As anyone who has ever picked up a club will know, golf is one of the toughest sports you can play. Of course, this also makes it one of the most rewarding and explains why so many of us get addicted. There is no hiding however from the fact that to get more from the game, you need to devote time to it in practice. The tips section of the Golf Monthly website is packed full of the best advice in the game. From driving it longer and straighter to developing a deft touch around the greens, we have every aspect of the game covered. We also have a library of video tips from the Golf Monthly Top 25 coaches to bring you the best possible advice. Let our tips section become your guide to better golf this year!

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From the reverse overlap to left-below-right, the saw, the pencil, the armlock and more, there are now many options when it comes to how to grip a putter

How To Stop Slicing Drives

John Jacobs looks at how the club-to-path angle impacts start line, shape and how getting it wrong leads to slices

How To Make More Effective Gear Changes

If you want to play your best, you need the right equipment. Here's some expert advice from TaylorMade's Mark Thistleton on how to make the correct gear changes...

Punch shot made easy

Honma Custom Fitting Specialist and PGA Pro Luke Peterken breaks down the punch shot with these simple tips