In this Mizuno RB Tour Ball Review, Kit Alexander takes a box of them out on the course to see how it performs in every area of the game

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls


  • Stable and penetrating flight, excellent durability, good distance and greenside control.


  • Lower flight won’t suit everyone, the sound and feel at impact don’t really match.


Mizuno RB Tour Ball


Price as reviewed:

£39.99 (per dozen)

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Mizuno RB Tour Ball Review

Mizuno has put quite a bit of effort into developing a competitive tour ball in recent years. It is a brand than has had a presence in the premium golf balls category for a while in Japan, brought them to Europe a few years ago and has now entered the American market with the RB Tour (and its sister RB Tour X model).


The RB Tour is a four-piece ball, with pretty average compression for a tour model, but the big technology that Mizuno are shouting about comes on the outside.

The cover features 360 Cone Dimples that reduce drag and create a flatter and more penetrating trajectory without losing distance.

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It certainly produced a stable flight in winder conditions and there wasn’t any noticeable difference in distance compared to other tour balls we tested, but that slightly lower flight may not suit mid and slower swing speeds as well.


The short game performance was decent, although it didn’t feel and sound as soft or inspire as much confidence as some other tour balls.

The durability of the urethane cover was excellent, but that may indicate it isn’t quite as soft or thin as some of its competitors, thereby not spinning quite as much around the greens, although we noticed a healthy amount of bite on the second bounce when hitting from clean lies.

For many players, that extra durability might be worth the trade-off for slightly less finesse.

One other interesting point we discovered was that the ball actually sounded harder than it felt at impact. While this didn’t affect the actual performance, it was a little disconcerting at first and does take a bit of getting used to.


The Mizuno RB Tour ball does offer something a little bit different in the market. The flatter and stable flight will really appeal to golfers who play in windy conditions or want to get their flights down, but it won’t be for everyone, especially mid and slower swingers. The unusual sound and feel combination takes a bit of getting used to, but it doesn’t impact the performance.