A look at some of the best golf blade irons on the market; clubs that look great in the bag and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents

Best Golf Blade Irons

For the golfing purist, there’s nothing like a pristine set of elegant new blades. Not only do they look fantastic, but they are also the best golf irons for feel and control.

Many of the top players choose to play blades as they offer the greatest level of workability of any iron. With a blade, you can shape the ball in either direction and flight it to suit the wind conditions.

With modern club technology as advanced as it is, a beautiful looking blade is no longer one that only professionals can aspire to use.

On today’s market there are sleek and stylish looking blades that are playable for a broader range of competent ball strikers. The best golf blade irons will make you feel like a player and could well inspire you to perform like one. Here we look at some of the very best models on the market this season.

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Best Golf Blade Irons

Titleist 620 MB Irons

Best golf blade irons


+ Beautiful looking club
+ Ultimate for feel and shot-making
– Not forgiving

Titleist’s real players’ iron, the 620MB is a one-piece forged muscleback that delivers sleek and simple looks as well as tremendous feel and feedback.

The muscleback design produces a tour-proven flight that is workable and controllable.

The Centre of Gravity locations have been designed to allow for shot-making and to deliver responsive feedback.

We found the feel off the face to be supremely smooth and we enjoyed the penetrating ball flight from good strikes.

It has to be said, this is really only a club for better golfers, but those with the necessary ball-striking skills will get a great deal out of it.

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf from $1399.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf from £859

TaylorMade P7MB Irons

Best golf blade irons


+ Beautiful looking iron
+ Great workability
– Sharp leading edge places premium on ball striking.

The sleek TaylorMade P7MB irons is a true muscleback that boasts a thin top line, narrow sole and minimal offset.

It is forged from 1025 carbon steel with a machine-milled face comprised of the most aggressive score lines in TaylorMade iron for the ultimate in shot making and control.

A mirrored surface across the backbar allows light to reflect in multiple dimensions while the geometrical positioning of the backbar also delivers precise CG placement and mass properties for optimal performance.

As used by Rory McIlroy this iron has proved popular with Tour players.

We found the P7MB to be surprisingly forgiving in testing. One of the most playable blades/musclebacks we’ve tried. The feel off the face is buttery soft and looks are stunning.

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TaylorMade P7MB Irons Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $1399.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf from £859

Cobra King Forged MB Irons

Best Golf Blade Irons


+ Great feel
+ Striking looks
– Not the most forgiving

The Cobra King Forged MB Irons have been designed for ultimate precision, shot-shaping and scoring. The irons undergo a 5-step forging process that delivers precise shaping, a more refined grain structure, and superior feel.

Created in conjunction with Rickie Fowler, the irons have a classic blade shape delivers a compact look preferred by better players and increases precision and workability to optimize scoring. CNC milling delivers the most precise face and groove structures possible for improved spin and trajectory.

Two tungsten inserts are strategically positioned on the toe and in the centre of the club head for added forgiveness, feel and trajectory control.

Cobra’s Diamondized Black Metal (DBM) finish is Cobra’s most durable, visually appealing, black satin finish that diffuses sunlight, helping to maintain a sleek look over a long period of time, while offering extreme resistance to wear for longer lasting, better-looking irons.

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £729

Ping Blueprint Irons

Best golf blade irons

+ Exceptional Feel
+ Highly workable
– Not the most forgiving

The Ping Blueprint is a very attractive, blade-style iron that’s been fully forged from 8620 carbon steel. In fact, we think this might be Ping’s most aesthetically pleasing club.

With shorter blade length, less offset and narrower sole widths than any other Ping iron, this is really a club for the best ball strikers.

The one-piece forging involved in constructing the Ping blueprint makes for very tight tolerance control and that means maximum consistency when it comes to distance control.

The machined tungsten toe screw weight and internal heel weight allow for precise swing weight tuning while the hydropearl finish reduces glare on sunny days.

In testing we found, once you find a rhythm, even though the hitting area is relatively small, the results are pleasing and it’s extremely easy to shape the ball and manipulate flight.

It’s a true blade that will suit the best players only, but for those seeking a great looking club and maximum workability, it’s well worth considering. One of the best golf blade irons out there.

Ping Blueprint Irons Review

US Buy Now at Fairway Golf USA for $1,700

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £1,199

TaylorMade P7TW Irons

Best golf blade irons


+ Beautifully designed and crafted
+ Incredible feel
– Not the most forgiveness

Designed in collaboration with Tiger Woods, the TaylorMade P7TW irons have been created with the finest ball strikers in mind.

The milled grind sole is one of the standout features. It’s incredibly precise to ensure the ultimate in consistency and precision, and thereby the best possible turf interaction.

Precise tungsten weight placement has been engineered to improve trajectory control and to promote a deeper feel at impact.

Supremely workable and delivering incredible feedback, these irons will suit the best players looking for the ultimate in control and precision.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $1749.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf from £1,799

Honma TW 747 Rose Proto Blade Irons

Best golf blade irons


+ Beautifully forged
+ Great feedback
– Limited edition

One of the best looking blade irons out there at the moment, the master craftsmen in Japan have created these irons through traditional Japanese forging. The result is a blade that has an upright, playable feel, and a slightly narrower sole width.

They’ve been designed to deliver the precise level of control demanded by the better player and they offer tremendous feel and feedback.

They’re also excellent in terms of distance control and we’re impressed with how easy it is to shape and flight the ball with these blades.

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf from £1,159

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

Best golf blade irons


+ Great looking iron
+ Great feel and precision
– Only for good ball strikers.

With the MP-20 MB irons, Mizuno has focused on improving the feel through adopting a former technique of adding a layer of copper to the head underneath the brushed satin outer finish and protective nickel chrome layers.

The MP-20, possibly one of the best Mizuno irons ever made, is a pure muscleback iron, heavily influenced by the most revered blades of Mizuno’s past and Grain Flow Forged HD from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel.

A tapered topline and cambered sole allow a fuller spread of weight to enhance vertical stability and forgiveness on strikes from high or low on the face.

A blend of satin and mirror chrome finishing has been engineered to eliminate areas of high glare in the playing position.

The MP-20 MB, with its small profile, isn’t for the faint hearted. Out of the middle, it’s arguably the best feeling iron you can buy, but you need to be precise with your ball striking to see the benefits of the distance consistency it can provide.

Mizuno MP-20 MB Irons Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $1,299.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf from £899

PXG 0311 ST Irons

Best golf blade irons


+ Great buttery feel
+ Superb control
– Pricey

PXG’s latest bladed irons are designed for accomplished and highly skilled golfers. A pure tour blade, 0311 ST Irons feature PXG’s signature Perimeter Weighting Technology, a narrow sole design, and compact blade length for pure performance and workability.

They offer tremendous control and a wonderful buttery feel at impact.

Players looking to shape and flight the ball and to maintain maximum control will enjoy hitting these irons.

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £4,080

Callaway Apex MB Irons

best golf blade irons


+ Great looks
+ Workability and feel
– Not the most forgiving

The classic looking Callaway Apex irons feature a muscleback design with chrome finish.

They’re aimed at better players who wish to have maximum control of ball flight and shot shape. Advanced CG positioning delivers incredible control while the precision grooves offer consistent spin levels.

Forged from 1025 carbon steel, the Apex MB irons feel super soft and offer the player great feedback.

For good ball-strikers seeking maximum feel and control, the Callaway Apex MB’s are one of the best golf blade irons out there.

Srixon Z-Forged Irons

Best golf blade irons

+ Pure feel
+ Classic shape
– Only for good ball strikers

With a body constructed from a single billet of 1020 carbon steel, Srixon’s Z-Forged irons offer an incredibly soft feel and superb feedback on striking.

The V.T Tour sole has been redesigned for more precise turf interaction while the classic blade shape has been retained to maximise versatility and workability.

The Srixon Z-Forged irons deliver the precision and control that better players will enjoy. They’re great for shaping the ball and for keeping the flight down in windy conditions.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $1,144.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £999

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