In this Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor review, Joel Tadman takes it to the range to assess the ease of use and accuracy of the data

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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor


  • Very easy to set up, reliable shot detection and playback options. Easily portable and compared well with more premium launch monitors.


  • Doesn't display spin numbers. Currently not compatible with Android devices.


Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Review

We recently got our hands on the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, which retails at £549 – a snip compared to many other launch monitors out there like the Foresight Sports GCQuad and SkyTrak. So how did it perform in practice and does it represent good value for golfers looking to get the perfect home golf set up? We took it to the range to put it through its paces.

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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Review

Ease of use

The Rapsodo MLM works in conjunction with the free Rapsodo app on your iOS smartphone indoors or outdoors. After setting up an account and logging in, rest your phone in the front slot and position it approx. six feet behind the ball.


The lines on the screen and the GPS overhead view help you align it correctly and select your hitting direction for enhanced accuracy.


The Rapsodo MLM has a clever feature where you hold the club in front of your phone’s camera and it will automatically record the club you’re hitting, which worked most of the time but you can input it manually very easily.

Once you’ve selected the club and start hitting shots, the Rapsodo MLM captures video of you hitting and displays shot tracer-style graphics on the screen, which we found to be accurate most of the time, as well as certain data points like ball speed, launch angle and carry distance.


Although navigating through the app on a small screen is a touch fiddly, the graphics are really impressive and the data stacked up very well with what we were accustomed to, with subtle differences in strike creating small changes in launch and carry distance.

The shot library displays your completed session in an easy-to-digest grid format, including an overhead dispersion graph.

There were a few anomalies that were easily discounted, and would be nice to able to see our spin numbers, but the information on offer is more than enough to form valid opinions about your club performance.


It is only compatible with iPhone 7 and up and iPad 2017 and up in outdoor mode and iPhone 8 and up and iPad pro in net mode, which will leave Android users left wanting, but it hopes to be compatible with Android devices very soon.

It’s compact size and lightweight design make it easily portable in the carry case and the LED system lets you know when you’re ready to hit.


Given how easy it is to use and the overall accuracy and data points available, we have to say the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is an excellent option for golfers seeking an affordable way to gain insights into shot or club performance, providing you own a relatively new iPhone or iPad.