A rundown of the best golf trolley bags - these are bags that display functionality, versatility and impressive storage options.

Best Golf Trolley Bags

Finding the right golf bag could help you make the difference when it comes to organising and planning your game. If your equipment is well protected and efficiently stored, you can focus on what really matters – playing the game.

Whether you use a push or electric trolley, you’ll likely be looking for one of the best golf trolley bags on the market – a design that is robust and stable, easy to lift and sits well on its back and base. Other features to consider will be, the level of storage, the ease of access to clubs and accessory/apparel pockets. Additionally the best golf bags often provide water resistance and extra protection for valuables.

You also want a bag that is super-stable on the trolley, will not cause the trolley to pull to one direction or to topple in any way. There’s nothing more annoying than having to constantly re-arrange a bag on a trolley so a perfect fit is what you’re after.

What then are the best golf trolley bags? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favourites below to help you prepare and manage your golf game in the most effective way.

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Best Golf Trolley Bags

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Golf Trolley Bag

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Golf Trolley Bag, black cart bag, golf cart bag, premium golf bag

+ 100% fully waterproof construction
+ Key lock system for secure trolley fitting
– Functional rather than super stylish

The PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag will keep your kit dry in the most extreme weathers. It’s made from a lightweight Nylon fabric that’s waterproof to an impressive hydrostatic rating of over 10,000mm – If you’re not sure what that means – it’s a lot! As such it should come as no surprise this bag made our list of the best waterproof golf bags too.

And, this is an incredibly lightweight cart bag – Just 2.3kg which is quite a bit lighter than the average cart bag on the market.

For those who like ultimate club organisation, the Dri Tech has you covered with a 14-way top divider and spacious putter well. The pockets are also pretty capacious, meaning you’ll have room for a good amount of kit.

It may not be the most striking in terms of design, but the PowaKaddy Dri Tech has a sleek sophistication and looks great sitting on a cart. It also features PowaKaddy’s Key Lock, anti-twist system to ensure it stays firmly in place throughout the round. Nobody likes to be fiddling with bag placement and straps when they should be focussing on a testing iron shot!

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag Review

Big Max Aqua Sport 3 Cart Bag

Big Max Aqua Sport 3 Cart Bag, waterproof golf bag, golf cart bag

+ Ample storage with nine waterproof pockets
+ Extra large cooler pocket
– Slightly more substantial than some cart bags, so not as light

This cart bag offering has the same I-Dry waterproofing found on other Big Max bags and provides excellent protection to the elements. A 14-way top has full length dividers to prevent club crowding and nine total pockets mean you can load this bag up with whatever you need for a round of golf.

We found the extra large cooler pocket placed low and on the front of the bag especially useful for carrying plenty of liquid on a hot day and the three grab handles made manoeuvring the bag very easy too. A great bag for organisation and style.

Motocaddy Dry Series Golf Cart Bag

Motocaddy Dry Series Golf Cart Bag, motocaddy cart bag, grey golf trolley bag, waterproof golf bag

+ Waterproof
+ Additional storage space
– Designed to be compatible with Motocaddy trolleys specifically

What you’ll immediately notice is how lightweight the Motocaddy Dry-Series Bag is. At just 2.4kg, it weighs as little as many of the stand bags on the market in 2021.

This stylish bags still provides plenty of storage, which is very impressive considering how lightweight it is.

Made from waterproof fabric, the seams have been thermo-sealed and the zips are waterproof too. It does a great job of keeping the water out.

Seven sizeable pockets provide enough storage for any requirement while 14 full-length dividers help you organise your clubs effectively.

It features an anti-twist Easilock base that will fit to any Motocaddy trolley and provide a fully stable unit.

Easy to manoeuvre thanks to the well-placed carry handles, we think this is an impressive trolley bag, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. If you’re considering waterproof golf bags, it’s one to add to your list.

TaylorMade Storm Dry Cart Bag

TaylorMade Storm Dry Cart Bag, taylormade cart bag, waterproof golf bag, black golf bag

+ One-year guarantee on waterproofing
+ Sleek looks
– On the pricey side

TaylorMade has used a very lightweight waterproof material to make its Storm Dry cart bag and that makes this a great option for a bag you can easily transport to and from the golf club, even when full of gear.

As well as the 14-way top with three full-length dividers, this bag has its own dedicated putter well to keep your putter protected away from other clubs.

Sun Mountain Eco-Lite Trolley Bag

+ Fully waterproof
+ Made from recycled materials
– Colours might not be to everyone’s taste

The first of its kind to come to market, the Eco Lite cart bag incorporates water-resistant fabric that has been made from 25-30 recycled plastic bottles in a bid to reduce harmful waste.

The bag incorporates a 10 inch top with 14 full-length dividers and 11 pockets with two sturdy and well placed grab handles for carrying the bag in and out of the car and onto trolleys or buggies.

The 11 pockets include a velour-lined valuables pocket; rangefinder compartment; ventilated cooler pocket; apparel pocket; plus multiple accessory pockets. The environmentally friendly option is available in five quite bold colours, a Sun Mountain staple.

Motocaddy Protekta Bag

Motocaddy Protekta Bag, motocaddy cart bag, golf cart bag,

+ Innovative top design that protects and organises clubs
+ Full waterproof
– Slightly heavier than others

The Motocaddy Protekta cart bag features an innovative top design that gives each club a distinct and separate area to sit in the bag. The 14-way divider reduces noise and holds each individual club in place to prevent club heads crashing together. Its an incredibly clever and satisfying design feature that protects your clubs and keeps them neat and tidy in the bag.

Its not just the 14-way divider that makes this a great bag though as the Protekta bag acts as a sort of ‘best of’ from Motocaddy’s range. It has all the waterproof features of the best-selling Dry-Series bag, meaning 100% waterproof protection, and it also features the premium Japanese YKK zips that can be opened smoothly with just one hand.

Sure its a bit heavier than some of the lightweight cart bag options, but at 3.1kg with all the features and pocket space, this is an innovative and premium cart bag that will protect your clubs and your belongings in the bag too.

Titleist StaDry 14 Trolley Bag

Titleist StaDry 14 Trolley Bag, titleist golf bag, golf cart bag,

+ Waterproof
+ Lightweight
– Not the easiest to carry if you do need to use the single strap.

The Titleist StaDry has been a popular bag for a few seasons now and it’s easy to see why as it performs from a practical perspective on a number of levels.

Firstly, StaDry waterproof technology will help you keep your equipment dry in wet conditions – It’s made from a waterproof fabric and the zips are seam sealed.

It also offers excellent, managed storage with 14-way top divider plus dedicated putter well, and seven generous pockets. There are large apparel pockets as well as spaces for accessories and valuables.

It’s been designed to sit snugly on a trolley, and we found that it does just that. The weight is well distributed to ensure it doesn’t shift going over bumps or across slopes. There’s a useful channel for strapping the bag down to a trolley or cart.

The pockets are all easily accessible when the bag is sitting on a trolley.

It weighs just 2.7kg and is easy to lift out of a car and onto a trolley thanks to the well-designed grab handles.

Wilson Exo II Trolley Bag

Wilson Exo II Trolley Bag, wilson cart bag, waterproof golf bag

+ Two well placed grab handles and large putter well
+ Clever pocket organisation for easy access
– Only available in a few colours

The Wilson Exo II cart bag is a lightweight and feature-packed bag that is well built and reasonably priced for cart bags of this size.

The two integrated grab handles at the top of the bag make it very practical and easy to lift on and off trolleys and in and out of cars. The 14-way top and 14 full-length dividers leaves plenty of space for a full set of clubs and we love the attention to detail of the larger putter well, which will accommodate all putters including those with larger grips on.

A seam sealed, waterproof valuables pocket is just one of a host of pockets for apparel, drinks, balls and tees and there are even some exterior straps to keep tees on for easy and quick access on the course. A well thought out, practical and lightweight cart bag for all year round use.

Cobra Golf Ultralight Trolley Bag

Cobra Golf Ultralight Trolley Bag, cobra golf bag, golf cart bag

+ Easy access pockets
+ 14-way divider
– Not fully waterproof

We were impressed with the pass-through channel for a cart strap on the Cobra Golf Ultralight Trolley Bag. It means the bag can be secured strongly to a trolley without compromising access to any of the 13 pockets.

Those pockets are ample and allow for excellent levels of organisation and equipment separation. Two large apparel pockets provide buckets of room while two fleece-lined valuables pockets and an insulated cooler pocket provide innovative storage solutions.

The 14-way top with full length dividers and oversized putter well protect clubs and allow for easy access.

As the name would suggest, it’s a lightweight bag at just 2.4kg and the top grab handles make it easy to lift and move around.

If you’re looking for maximum storage and easy access to all your kit, this is one to consider.

Motocaddy Pro Series Trolley Bag

Motocaddy Pro Series Trolley Bag, motocaddy cart bag, premium trolley bag,

+ Made from premium and durable materials
+ Clever pocket organisation for easy access
– Only available in a few colours

This is a feature-packed and premium cart bag that delivers on practicality, style and usability. The Pro-Series is made from long-lasting premium PU and nylon fabrics and features 14 full-length dividers, nine pockets and a jumbo putter well that fits putters with any size grip.

It features an anti-twist Easilock base that will fit to any Motocaddy trolley and provide a fully stable unit.

Easy to manoeuvre thanks to the well-placed carry handles, we think this is an impressive trolley bag, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. If you’re considering a premium cart bag, it’s one to add to your list.

Titleist Tour Bag

Titleist Tour Bag, titleist cart bag, black golf bag with Titleist logo

+ Ultimate in storage and durability
+ Tour proven with looks to match
– Heavy

The ultimate golf bag is a Tour bag and you can’t do better than the Tour proven Titleist Tour Bag.

Designed with input and feedback from Titleist’s stable of elite professionals, this bag has been constructed to meet the requirements of the best players in the game.

It’s bigger than a standard cart or stand bag but it’s actually pretty lightweight at just over 4kg. It’s also been ergonomically engineered and, with the three-point shoulder strap, it’s easy to carry.

The Titleist Tour bag is highly durable and hard wearing and the five-way top cuff has been shaped to deliver maximum protection to club heads and shafts.

For other tour bag models, be sure to check out our list of the best tour golf bags too.

What to look out for when buying a trolley bag

What are some of the factors you need to consider when picking out a good trolley bag? Well we have taken a look below.

Trolley/Cart – It sounds like an obvious thing to say but if you want to invest in a good trolley bag then you should also have a good trolley to use too. A lot of the bags designed these days, including the models above, will only work best on well designed trolleys, not the basic ones you can rent from golf clubs. Therefore take a look at our best electric golf trolleys, and best push carts guides.

Features – Next up you should think about the features that are important to you. Do you want the bag to have 14-way dividers, or lots of storage, or little details like valuables pockets? It is worth thinking about what you find important during your golf experiences because many different models offer varying types of feature.

Ease of Use – This is a big one, how easy is the bag to use? Here we find one of the most important things is how easy is it to move around, from the car boot, to the trolley and vice-versa. Thankfully many of the models above have been designed to be incredibly lightweight and therefore easy to manoeuvre. Additionally how simple is it to lock into the trolley, and how how simple is it to access the storage pockets? All things to think about.

Waterproofing – Given how much golf we all play, chances are we will get caught in the rain every now and again, which makes waterproofing very important. Some models, like the Motocaddy Dry Series, and TaylorMade Storm Dry, have been specifically designed for this and some models are better than others so be aware of this before you buy.

Price – Last but not least price is a factor to consider. If you want to go for an ultra-premium design, there are models out there, but if you want a bag at a cheaper price point then there are also models for that too.

If you enjoyed this guide on the best golf trolley bags, check out the Golf Monthly website.