If extra yards are your key requirement, check out our guide to the best distance golf balls on the market...

Best Distance Golf Balls

There are lots of things golfers of various experiences and abilities would ideally like their golf ball to do. But precious few would ever say no to a few extra yards.

From the best golf balls down to budget 15-ball packs, there’s barely a ball on the market where distance isn’t a major consideration for the manufacturer.

But while tour-calibre balls are also just as concerned about spin, control and feel, our focus here is on those distance golf balls whose primary attribute is unashamedly how far they go!

This does mean that there are sacrifices you will have to make elsewhere. Manufacturers are, however, often now cramming as much feel as possible into balls whose primary motive is extra yards.

Many distance balls do now offer improved feel and playability. But closer to the green they will inevitably feel firmer and come off the clubface quicker on those delicate shots and putts. A lob over a bunker to a tight pin will definitely be a tougher proposition than with a softer ball.

Most distance balls use a two-piece design comprising merely a cover and a core, rather than the multi-layer constructions used in premium golf balls. It is this simple construction that paves the way to perhaps the distance golf ball’s biggest plus – the price you pay.

Some of the balls listed below represent astonishing value for money. If you’re new to the game or tend to despatch more than your fair share to the jungle, you’ll be looking for the best value golf balls and won’t want to be shelling out too much for your ammo.

So, if price and distance are more important than all-round performance, these are the best distance golf balls you should be checking out.

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Best Distance Golf Balls – The Best Golf Balls For Distance

Titleist Velocity golf ball

best distance golf balls

+ Latest cover design brings added feel
+ Colour options to suit all tastes
– At the pricier end of the distance ball market

The latest Titleist Velocity model features a larger, higher-speed LSX core that boosts ball speed on all full shots while keeping spin down for optimum distance. The updated cover retains the Velocity’s renowned distance attributes, while adding a greater element of feel for more greenside playability.

Aerodynamics have been improved via a dimple design that promotes a high-flying trajectory for greater stopping power with your irons. Available in white or matte pink, green and orange.

To take a full in-depth look at the rest of the Titleist range, have a read of our best Titleist golf balls guide.

Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball

Best Distance Golf Balls

+ New Contact dimples allow more contact at impact for better energy transfer
+ Slightly lower spin than previous e12 models helps reduce sidespin
– It’s all about straightness so won’t be as workable as some balls

For 2021, Bridgestone has replaced its e12 Soft and e12 Speed balls with one new model – the Bridgestone e12 Contact.

The key to performance is a new and distinctive Contact Force dimple, which features a visible raised area in the centre.

This raised area allows for 38% more contact between clubface and ball at impact than traditional dimples, improving core activation for more efficient energy transfer.

The end result is improved ball speed, distance and accuracy with every club, plus a little more grip and spin around the green thanks to the increased levels of contact.

Available in white, matte green, matte red, and matte yellow.

Callaway Warbird golf ball

Best Distance Golf Balls

+ Highly compressible core unlocks greater distance potential at any swing speed
+ HEX aerodynamics in the cover reduce drag for added hang time and distance
– May launch too high for those who struggle to keep their flight down

Callaway has used the Warbird name for several decades now, and it has become synonymous with distance and speed in its ball range.

The latest model uses a two-piece construction with an extra-large, high-energy core to promote distance with a high launch at different swing speeds.

The ionomer cover adds feel and control around the greens, with its HEX Aerodynamics design reducing drag to generate more speed, greater hang time and added distance.

TaylorMade Distance + golf ball

Best Distance Golf Balls

+ REACT Speed Core and aerodynamic cover design boost ball speeds
+ New ‘plus’ alignment helps you line up and aim better on the greens
– As with any distance ball, feel and control are not its primary attributes

The TaylorMade Distance+ ball is about speed and distance, with its REACT Speed Core and aerodynamic 342-dimple pattern promoting low-drag, high-velocity performance.

The soft ionomer cover not only provides decent greenside feel, but also boosts the ball’s scuff- and shear-resistant properties for greater durability.

The final part of the package is a new cross-shaped ‘plus’ alignment stamp to help you line up and aim properly with the putter.

Srixon Distance golf ball

best distance golf balls

+ Ideal for 80+mph swing speeds
+ High penetrating ball flight
– Durable cover may be too hard to some

The latest Srixon Distance model boasts a softer compression than the previous version. It delivers optimum distance via greater initial velocity and a higher launch angle for a penetrating ball flight.

The dimple count is down significantly too (108 fewer), which Srixon says will reduce drag and increase lift for better performance in all wind conditions. The durable cover is engineered for greater cut-proof durability

Wilson Tour Velocity Tour Distance golf ball

best distance golf balls+ Excellent value for those starting out
+ Dimple pattern enhances power from the tee
– Cover may feel too hard on putts

This low-compression Wilson ball promises extreme distance via a hard ionomer cover material that optimises trajectory for maximum distance and roll. An enhanced aerodynamic dimple pattern adds to the power potential from the tee.

Although a low-compression ball overall, its mid-compression core introduces an element of greenside playability.


Pinnacle Rush golf ball

best distance golf balls+ Longer off both driver and irons
+ Suitable for all abilities
– Slightly softer than previous generations which may not appeal to all

The Pinnacle name has long been associated with good-value distance golf balls and the latest Rush is no exception.

It’s the high-energy core that drives performance, generating faster ball speeds with every club. An icosahedral dimple design, comrising 332 dimples in a soft, durable ionomer cover, promises a consistent, powerful ball flight with more than a hint of feel.

Vice Drive golf ball

best distance golf balls

+ One of the lowest-priced branded balls on the market
+ Extremely cut-resistant cover for durability
– Not suitable for faster swing speeds

It is the Vice Drive’s soft Energy Speed Core that generates extra distance for beginners and those with low to medium swing speeds.

The durable Surlyn cover is highly cut-resistant on mishits or misadventures, with 312 large dimples keeping air resistance to a minimum for a stable ball flight. This latest Drive model offers higher wedge spin rates for greater control close to the green.

Vice may be relatively unknown compared to other brands in this list, but for more information, take a look at our best Vice golf balls piece.