+ Extra, tailored rangefinder pocket
– Lightness means it’s inevitably less robust than some stand bags

The Hoofer has become an iconic moniker within the stand bag market.

The new Ping Hoofer stand bag comes with a whopping 22 litres of volume from its 11 pockets. From these 11 pockets, a velour lined valuables pocket, a magnetic rangefinder pocket and a top-access magnetic slip pocket are the most useful and feel well made.

The new back puck simplifies conversion to a single strap and the large apparel pockets come with a full length zip for easy access.

The cart strap channel makes it easy to put this bag onto a trolley and means all 11 pockets are still fully accessible with the carry strap still on the bag.

It is definitely one of the more classic looking bags in our list and we think it looks best in neutral colours, meaning all of your  headcovers, towels and other accessories will match nicely with this bag when it is being used.

It is such a favourite of ours that we also included it in our best Ping golf bags guides.

Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Very lightweight and comfortable
+ Has a modern, sporty design that will appeal to most tastes.
– Not fully waterproof

The first thing you notice with the Two5 Plus bag from Sun Mountain is the lightness. It weighs just 1.31kg which makes it incredibly easy to carry for a round or two, and the 4-way top adds a degree of simplicity too.

The bag uses an X-strap dual strap system which makes it straightforward to get the clubs on and off your back. It is also relatively easy to use just one strap should you choose to do so. The straps themselves are padded with high-density foam which makes it extremely comfortable. A hip pad on the bag again adds to the comfort levels.

There are plenty of pockets, five in all, which are not massive compared to other stand bags out there, but they are sufficiently roomy for most accessories and pieces of apparel.

In terms of different colours, there are several to choose from.

Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag Review

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Noticeably lighter than previous generations
+ Unique styling
– Not fully waterproof

The Hoofer Lite Stand Bag is, as the name would suggest, all about lightness. Constructed with lightweight and durable materials, it has a unique aesthetic without compromising on performance.

It features a strap that is very easy to put on or off, whilst the front shoulder pads are integrated with SensorCool technology which is all about moisture management and drying quickly so you wont have to worry about sweat or anything else here.

There’s also a cushioned hip pad, a roomy four-way top, and seven pockets offering storage options for essentials and extras.

It has an auto-deploy stand and full contact base for secure placement, umbrella loop holder, towel and glove attachment points. The new design also  includes a cart-strap channel.

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag Review

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Complete waterproof protection
+ Comfortable strap system
– 4-way top might not be enough separation for some

This is a mid-sized stand bag that, although not as light as some, provides great versatility given it is 100% waterproof and offers impressive storage options.

The fully waterproof and lightweight H2NO Lite Speed stand bag weighs in at just 2kg and features a 4-way with plenty of club storage for a bag of this size.
There is plenty of storage elsewhere too with six pockets providing ample storage and include a full-length clothing pocket, several accessory compartments and an easily accessible beverage pouch.

The fully adjustable X-Strap Dual Strap System guarantees comfort and ease of use, with the carry straps being attached to the top of the bag for a more balanced carry.

Sturdy aluminum legs add stability and activate quickly, while the Velcro leg lock system ensures seamless application on trolleys.

As will all bags in the H2NO series, it is fully waterproof to the highest specification with TPU coated fabric, sealed seams and a matching rainhood meaning all of your belongings will be protected as and when the heavens open.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag Review

Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Stable on undulating terrain
+ Ideal for full-time carriers
– Not fully waterproof

The thing we really like about the Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag is the fact you can really pack it up if you need to take a lot of equipment out with you.

There are eight pockets to keep your gear well organised and separated and the oversize apparel pocket is spacious enough to fit full waterproofs plus an extra layer if required.

Clubs are well protected by the five-way top and full length dividers while the nicely designed top grab handle makes it easy to swing in and out of a car boot.

The quick release shoulder strap together with Cool flow hip pad make for comfortable carrying while the Easyflex base is excellent for stability on rough ground when the stand is in use.

It’s pretty lightweight at just over 2kg and it looks funky in six striking colour options. Overall, it ticks a lot of boxes.

Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag Review

Callaway HyperDry C Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Super lightweight at 1.8kg
+ Stylish and feet on legs add stability
– Less storage space than some stand bags

The excellent Callaway HyperDry C S Stand Bag delivers on a number of levels. It really is incredibly lightweight at just 1.8kg, it’s waterproof and it looks great in seven different colour options.

We found this bag to be super comfy to carry, not only because it weighs so little but also because of the excellent padded strap. The straps are self-adjusting, so it sits nicely on your back and stays put throughout the round.

It’s sleek and easy to lift and it’s nice and compact for fitting in a car or locker.

With sealed seams and welded zips, your kit will stay dry in challenging conditions and, although it’s a smaller stand bag, there is ample storage in four roomy pockets.

Mizuno BR-DRI Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Waterproof with 1-year guarantee
+ Sleek looks
– Premium priced

This lightweight offering from Mizuno is fully waterproof and very easy to carry. Weighing in at 2kg, with grab handles top and bottom, it’s very easy to manoeuvre if you’re fitting it into a car or lifting into a locker.

There are six easily accessible, roomy pockets with waterproof zips to protect your kit while the full-length dividers and 4-way top will protect your clubs.

We found this a comfy bag to carry with good hip padding and easily adjusted, detachable straps.

With rain hood on, this is a pretty waterproof bag and the 1-year guarantee on that is a bonus.

This is one to consider if you’re after a durable, waterproof stand bag with decent storage – one of the best golf stand bags out there.

Best Waterproof Stand Bags

Motocaddy HydroFlex Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Fully waterproof
+ Versatile to carry or use on a trolley
– Larger overall footprint than other bags

The new HydroFlex is a versatile, waterproof, super lightweight carry bag designed to fit on any Motocaddy trolley thanks to the pioneering Easilock compatibility. This is great if you have a Motocaddy trolley but even if you don’t, the bag fits nicely on most trolleys and comes with an easily removable strap.

We think the bag looks even better than the 2020 version thanks to a style update for 2021. The brilliant waterproof technology carries over from last year, giving all the gear in your bag excellent protection from the elements thanks to the waterproof TPU-coated nylon fabric and welded seams.

The HydroFlex features include a quick release strap, full length dividers and five spacious and easily accessible pockets. A moulded hip pad provides ultimate comfort when carrying your clubs around the course and we found this incredibly comfortable despite the relatively large footprint of the bag.

It is available in three colours but easily the best part of this bag is the versatility. It’s lightweight enough that you can comfortably carry a half-set one day but also big enough that you can fill it up with clubs, clothing, water bottles and food and use it on a trolley the next day. One bag that does every job.

Motocaddy HydroFlex Stand Bag Review

Big Max Dri-Lite Hybrid Tour Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Fully waterproof
+ Versatility for use on Cart
– More substantial than some stand bags so not as light

With its spacious interior and modern styling the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour is the perfect water resistant solution if you like to push, carry and look great on the course.

This clever bag sits perfectly square on a trolley thanks to its flat, footless trolley compatible base, leg lock feature and clever positioning of the stand mechanism.

Its 14-way divider and 5 spacious water-repellent pockets give it superb cart bag capacity, while its ultra light weight of just 2kg and practical features such as air channel for breathability mean it excels as a stand bag too.

As with most Big Max products it comes with a great warranty directly from the manufacturer, so even though this bag feels well made and robust, there is peace of mind there too.

Big Max Dri-Lite Hybrid Tour Stand Bag Review

MacGregor 7-Series Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Lightweight and waterproof
+ Comfortable straps
– No drinks holder

MacGregor has upped its stand bag game in 2021 with the 7-Series.

With the bags water-resistant properties and fabric, it provides excellent protection to your clubs and accessories to give you complete peace of mind whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Other features to mention are a padded dual strap for convenient and comfortable carrying around the golf course, and the lightness also helps in this regard.

The bag’s five pockets provide it with a great amount of storage for any of your necessities.

Best Looking Stand Bags

TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Comfortable self-adjusting strap system
+ Full length dividers
– 14-way top might not suit all

With a self-adjusting strap system and four full length dividers, the TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover is a bag designed for ease of use and we certainly found this when using it.

The Strap Slider System allows the bag to stay stable while carrying and adjusts itself as you move. Meanwhile the FlexTech stand system is easy to use and means the bag is easy to access while walking.

This is another bag that works as good on a trolley thanks to the way the base is made, the easily removable strap and the 14-way divider. While the 14-way divider might be too big for those who carry often, it means there is never any club crowding in the bag.

Ten pockets include a suede lined valuables pocket, two large apparel pockets and a large insulated cooler pocket meaning there is plenty of space to store all the essentials and more.

TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag Review

Honma Sport Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Six-way top ideal divider system
+ Leg lock system for use on a trolley
– Not the lightest on the market

The Honma Sport Stand Bag is a solid, mid-size stand bag that, with its leg lock system, can also function well on a cart or trolley.

At 2.8kg, it’s a little heavier than some others mentioned here, but it’s a little bigger than many too with five sizeable pockets allowing you to take a good amount of kit onto the fairways.

The six-way top is great for separating and protecting your clubs while the straps and padding make it comfortable to carry.

Available in four distinctive colours, it’s a nice looking bag and something a little different.

Ogio Fuse Aquatech 304 Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Ergonomic weight distribution when carrying
+ Good storage with eight pockets
– Just over the magic 2kg weight mark (2.2kg)

With its fit disc strap system, we found this bag to be one of the comfiest on the market for carrying. Weight is distributed evenly across the shoulders and you’ll notice that difference towards the end of 18 holes.

There are no fewer than eight pockets and they’ve been placed so as to be easily accessible. It’s easy to grab the accessories or the drink you need without putting the bag on the ground.

Constructed from Ripstop Polyester, it’s a durable piece of kit and one we feel can take anything you throw at it.

TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Brilliant features including plenty of pockets, large bottle holder and innovative Strap Pass.
+ Sleek looks and very decent value for money.
– Not fully waterproof unlike some other models in the Flextech range

Part of the FlexTech range of bags, the standard model comes in several nice colours and is a fantastic-looking bag that has a wide range of features. It has a simple, 5-way top and a seriously impressive 11 pockets, including a large water bottle holder.

During testing we found the Strap Slider a joy to use because it was very simple to find the perfect and comfortable fit. The legs also retract easily and are very stable.

Another particular feature we should mention is the Strap Pass system which allows your trolley strap to pass under the main pocket which is not a common thing on many stand bags.

It is one of many features on the bag that helps it feel premium and extremely well designed.

TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag Review

Best Models For Storage

Srixon Z Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Stylish design
+ Space and size makes it ideal for golfers that switch between a trolley and carrying
– Weight will be a concern for some.

This eye-catching bag has a four-way top and three grab handles that make it easy to lift in and out of your car.

It has five strategic pockets, including an insulated cooler pocket and a detachable ball pocket for extra customisation.

Carrying feels easy thanks to the Comfort Suspension System on the shoulder straps, although at 2.9kg it is a touch on the heavy side if you’re a full time carrier.

Srixon Z Stand Bag Review

Wilson Staff Exo II Stand Bag

Golf Stand Bags

+ Significant storage on offer
+ Wide range of colour options
– Not fully waterproof

The EXO II carry bag is an innovative, premium stand bag that features a five-way top with two full-length dividers, seven spacious pockets with YKK zippers and 3D foam padded straps with a 2-in-1 self-balancing strap technology for improved fit and comfort whilst carrying around the course.

It is an incredibly sturdy and solid bag thanks to the three moulded handles on the top of the bag that also make it incredibly easy to carry.

A completely redesigned stand trigger now deploys the legs further out than previous models for rock-solid stability on a non-skid base. This base is also the perfect shape to fit on most trolleys so this is a very versatile bag too.

Extra features include an umbrella holder; a pen holder; a towel ring; a glove holder; and a snap-on rain hood. The EXO II is available in six standout colourways.

Wilson Staff Exo II Stand Bag

What to consider when buying a stand bag?

So what are some of the factors to consider when you are purchasing a stand bag?

Well below we have listed some what we think are the most important and most of the bags above will

Weight – If it is going to be on your back and shoulders during the round, then it has to be light and it is important to realise that some models are lighter than others. That being said if you want heavier models or ones you ca use on trolleys too, there are models designed for that.

Comfort – On that same kind of note, comfort is also vitally important too. It has to fit properly on your body whilst also having comfortable straps too. Some also have padded areas around the hips and back as well which helps.

Strength – Whilst a good stand bag will be light and comfortable, it should also be strong whether it be the core bag section, the strap, or the stand itself. Preferably the sturdier the better because it has to protect your golf clubs properly.

Storage – If storage for all your gear is important, then some bags have more, and larger, pockets. The top models will have specifically-designed pockets for your apparel, balls, accessories, perhaps a beverage pocket and definitely one to house valuables.

Waterproof – Finally if you see yourself playing in the rain a lot then waterproofing will be a factor to consider. Some models above are better than others in this regard because they have been designed as such.

Looks – Importantly many brands have started to realise that we want out golf bags to look as well as be functional. As such there are loads of unique designs and colours to choose from so it is a case of finding something you like the look of.

Budget – The final factor to consider is of course price. When choosing a golf bag you have to be aware of what you can afford because there are good models at every single price point. If you want to spend more, or less, then there is a bag for everyone.

For more buying advice check out the Golf Monthly website.