In this Ping G425 hybrid review, Joel Tadman takes the 19° option out on the course to assess how it performs

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Overall rating:

Ping G425 Hybrid


  • Extremely forgiving, surprisingly long and pulled off successful shots from many different lies.


  • Loud, tinny sound won't suit all tastes.


Ping G425 Hybrid


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Ping G425 Hybrid Review

The Ping G425 drivers brought new levels of playability and accuracy to the market and the G425 hybrid looks to have done the same.

Shots that require a hybrid – long approaches or tee shots on tight holes – often require precision and control, which is where this club excels.

At address, it sets up squarely behind the ball and the larger size certainly inspires confidence.


The large, rounded profile looks inviting to hit and the combination of the three dot system on the crown and white grooves on the edges of the face make it easy to align.

The stock shaft length at 40 1/4” is slightly shorter than most too, which arguably makes the head look bigger than it is.

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This shorter length also had an effect on the results during testing a 19° sample indoors on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor with Titleist Pro V1x golf balls. Our clubhead speed was the lowest of all the 2021 models we tested and the ball speed was lower than average too as a result.

But the carry distance was more than competitive, averaging 219 yards through the air making it one of the longer models we tried.

ping g425-hybrid-testing

The spin was very consistent too, hovering around the 3,000 rpm mark and barely deviating away from it. It was also one of the highest launching hybrids, so it clearly has no problem in getting the ball airborne from the deck.

This is a strong recipe for long, accurate golf shots. The shorter shaft provides greater control of the clubface while the design of the head, in particular the tungsten weight and modified roll profile, takes care of the launch and stability.

In fact, the G425 hybrid was undoubtedly one of, if not the straightest hybrid on test when we took them out on the golf course and hit to a flag 220 yards away. This gave us the confidence to be more committed with our swing and more aggressive with our lines, knowing that the consistency of the performance would take care of the result more often than not.


With the adjustable loft sleeve and Arccos sensor included too, the Ping G425 hybrid makes for a compelling option at the top end of the bag.