Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

In this Titleist TSR2+ 3-Wood review, Neil Tappin finds exactly out what this tee-biased fairway wood has to offer

Titleist TSR2+ 3-Wood review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A worthy addition to the Titleist TSR range of metalwoods. Designed to offer players extra yardage off the tee, we thought it was also easy to launch and very consistent.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Beautiful, classic shape

  • +

    Easy to launch and impressive distance

  • +

    Surprisingly playable off the deck

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Compact shape may be too intimidating for some

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The Titleist TSR2+ 3-wood is a new addition to the TS family of metalwoods for 2022. Designed as an option for those who want a fairway wood as predominantly a second driving option, it is being billed as a “longer, more forgiving, tee-biased 3-wood.”

It comes into the range alongside the all round playability of the TSR2 and the more adjustable TSR3 options. One of the key differences comes with the shape and size of the TSR2+. The 190cc clubhead is 15cc bigger than the other two options. To my eye, the differences in size and shape were small but perceptible. The TSR2+ is a fraction longer from front to back, slightly more rounded and has a deeper face.

TSR2 and TSR2+ fairway woods

The TSR2 fairway wood (left) next to the slightly bigger TSR2+ model

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I thought it struck a fine balance between being classic and confidence-inspiring (it looks usable off the tee and off the deck). One thing that certainly helps with that is the white groove lines that span the width of the face and highlight the loft on offer. Having said that, the TSR2+ is still quite compact and if you are after one of the best fairway woods for high handicappers this might look intimidating at address. 

The TSR2+ is only available in a 13˚ head but it does feature the familiar Titleist SureFit hosel that allows you to adjust both the loft and lie. I wanted to see how the performance measured up and whether it could be considered among the best fairway woods so I hit it both on a launch monitor and on the golf course up against the standard TSR2 fairway wood. 

Titleist TSR2+ 3-wood testing

Neil tests the Titleist TSR2+ fairway wood

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I’m going to start with some context. Over the last few years I have used the Titleist TS3 and then the TSi2 models, in 15˚ and 16.5˚ respectively. For me, not being the best fairway wood player, looking down on some additional loft was more confidence-inspiring. What really impressed, and surprised me, about the TSR2+ was how easy it was to launch - Titleist says it has the deepest CG of any of the brand’s fairway metals. In my launch monitor testing, my average launch angle with the 13˚ TSR2+ (hitting off a small tee) was 11.8˚ versus 12.1˚ with the TSR2, which I had set to 16.5˚. The peak height of the TSR2+ was one yard higher. 

Without having to feel like I was swinging the club too hard, I was able to find a good flight and plenty of distance (my average total yardage was 275). This was also evident as I hit it on the golf course. The distances were noticeably longer than I’ve been used to over the last few years - I hit one drive that went 281 yards.

This brings me onto the performance of the TSR2+ off the deck. I was concerned that I’d really struggle in this department but was pleasantly surprised. The combination of the generous launch angle with enough backspin to get the ball into the air and keep it there, meant that I hit some really good shots. Yes, the ball flight was fairly strong here but it was also consistent. I also loved the powerful impact sound on offer.

Titleist TSR headcover

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So, the question is, will I be putting the TSR2+ in my bag? Well the answer is probably not. Whilst it is clearly a top performing fairway wood (that delivers on its promise of distance, flight and forgiveness), I’m veering towards the standard TSR2 model in 16.5˚ instead. My home club is tree-lined and tight off the tee. The extra power of the TSR2+ would be useful on many courses, but for me, the extra all round playability of the TSR2 (with a little less distance built in) is ultimately what I’d be looking for. 

There is no doubt the TSR2+ is a worthy addition to the range for 2022 and for those who want a second driving option, this is well worth considering. The technology that’s been built into the head makes it both consistent and powerful. 

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