Here we select some of our favourite golf clubs currently on the market.

Best Golf Clubs

What are the best golf clubs this year? Well, whereas in many sports you use just one implement for every shot, in golf you get to choose your 14 best golf clubs to get you from tee to green on every hole.

Finding those 14 best golf clubs for your game will take a bit of time and thought as you work out the line-up that will give you your very best chance of shooting your very best scores.

At Golf Monthly, we test and reviews hundreds of clubs every year from manufacturers right across the spectrum to pick out what we feel are the best golf drivers, to the best golf irons, to the best putters.

Despite the impact of coronavirus, a raft of cracking new golf clubs has been launched of late. Here we pick out some of our favourites.

You’ll also find links through to reviews, videos and other articles in which we highlight more of the best golf clubs out there.

Best Golf Clubs

Titleist TSi3 driver

Best Golf Clubs+ Softer-looking toe enhances the visuals over TS3
+ New crown design improves aerodynamics for more ball speed
– Some may find it a little tricky to line up

One of the best Titleist drivers ever made, the ‘i’ in the TSi3 driver stands for impact, innovation and inertia, with important design changes helping to increase club speed, ball speed and forgiveness compared to TS3

The crown has a new shape that reduces aerodynamic drag by up to 15 per cent versus the TS drivers to help increase clubhead speed.

The clubface inserts are made of ATI 425, an aerospace grade titanium with a very high strength-to-weight ratio plus enhanced elasticity and durability.

To fine-tune set-up, there’s a new SureFit CG Track around the rear skirt of the driver ,with five positions for the 8g weight to slot into to manipulate shot shape and launch characteristics.

Because it’s positioned at the very back of the head, it increases stability on off-centre hits for more forgiveness.

Titleist TSi3 Driver Review

TaylorMade SIM driver

Best Golf Clubs+ Modern, functional looks
+ Solid feel through impact
– Performance gains over M5 and M6 drivers appear marginal (player-dependent)

When the TaylorMade SIM driver was released, it was quickly put into use by many of the brand’s tour pros – and it’s easy to understand why once you’ve had a hit.

It replaced the M5, and has proven itself to be one of the most consistent drivers on the market.

SIM stands for Shape In Motion and this comes from the asymmetric sole design, which is said to reduce drag in the final few feet of the downswing.

With clubhead speed maximised, it delivers a powerful punch.

In testing, it felt strong and stable through the ball, and with the adjustability allowing you to create up to 20 yards of draw or fade bias, it ticks a lot of boxes.

TaylorMade SIM Drivers Review

Callaway Mavrik driver

Best Golf Clubs+ Solid feel off the face
+ Delivers a very pleasing thud at impact
– The lively orange colour may cheapen the look for some

The big tech story with the Mavrik driver is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to remap the clubface and improve acoustics.

The head’s cyclone aero shape is engineered to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed.

This standard Mavrik model will be of particular help to slower swingers or golfers who need more spin to maximise distance.

It feels extremely solid off the face, as if no energy is being lost between the collision of clubhead and ball, with the impact sound getting a big thumbs-up too. We like the Mavrik and also the Max model so much we also included them in our guides on the best high handicap drivers and most forgiving drivers too.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

Mizuno ST200 driver

Best Golf Clubs+ Classic looks over the ball
+ Excellent value for money in the driver market
– Not the easiest driver to align

Mizuno’s ST200 driver compares favourably to many of golf’s mainstream brands. It represents a fantastic option if you’re looking for an all-round performer at a more agreeable price.

The standard model is built for forgiveness courtesy of its 11.6g tungsten back weight, but it still keeps spin low to maximise carry distance.

In terms of looks, its classic profile behind the ball also gets the nod, as does the impact sound, which is loud but not overpowering. It feels incredibly solid and stable.

Mizuno ST200 Drivers Review

Cobra King Speedzone fairway wood

Best Golf Clubs+ Rails aid turf interaction, especially from poor lies
+ Excellent value for money
Limited improvements over previous generation

The Cobra King SZ fairway wood accounts for 80% of the brand’s sales in this category because it is just a great all-rounder.

Cobra says it’s suitable for anyone with a handicap from 5 to 25. It is quite a high-spinning fairway wood, but if fitted well, it can optimise performance for golfers of all abilities.

This standard model is the best-looking of the three in the family (Tour and Big Tour are the other two) with all three working beautifully through the turf thanks to their sole rails.

The hollow split rails flex more than solid rails, making the sweetspot 70% larger for better results on off-centre hits.

For more quality fairway woods, be sure to have a read of our guide on the best fairway woods out right now.

Cobra King Speedzone Fairway Woods Review

Mizuno JPX921 Forged irons

Best Golf Clubs

+ Thin face and fast ball speeds
+ Low and deep centre of gravity
– Not as easy to work the ball as with the JPX921 Tour model

The best Mizuno irons are famed for high-quality performance in every way and this JPX 921 Forged design continues that trend.

The JPX921 Forged integrates the power of Mizuno’s Chromoly 4120 metal into a full-body forged iron for the very first time, yet it feels like a traditional forged iron.

Chromoloy 4120 – originally found in Mizuno’s Hot Metal irons – allows the clubface to be 0.5mm thinner. This paves the way to the fastest ever ball speeds from a full-body forged Mizuno iron.

There’s forgiveness too courtesy of additional perimeter weighting with a toe bias. This Stability Frame maximises results on off-centre strikes.

Yet the JPX921 Forged irons retain a sleek, compact profile – shorter blade lengths throughout, a beveled trailing edge and reduced offset. They are definitely one of the best compact mid-handicap irons on the market right now.

Mizuno JPX921 Forged Irons Review

Srixon ZX5 irons

Best Golf Clubs+ Strong loft versus the ZX7 will bring a few more yards
+ Improved VT sole glides smoothly through the grass
– Some won’t like seeing the rear of the sole at address in the longer irons

Srixon’s stunning new ZX5 iron – which features in our guide on the best golf irons – offers a varied blend of performance attributes that will appeal to good golfers and slightly higher handicappers.

It boasts a thinner topline and more offset than the sister ZX7 model. It also has a livelier feel with a louder impact sound.

The grooves from 8-iron to PW are sharper, narrower, and deeper than in the long irons for more spin and stopping power on approach shots.

All in all, the ZX5 offers a premium forged feel in a head shape that cleverly blends workability with forgiveness.

Srixon ZX Irons Review

TaylorMade P7MC irons

Best Golf Clubs+ Good blend of feel and workability
+ Excellent turf interaction
– Scope for blending sets with P7MB and 770 could hurt resale value

The TaylorMade P7MC iron, featuring a classic shape and minimal offset, has proven popular among tour players, including Matthew Wolff and Jon Rahm.

The muscle cavity design delivers control and precision, while perimeter weighting offers just the right level of forgiveness. It delivers an impressive combination of distance and accuracy.

Turf interaction with the P7MC is excellent, with its more rounded sole gliding through the turf with minimal snagging.

Although it’s aimed at the lower handicapper, improving players looking for a transitional club to help them move the ball around a little more should add it to their test list.

TaylorMade P7MC Irons Review

Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge

Best Golf Clubs+ One of the best-looking wedges on the market
+ Wide range of loft and grind options
– Fewer sole grinds compared to the outgoing RTX-4

Cleveland’s RTX ZipCore wedge is targeted at the more accomplished golfer. It boasts a muscleback design and an incredibly soft feel, while the CG has been repositioned for solid and stable performance

It lives up to its Zipcore name because it is one of the highest-spinning wedges on the market from a variety of distances.

There’s a wide range of loft options to choose from along with different sole grinds to suit different types of player and turf conditions. There are also three different finishes – tour satin, black satin and raw.

For more wedge designs, have a read of the best golf wedges guide we recently created.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review

Scotty Cameron Special Select putters

Best Golf Clubs

+ Beauitful looks as ever with Scotty putters
+ 8 blade and mallet styles to choose from
– It’s a premium product so you’ll be paying a premium price!

The tour-inspired Scotty Cameron Special Select range – one of the best Scotty Cameron putters created – adds a new dimension to several classic Scotty styles. There are eight models in all from the sleek Newport blade to the Flowback 5.5 mid-mallet. Each Special Select model is milled from a block of solid 303 stainless steel

Tour preferences are for sleeker profiles, plus slightly thinner and flatter toplines, and these have been incorporated into the new Special Select models.

A new performance balanced weighting system, using customisable sole weights, allows for fine-tuning of performance and feel at all shaft lengths.

The use of tungsten in the blades and stainless steel in the mid-mallets generates a larger sweet spot and improved stability.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters Review

We hope you found this guide on the best golf clubs informative.