Here is our selection of the very best lightweight golf bags on the market, including stand bags, carry bags and cart bags.

Best Lightweight Golf Bags

Finding the right golf bag could help you make the difference when it comes to organising and planning your game. Lightweight golf bags can help you save energy and score better.

You might already have taken a look at our ultimate guide to the best golf bags on the market, or the best golf stand bags currently available. But here we’re looking more specifically at the best lightweight golf bags on the market this year – carry and cart.

Carrying a bag gives you more freedom to move around the golf course, you can walk straight up to your ball wherever it’s sitting. It’s also quicker and easier to deal with pre and post-game.

But, if you like to carry, you’re inevitably going to expend more energy than someone with a caddy or taking a cart or trolley. To minimise energy loss and maximise carrying comfort, you might think to look for a bag that’s super lightweight and comfortable that sits well on the back.

If you prefer to take a trolley, a lightweight bag can still be highly beneficial – Easy to move between car and cart and easy to manoeuvre out on course if needs be.

There are a number of extremely lightweight bags on the market right now – stand bags, cart bags and pencil bags. Some of the lightest are minimal with limited storage, others are modelled on more substantial bags but use lightweight materials and design to keep the weight down.

What then are the best lightweight golf bags out there? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favourites below to help you prepare and manage your golf game in the most effective way.

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Best Lightweight Golf Bags

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

+ Super lightweight
+ Cleverly placed water bottle pocket
– Lightness means it’s inevitably less robust than some stand bags

We featured the standard Ping Hoofer stand bag in our best golf stand bags list and the waterproof version in our best waterproof bag list. Unsurprisingly, another bag in the excellent Hoofer family of bags makes it onto this list: the Hoofer Lite stand bag.

Weighing just over 1.5kg, the Hoofer Lite has a well proportioned 4-way top that feels well made and protective of any clubs clattering around as you walk the course. It also has seven pockets, one more than the Hoofer Monsoon despite it being a slightly smaller bag. The water bottle pocket is one of the best features on this bag, being conveniently placed so you can access your water bottle as you walk.

Ping has also added some great new features to its already comfortable carry strap, allowing it to be easily adjusted from a backpack style two strap to a one strap system that can be comfortably carried on one shoulder. The strap also uses Ping’s SensorDry technology to wick water away and keep the strap dry even in the monsoon conditions.

Also, if you are a fan of Ping, be sure to read our best Ping golf bags guide.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag

Best Lightweight Golf Bags

+ High quality, tour-preferred top cuff
+ Carbon fibre legs are strong yet lightweight
– Not fully waterproof

Weighing in at just 1.3kg, the new Titleist Players 4 Carbon features an ultra-lightweight frame with carbon fibre legs for style, practicality and stability.

It is one of the lightest bags in golf to ensure fatigue-free, effortless carries and, with a 4-way player-preferred top cuff, there’s easy access to all your clubs. Carbon fibre legs provide excellent strength and a lightweight, durable rip-stop material provide a stylish finish.

An exterior water bottle pockets is another great feature of this bag and makes for an altogether practical, lightweight and well built bag.

Callaway Hyperlite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag

Best Lightweight Golf Bags

+ Incredibly lightweight
+ Comfy carrying
– Not quite as much storage as heavier stand bags

As you might expect from the name, the Callaway Hyperlite Zero stand bag is seriously light – At just 1.3kg, it’s one of the very lightest on the market right now.

But, despite being pretty minimal, it’s also surprisingly robust and hard-wearing. Constructed from a rip-stop fabric, we found the bag to be tough and durable.

A key feature on this bag is the carrying system – The OptiFit Comfort Strap with aerospace grade foam is extremely comfortable. Combined with the X-Act Fit strap system, the bag sits perfectly on the back with weight distributed evenly and clubs held stable.

Although there might not be quite so much storage as bulkier stand bags, there are seven decent sized pockets providing enough space for apparel and accessories for most conditions.

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Sun Mountain Eco-Lite Cart Bag

+ Fully waterproof
+ Made from recycled materials
– Colours might not be to everyone’s taste

The first of its kind to come to market, the Eco Lite cart bag incorporates water-resistant fabric that has been made from 25-30 recycled plastic bottles in a bid to reduce harmful waste.

The bag incorporates a 10 inch top with 14 full-length dividers and 11 pockets with two sturdy and well placed grab handles for carrying the bag in and out of the car and onto trolleys or buggies.

The 11 pockets include a velour-lined valuables pocket; rangefinder compartment; ventilated cooler pocket; apparel pocket; plus multiple accessory pockets. The environmentally friendly option is available in five quite bold colours, a Sun Mountain staple.

TaylorMade FlexTech Lite Stand Bag

+ Comfortable, self-adjusting strap system
+ Lots of pockets for a bag this light
– Not full waterproof

With a self-adjusting strap system and four full length dividers, the TaylorMade FlexTech Lite is a bag designed for ease of use and we certainly found this when using it.

The Strap Slider System allows the bag to stay stable while carrying and adjusts itself as you move. Meanwhile the FlexTech stand system is easy to use and means the bag is easy to access while walking. The 4-way top provides plenty of space for clubs

Eight pockets include a suede lined valuables pocket, a large apparel pockets and a large insulated cooler pocket meaning there is plenty of space to store all the essentials and more

Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag

+ Large 5-way top allows for better organisation
+ Can be easily converted to a trolley bag
– Lightweight, but there are lighter options out there

The Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag has a 5-way top with designated full length club dividers and a useful top grab handle, making this one of the most spacious lightweight stand bags in our list. The 5-way divider was especially useful and that extra section, when compared to bags with a 4-way top, was great for better club organisation.

Pockets include a fleece lined valuables pockets, an oversized apparel pocket with key clip for extra storage and an insulated beverage pocket that can fit a large water bottle and snacks too.

The strap uses CoolFlow foam for added comfort and is easy to take on and off as this bag is also useful on trolleys thanks to the leg lock system and universal base meaning it will fit flush on most trolleys.

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

Lightweight Golf Bags

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

+ Super lightweight for a cart bag
+ Stylish design
– Less storage than some cart bags

The TaylorMade Cart Lite golf bag weighs in at just 2.5kg – that’s as light as some stand bags. It’s an impressive design and one that offers a good number of features to commend it.

With a 14-way padded divider, clubs are well protected while the cart-optimised base and solid design mean the bag is stable on most trollies or a cart.

The pockets are all front facing meaning they’re easily accessible at all times when the bag is sitting on a trolley. The cart strap pass through means that remains the case when the bag is on a cart.

Grab handles top and bottom, make manoeuvring this bag straightforward while a comfortable single strap makes for easy carrying when required.

Available in three stylish colours, it’s also a nice-looking bag that will give you confidence on the fairways.

Alternatively if you want a different TaylorMade model, have a read of our best TaylorMade golf bags guide.

Motocaddy Lite Series Cart Bag

+ Easy access pockets
+ 14-way divider
– Not fully waterproof

This is the lightest and most compact bag in Motocaddy’s excellent cart bag range. The Lite Series is made from a super lightweight but durable nylon fabric that means it weights just 2.2kg and is incredibly easy to lift in and out of the car.

Despite its weight, the Lite Series cart bag has a great amount of storage with seven easy access pockets including a waterproof valuables pocket and a large cooler pocket good for at least two bottles and some food. The 14-way divider at the top is spacious too despite this bag’s relatively small footprint and easily accommodates a full set of clubs with no crowding.

This bag also comes with Motocaddy’s Easilock system, a feature that locks the bag in place on compatible Motocaddy trolleys, removing the need for a lower bag strap. This is a very convenient and useful feature if you do have a compatible Motocaddy trolley. Don’t be put off by this bag if you don’t have a Motocaddy trolley however, as its anti-twist bag base will fit flush and secure on most trolleys.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

Lightweight Golf Bags

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

+ As light as they come
+ Comfy carrying
– Limited storage

Weighing in at just 1kg, the Titleist Premium Carry Bag is light as a feather.

It’s specifically designed for a quick summer round or nine holes in the evening with a half set – You might not get all your kit in there, but there is space for a waterproof jacket, balls and accessories.

Hitting the fairways with a pencil bag like this feels great. You’re unincumbered by bulky equipment and you can just focus on enjoying the walk and your game.

This bag is super comfy to carry thanks to the ergonomically designed double strap, but it’s pretty solid too and the mini stand legs keep it nicely off the ground to stop it getting wet.

This is a great option as a second bag – If you want to travel light or quickly zip onto the course, it’s great to have the choice of throwing a few sticks in and striding out.

Big Max Aqua 7 Stand Bag

Lightweight Golf Bags

+ Large and well placed cooler pocket
+ Full waterproof
– Limited storage

Weighing just 1.7kg, this lightweight and fully waterproof stand bag offers great versatility, comfort and space to use in any weather conditions.

This bag comes equipped with Big Max’s I-Dry technology, a 100% waterproof material that will keep all your belongings dry even in the worst weather conditions.

Like most lightweight bags, the Aqua 7 has plenty of storage despite its small size with five pockets that include a lined valuables pockets and a well placed cooler pocket that is easy to access while the bag is on your back. Big Max specialise in this kind of waterproof and practical golf bag and the Aqua 7 feels sturdy while still being lightweight and easy to use.

Wilson Exo Cart Bag

Lightweight Golf Bags

+ Two well placed grab handles and large putter well
+ Clever pocket organisation for easy access
– Only available in a few colours

The Wilson Exo is a lightweight golf bag that is feature-packed, well built and reasonably priced for cart bags of this size.

The two integrated grab handles at the top of the bag make it very practical and easy to lift on and off trolleys and in and out of cars. The 14-way top and 14 full-length dividers leaves plenty of space for a full set of clubs and we love the attention to detail of the larger putter well, which will accommodate all putters including those with larger grips on.

A seam sealed, waterproof valuables pocket is just one of a host of pockets for apparel, drinks, balls and tees and there are even some exterior straps to keep tees on for easy and quick access on the course. A well thought out, practical and lightweight cart bag for all year round use.

Mizuno K1-LO Stand Bag

+ Carbon fibre construction and classic design
+ Comfortable and supportive strap
– More expensive than others on our list

One of the most lightweight golf bags, the K1-LO is built using a carbon fibre construction to keep weight to an absolute minimum.

High-density foam shoulder straps and intelligently placed pockets make it a comfortable product for golfers who prefer to walk the course and the padding on the side of the bag is supportive and breathable.

For storage, there is a 4-way top cuff with side grab handles and five pockets to provide ample storage. The bag also features a small accessories pocket and comes with a towel loop and matching rain hood.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag

Lightweight Golf Bags

+ Full waterproof
+ Full-length apparel pocket
– Not as many pockets as other in our list

This 2kg stand bag packs a real punch for its stylish design and clever storage, giving you a carry bag for all seasons. Like all H2NO bags, the Lite Speed is made using 100% waterproof fabrics with high quality waterproof zippers and seams that are all taped and sealed.

A 4-way top with full-length dividers leaves plenty of room for a full set of clubs and the double, self-adjusting strap and padded cushion mean this bag is comfortable to carry even if it is loaded with a full set of clubs and accessories.

Six pockets include a velour lined valuables pocket, a hydration pouch and a full-length apparel pocket making this a lightweight yet feature packed carry bag.