We review the best lob wedges on the market so you can find the best make and model for your game

Best Lob Wedges

Wedges have to be versatile because of all the different shots that have to be played around the green. One of these is definitely the lob shot.

As rewarding as a 300-yard drive straight down the middle of the fairway is, a perfectly executed lob shot that finishes next to the pin is more satisfying, right?

To play that Phil Mickelson-style shot, one which sees the ball land like a butterfly with sore feet, requires no small amount of skill – as well as a club with lots of loft (typically 58°-64°).

The best golf wedges don’t just give you the power to play a crowd-pleasing flop shot, but with the spin they create, this club offers you a lot of options around the green.

We’ve been busy testing the best lob wedges on the market to help you decide which one will suit your game, so be sure to read our full reviews to see how they performed. Some images below are for the 56° models, although these same wedges are available in greater lofts.

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Best Lob Wedges

TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw Wedge

Best Lob Wedges

+ Full-face scoring lines offer great control, especially on off-centre strikes
+ Loads of spin on offer
– On the expensive side

Building on the success of the original Hi-Toe wedge, TaylorMade has gone a step further with its latest iteration. As well as the expanded toe area, the full-face grooves now have score lines between them, which really maximise the spin on offer across and makes it one of the most forgiving wedges we have tested.

Additionally, we found it really easy to flight, which is obviously important when playing fuller shots and dealing with any sort of wind that my be blowing. Available in a wide range of bounces, golfers will also be able to pick the option that suits their specific swing and course they play.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

+ Very forgiving for those who struggle to strike their wedges consistently
+ Rotex face provides more than enough spin around the greens
– Not as easy to work as other models

Building on the success of the Cleveland CBX2 wedge, the renowned brand has launched a full-face model, which provides ample spin no matter the strike location. As well as this, the half-cavity design means Cleveland has been able to optimise the centre of gravity for ultimate forgiveness, making it not only one of the best lob wedges, but also one of the best golf wedges for beginners.

But for all the spin and forgiveness, the feature we liked the most was the C-shaped sole design. What this does is provide relief from the heel and toe of the club, meaning golfers can expect less of the dreaded duffs and start to grow in confidence.

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Review

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

Best Lob Wedges

+ Unrivalled looks
+ Superb feel and ability to flight high and low
– Very pricey

No list of the best wedges is complete without a Titleist Vokey. The SM8 is the latest in a long line of classics and it doesn’t disappoint. Although it looks similar to the SM7 at address, there’s no denying the aesthetics have improved from the back.

The big technical story surrounds the centre of gravity, which has been moved forward thanks to a longer hosel and high-density tungsten toe weight. We found this really helped when it came to producing a consistent ball flight, a key component of wedge performance.

Grooves cut to the legal limit provide ample spin, and with multiple grind and bounce options, finding the perfect lob wedge for your game has never been easier.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge Review

Wilson Staff Model Wedge

+ Consistent flight through the loft range
+ Soft feel off the face
– Not a lot of bounce and grind options

Wilson Staff has revamped its short-game offerings heading into the new decade, with the introduction of the Staff Model and Staff Model Hi Toe, both of which warrant inclusion on this best lob wedges list. We’ve gone for the basic Staff Model option however, as it delivers an excellent blend of looks and feel.

Inspiring confidence at address is key and that’s what this wedge does. And at impact, it’s very forgiving and stable, making it suitable for a wide range of players. One thing we did feel was that it offered slightly less spin than some of the other models on this list but it’s minimal and shouldn’t detract from what is otherwise a superb club.

Wilson Staff Model Wedge Review

Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 Wedge

+ Exquisite looks and feel
+ Plenty of bounce and grind options
– Some may prefer a straighter, longer leading edge for easier alignment

The Callaway Mack Daddy 5 was actually shaped by the legendary Roger Cleveland so it’s no surprise it looks so good. And thanks to the new Offset Groove-In-Groove technology, which basically means there are diagonal score lines between the JAWS grooves, this is one of the spinniest options on the market this year.

It has no obvious weakness and we really liked the buttery soft feel on all lengths of shot, which is partly down to the mild carbon steel used to create the heads, the muscleback design and the soft and tacky Lamkin UTX grip. Additionally, there are a number of bounce and grind options, allowing golfers to tailor their choice to their specific needs.

Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge Review

Mizuno T20 Wedge

Best Lob Wedges

+ Makes it easy to flight wedge shots consistently
+ Very soft feeling for maximum control around the greens
– Slightly thicker topline may not please the eye of the better player

Mizuno’s renowned iron performance translates into this wedge offering, with the Grain Flow Forged process producing a club that is among the very best in terms of distance control and feel. Additionally, the grooves in the lob wedge are wider and shallower, optimising the spin on short shots and allowing moisture to be released in damp conditions.

We have to admit that the topline is a little thicker than the others on this list, which might deter some, but this is to ensure maximum spin and stability across the face. In particular, we found the control on offer from the T20 to be more than adequate. Having that confidence that the ball is going to grab on the second or third bounce really allows you to commit and be aggressive with the shot you’re facing.

Mizuno T20 Wedge Review

Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge

+ Extra sole grind options offers greater versatility
+ Improved distance control
– No extra spin of note over Glide 2.0

With four different sole grinds on offer, including a throwback to the classic Ping Eye2 irons, the Glide 3.0 range has something for everyone. We found the thin sole to be the most versatile, allowing us to manipulate the face that little bit more when the shot called for it, while the standard sole was ideal for fuller shots.

And for those who struggle with duffs, the Eye2 and the wide sole options would be better suited, especially if you typically play in soft conditions. Although we didn’t find there to be any notable spin gains from the previous iteration, the extra forgiveness and playability makes the Ping Glide 3.0 line one of the best on the market.

Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge Review

Cobra King Snakebite Wedge

+ Address profile will appeal to all handicaps
+ Full-face grooves for maximum control even on off-centre strikes
– Slightly more clicky sound at impact than others

Utilising a new cutting method, the Snakebite design from King Cobra features deeper and wider grooves, offering an abundance of spin on all types of wedge shots. Additionally, the 56°, 58° and 60° models come with full-face grooves so that, no matter where you strike the ball, you’re guaranteed to retain an element of control. This comes in really handy particularly when you have to open the face up and a toe strike is more likely.

And depending on the type of course you play, there will be a grind option to suit. For short shots, we’d recommend either the versatile or widelow grind and for longer shots, the classic option works best.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge

+ Excellent overall playability
+ Ample spin and soft feel
– Rusty look that builds over time won’t appeal to all

For us, this is one of TaylorMade’s most innovative products in recent years. The raw face will rust over time for enhanced spin and feel, while the rest maintains its satin chrome or matte black finish. Meanwhile, the face’s ZTP Raw grooves are sharper, deeper and narrower to maximise greenside spin.

These wedges produced good spin and a soft feel – and the rusty look that appears on the face over time reduces sun glare. We believe the two sole grind options should provide enough versatility for the majority of players.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2.0 Wedge Review

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

Best Lob Wedges

+ Impressive forgiveness on full shots
+ High-spinning and soft-feeling
– Better players may prefer to see a straighter leading edge

Taking the bold move to redesign a classic wouldn’t always be advised, but that’s what Cleveland has done to terrific effect with the RTX ZipCore. Featuring sharper grooves, higher MOI for extra control, and a face that’s been heat treated for more durability, this wedge truly delivers on all fronts, making it easily one of the best lob wedges on the market.

In particular, we were really impressed with how user-friendly this club was and how much spin it generated on all shots. And while we didn’t review it long enough to put the durability claim to the test, user feedback is extremely encouraging on this front. Additionally, it comes in low, medium and high bounce options, meaning golfers can choose the best option for them.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review

Callaway PM Grind 19 Wedge

+ Premium looks with chrome and tour grey finishes
+ Generous relief on the heel for clean strikes
– Triangular shape won’t suit everyone’s eye

When it comes to designing a lob wedge, collaborations don’t come much better than Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland. The purpose of the PM grind model is to make it easier to hit three essential shots: a knockdown with plenty of spin, a short pitch that checks on demand, and a flop shot. And to do this requires some serious groove tech, which is what this wedge has.

Micro-grooves have been machined into the face at a 20° angle between the main grooves, with testing showing us that this does actually increase spin on certain shots. Additionally, it’s a full-face wedge, meaning you can open it up in the knowledge that even if you don’t catch it out the centre, you’ll still have an element of control. The only downside is that there is only one bounce option at each loft.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best lob wedges.