A great chance to get some unlimited music for a really cheap price


Have you ever got bored down the range and wish you were signed up to a good music streaming site?

BUY NOW: Amazon Music Unlimited for just 99p

Well here is your chance with an awesome Black Friday Deal from Amazon by slashing access to three months of its Music Unlimited service to 99p.

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The streaming service which apes the likes of Spotify and Apple Music normally costs £7.99 a month, with yearly subscriptions setting buyers back by £79.

But the massive three-month discount appears to be a move by Amazon to attract people to sign up to Music Unlimited, giving the 40 million plus songs it has on offer a whirl.

BUY NOW: Amazon Music Unlimited for just 99p

Music Unlimited also has a few extras in the mix, including the ability to download songs to listen to while offline; a great thing for those who want to go to the range without losing all your data.

And a single subscription allows users to stream to multiple devices, notably Amazon’s own Echo speaker.

Speaking of the Echo, Amazon also has an Echo-only subscription deal that allows users to stream songs to the smart speaker for £3.99 a month. Though if you already have an Echo device, then the 99p 3-month deal seems like the best option by some margin.

Buy Now: Amazon Music Unlimited for just 99p

There are a few minor caveats to the deal, notably that you forgo the 30-day free trial if you opt for the 99p deal, and if you decide to quit Music Unlimited before the three months are over, then you won’t get back any money or unused music streaming.

But for 99p that hardly seems like a massive risk.

People wanting to give Music Unlimited a go will also have to have an Amazon account.

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