In this TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 wedge review, Joel Tadman takes it out on the course to see how it performs into and around the greens

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TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge


  • A very high spinning wedge that delivers improvements in looks, feel and the consistency of the flight versus MG2.


  • Lob wedges look bulbous. Not everyone will enjoy the look of the rusty face that builds over time.


TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge


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TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge Review

For the third generation of its popular wedge franchise, TaylorMade has gone for more of a muscleback style design that will certainly suit the eye of the better player.


These wedge are progressive through the lofts in lots of ways (hosel length, toe height, blade length, offset) but the one golfers will really notice is the thick thin design where the high toe section gets thicker as the loft increases to produce a more consistent feel and flight.

This isn’t a new concept, and it does make the lob wedges look a little bulbous, but the result is a flight that doesn’t climb too high on full shots and a more solid feel on open-faced shots.


The profile of these wedges is very traditional – there isn’t much at all to dislike visually in either of the two finishes although remember the raw face will rust over time.

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Look closer and you’ll see the micro ribs in between the grooves after you’ve peeled the face-protecting sticker off.


But do they work? Well our testing on the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor showed that the MG3 is one of the highest spinning wedges we’ve tested in recent years.

It had 9185rpm on a 50-yard pitch, although it was jumping up and down a lot that we’d have liked, and a whopping 11,659rpm on a full shot and was consistently around this number.

This was replicated out on the course at Wellingborough Golf Club too. Chip shots with our 56° came out more like a 46° (a new loft option in the range this year) such was the friction from the face and then came to a near immediate holt on the second or third bounce.

Whether this will increase as the face gets more rusty, only time will tell, but previous testing we’ve done with rusty wedges showed that it didn’t make a significant difference.


There are three soles on offer and while some may want to see more aggressive heel and toe relief, there’s enough camber to manipulate the face in ways that gives you the best chance of getting up and down from all the situations you are likely to face around the greens.

The low bounce sole only goes down to 8°, which means some competent golfers that play off firm links turf may struggle to get the desired turf interaction and contact, but we’re talking a very small percentage. There is also a TW Grind coming at the start of 2022.

We feel like the milled design of the sole actually helps the bottom edge skid along the ground a bit more, which will certainly please nervy chippers looking for a touch more forgiveness through the strike.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 wedge review – final thoughts…


An extremely high-spinning wedge that delivers a consistent mid-flight through the loft range, the MG3 delivers the control golfers are looking for with ample versatility and a soft, solid feel.