The best push carts include models that are compact, practical and colourful, so you should have no trouble finding something to consider

Best Push Carts

All the best push carts for golf share one thing in common; no longer are they heavy and cumbersome designs that are difficult to push and manoeuvre around the golf course.

These days, they are light, easy to assemble and have complex mechanisms that allow them to fold down compactly to make life easier for you.

Why choose a push cart over the best electric trolleys? For starters, push carts are less expensive. They’re also simpler to set up when you get to the course and require less faffing, as you don’t need to remember to charge a battery. They also have great storage options on the handle that can house your balls, tees, scorecard and other items.

The best push carts in golf in particular are great if you want something you can leave in your car or garage between rounds with nothing to worry about. They also tend to be lighter and also fold away smaller than electric trolleys.

If these qualities sound like something you’re interested in, read on to find out more about some of the best models on the market this year.

Alternatively if you are in the UK, it would be worth checking out our guide on the best golf push trolleys as well.

Best Push Carts For Golf

Stewart Golf R1-S Push Cart

Clever engineering

Stewart Golf R1-S - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Folding mechanism is clever while also making it easier to set up and put down quickly
+ Very easy to push around the course
+ The colour choice adds a pinch of personality
– Recommend using a cart bag as the stand bag we used made accessing clubs a bit clumsy

One of our favourite designs in this best golf push carts list, the R1-S from Stewart Golf improves on the R1 Push in a number of ways. Of course the different colour choices remain which are a nice feature, but the brand has created a folding mechanism that is a thing of beauty here. Add to that the fact the wheels run very smoothly and the cart can accommodate the biggest bags, and you have a model that is one of the best out there.

Stewart Golf R1-S Push Cart Review

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $229.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £199

Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart

Modern design

Bag Boy Nitron - best golf push carts

+ Outstanding folding mechanism
+ Compact and lightweight
– Premium price may be a stumbling block

One simple step is all you need to fold this Bag Boy Nitron cart up or down which is outstanding. The mechanism is lightning fast and yet do not think this limits its strength because the frame is robust whilst not being overly heavy so it is easy to use on the links. This compact size when folded down is a huge bonus when it comes to storage too.

Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 Push Cart

Spacious console storage

Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 Push Cart - best golf push carts

+ Ample storage for bits and bobs
+ Straightforward structure
– Stability not as strong as other models

Create your own path on the course with this Sun Mountain Pathfinder. Two easy steps are needed to fold it up and down and we particularly liked the excellent level of storage here whether it be the accessory console, mesh basket, or the velour-lined valuables pouch. No doubt it can house everything you could possibly need on the course safely, making it one of the best golf push carts the market has to offer.

Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart

Super stable

Clicgear 4.0 push cart - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Feature packed
+ Improvements on previous design
– Can be fiddly to assemble

Clicgear has improved on the very popular 3.5+ model with this 4.0 design. Just some of the changes include a new lid lock, adjustable upper saddle, silicone straps, adjustable front wheel, umbrella tube strap, improved scorecard and pencil holder which is a long feature list indeed. The choice of different colour is a chance to add some individuality to your cart, whilst it is also very compact when folded down making it good for storage as well.

Tangkula Golf 3-Wheel Push Cart

Simple and inexpensive

Tangkula Golf 3-Wheel Push Cart - best golf push carts

+ Any sized golf bag fits well
+ Black stealth frame looks great
– Wheels are quite small

A cart that is very easy to assemble and fold, Tangkula has constructed this with high-quality aluminium which adds to the overall weight without making it too heavy and difficult to move. We particularly like the black finish of this cart which looks very menacing on the course and therefore undoubtedly scare your opponent into an almost certain defeat. Well, maybe not but it looks great regardless.

CaddyTek CaddyLite EZ V8 Cart

Built-in cooler pouch

CaddyTek CaddyLite EZ V8 Cart - best golf push carts

+ Lots of features
+ Good colour choice
– Quite pricey option

CaddyTek has implemented its excellent one-click button mechanism here which folds the cart down brilliantly. It also has a strong aluminium frame that doesn’t seem to weigh anything at all making it easy to use, and there is also an umbrella holder, storage rack and get this, a miscellaneous basket with built-in cooler!

Motocaddy Cube Push Cart

Compact folding

Motocaddy Cube - best golf push carts

+ Compact and light while folded and simple to unfold
+ Easy to push even on hilly courses and provides ample storage
– Lightweight design means you have to be a little careful on side slopes

As you would expect, Motocaddy has created a top-notch cart design here. It is simple to fold thanks to the two-step folding system and the friction-free oversize wheels make it very easy to manoeuvre around the course. Motocaddy also designs some of the best golf cart accessories too so if you want to take your cart to the next level then make sure you check that guide out.

Motocaddy Cube Push Cart Review

US Buy Now at Amazon for $297

UK Buy Now at JamGolf for £159.99

Cube Golf 3.0 Push Cart

Excellent all rounder

Skymax Cube Golf 3.0 Push Cart - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Small folded footprint
+ Robust and light construction
– May struggle to accommodate a large cart bag

The Cube 3.0 Push Cart is a robust, yet lightweight model with a strong parking brake to keep your cart and bag well in place. It folds down nicely, is lightweight, looks good and it has an attractive price point in terms of value so it definitely ticks a lot of boxes for us.

Motocaddy Z1 Push Cart

Great value

Motocaddy Z1 Push Cart - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Incredibly lightweight model
+ Price offers good value
– Other carts give a more premium feel

The new look Z1 model is ideal for budget conscious golfers looking for a simple, lightweight (13 lbs) push cart. Wide-ranging features including three handle height settings and friction-free oversize wheels that can be taken off quickly for easy storage, plus a simple two-step folding system.

UK Buy Now at Golf Support for £99

Big Max Ti Lite Push Cart

Lightweight yet robust

Big Max Ti Lite Push Cart - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy and robust
+ Glides around the course requiring minimal effort
– Doesn’t fold down overly flat or compactly

The clue is in the name here; Ti Lite. This compact, lightweight construction weighs just over 11 pounds which means any person could use it with ease. It has good usability too thanks to the premium organiser panel with ample storage net for accessories, foot brake and height adjustable handle.

Big Max Ti Lite Push Cart Review

PowaKaddy TwinLine 4 Cart

Sturdy design

PowaKaddy TwinLine 4 Cart - Best Golf Push Carts+ Simple compaction mechanism
+ Easy manoeuvrability
– Not as compact when folded as other push carts on this list

At just 15 pounds, this cart is incredibly light and vert easy to setup too with its height-adjustable telescopic handle, allowing for quick folding as well as on-course adjustability. The look of it is modern and there are a number of nice features too, such as the accessory station and large wheels for manoeuvrability, making it one of the best golf push carts 2020 has in store.

Big Max Blade Quattro Push Cart

Enhanced stability for hilly courses

Big Max Blade Quattro Push Cart - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Fold flat mechanism is an excellent piece of engineering
+ Light and travels very easily around the course
– Price may put some off

This cart is light and travels easily around the course, but we think its best feature is the fold-flat mechanism which is an excellent piece of engineering. Adding to that is its stability, with the incorporation of the 4th wheel truly adding to the balance and cohesion of the cart even more on undulating golf courses.

Big Max Blade Quattro Cart Review

Motocaddy P1 Push Cart

Lightweight for easy pushing

Motocaddy P1 Push Cart - Best Golf Push Carts

+ Quick folding system
+ Easy to push
– Have to be wary on some slopes

The lightweight P1 push model includes a thicker frame and a one-step folding system, allowing the trolley to be ready to use in seconds. I also includes the same features found on the Cube, plus a new easy-push rubberised handle.

Big Max Blade IP Push Cart

Flat folding for easy storage

Big Max Blade IP Push Trolley - Best Golf Push Carts

+ A very well made, sturdy and lightweight push cart
+ The compact size when folded down makes it incredibly easy to store and transport
– The front wheel can be fiddly to unlock

As the picture above suggests, this cart folds down into the smallest of spaces- when folded down it has a depth of just below five inches which makes it ideal for storage. As such it is one of the most compact golf trolleys out there.

When it is folded up you will notice how light it is which makes it very easy to push around, even going up slopes.

Big Max Blade IP Push Cart Review