We test out the SuperSpeed Golf training system designed to help you add up to 30 yards to your drives

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SuperSpeed Golf Men's Training Set


  • A simple to use and well-made training aid that’s supported by clearly explained videos online. Follow the instructions and you’ll increase your swing speed...probably


  • You’ll need a launch monitor that gauges your swing data when you’re not hitting balls.


SuperSpeed Golf Men’s Training Set Review

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SuperSpeed Golf Men’s Training Set Review

According to the manufacturer, using the SuperSpeed Golf training system can add up to 30 yards to your drives. But it takes a lot of practise and patience – the initial training level lasts six weeks, to be exact.


Out of the box you get three golf shafts of varying colour and weight that each have a grip on the butt end. Essentially, once you’ve done some stretching to prepare your body, the idea is to start with the lightest stick and swing as hard as possible a few times on your dominant side, before switching to do the same on the opposite side.

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That process is then repeated with the middle-weighted stick and then the heaviest.


Once that’s done, you move on to the next exercise which involves taking a swing with your feet together at the start and then stepping forward with your lead foot to begin the downswing. As before, you work through the sticks from lightest to heaviest, remembering to use both your dominant and non-dominant side.

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Finally, you repeat the first set of swings. All along the way, you’re supposed to take as mighty a swing as you can, which will tire you out pretty quickly.

But you also need a launch monitor that will measure your swing when you’re just playing air driver – that is, not making contact with the ball. And not just any monitor will do that.

The SuperSpeed folks sell such a unit from PRGR on their website. When you clock your before and after swing speeds for at least four weeks, you will find yourself boosting your speed and power by between five and eight per cent – according to the company.

But there are four more levels to making these sticks work for you, each lasting several weeks and building off the previous level with more elaborate swing exercises.

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In our testing, we couldn’t devote that kind of time to try this to the fullest. But what we can tell you is that after two weeks of testing, we felt better about our swing speed and, more importantly, our flexibility to make a bigger shoulder turn.

The SuperSpeed Golf men’s training set essentially works off your muscle memory, so the more time you put into it, the better and more permanent your results will be.


It’s inconclusive, to be honest, but there’s no reason to doubt the speed gains that manufacturer suggests. It makes total sense that the more you’re practising with a device to increase your shoulder turn, the more swing speed you’ll generate after a while.