If you are a beginner to the game of golf, these putters might suit you best.

Best Putters For Beginners

You’d like to think that choosing the best putters is easy and is done mainly by looks. But you can give yourself a far better chance of getting the ball to the hole and then knocking it in if you choose wisely.

In terms of getting the best putters for beginners, the main thing to think about is forgiveness. Beginners often struggle to consistently strike the ball in the middle of the face and usually they need help maintaining the club face through the stroke, and not twisting it.

As such mallets are the way to go here because they offer forgiveness on offer-centre strikes, have weight that can be distributed around the clubhead to help minimise twisting, and their are also clear alignment benefits to the clubs too.

Bearing all fo this in mind below we have looked at some of the best putters for beginners. Additionally we also recommend checking out our guides on the best mallet putters, the best putters for high handicappers, and the most forgiving putters too.

Best Putters For Beginners

Ping Heppler Fetch Putter

+ Will help with consistency
– The look won’t be for everyone

This has been a really big success for the brand and Lee Westwood has used both the Heppler and Sigma Fetch depending on the speed of the greens. The centre cut-out means you can pick the ball out of the hole (when we’re finally allowed to take the flagstick out) and this and the colour contrasting are great to help with your alignment.

This will generally suit a straight stoke and has a high forgiveness which should help with your long putting. If you like Ping also take a look at our best Ping putters post too.

Ping Heppler Putters Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $249.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £275

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 Putter

+ Big sweet spot = big fun on the greens
– This will appeal visually to some but not others

This is the most forgiving version in the Phantom line and, with the wings on the back, the objective is to make the sweet spot as large as possible. This is the latest in the Phantom X range and it features a low-bend shaft – every X model with a .5 in the name has this for more toe flow to promote an arc in the stroke. The other models have a slightly taller, mid-bend shaft while the Phantom X 6STR has zero offset.

“Every time we introduce a new putter line, I receive requests from tour players and dedicated golfers for additional set-ups and configurations. Phantom X 12.5 is the result of some of those requests,” explained Cameron who has employed a single-miller sight line here.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters Review

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UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £368.99

TaylorMade Spider S Putter


+ Great for putts from distance even if you mishit it
– The ‘pop’ sound is maybe louder than you’d like

One of the best TaylorMade putters in the current range, the Spider S has tungsten weight at the back and is completely hollow in the middle. Much of the weight has been shifted into that tungsten bar at the back and this helps increase the moment of inertia and resists twisting on off-centre hits. So this should be the most forgiving putter in the TaylorMade family.

The grooves are different too – they still point downward at a 45˚ angle to get the ball rolling rather than skidding but the insert is slightly thicker than before.

This is a face-balanced putter so will suit a straight-back, straight-through stroke and comes in navy and white. Another nice feature are the three sightlines that contrast nicely and you can pick up your ball with it should someone be kind enough to give you a putt.

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review

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UK Buy Now at American Golf for £269

Wilson Staff Infinite Bean Putter

+ Like the entire range it’s great value for money
  There’s a lot to it so it might take a bit of adjusting to

This is a large, chunky mallet with loads of alignment help and a distinctive matte finish to reduce glare and help show off those sight lines. It’s counter-balanced so there’s weight in the grip and is a great product to simply rock the putter back and through.

The Infinite range of putters are named after Chicago landmarks and the Bean is a reflective stainless steel sculpture that was inspired by liquid mercury and provides the best opportunity for a selfie for tourists.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $99.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £89

Odyssey 2-Ball Triple Track Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putters Review

+ The alignment is off-the-scale good when you set the putter down and, to get the full effect, try Callaway’s Triple Track ball with it
– 2ball putters will always divide opinion in terms of aesthetics

This is the latest incarnation of the 2Ball putter and the obvious thing straightaway is how much help you’ve got with your alignment; you’ve got the two balls on the putter head and, should you use a Triple Track ball, you should be in no doubt as to where you’re aiming. The technical term for this is Vernier Hyper Acuity which, in simplest terms, refers to the ability of the brain to process subtle differences in alignment detected in the eyes.

We love this putter and as such we included it in our best Odyssey putters guide.

Odyssey Triple Track Putters Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $249.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £229

Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter

+ You’ll struggle to find a putter that helps you more
– This might be too big for even the biggest mallet fan

The Evnroll range comprises every shape and size with this new face-balanced ER10 Outback model offering maximum stability and forgiveness via an ultra-high MOI. It takes its name from the boomerang-shaped stainless steel rear wing and this weight varies according to putter length for a consistent balance and feel.

The idea behind the milling on an Evnroll putter face is to enhance performance on heel and toe mishits so they stay on line and roll virtually the same distance as well-struck putts.

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £349

Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter


+ Easy to align and the S-shape groove pattern regulates ball speed across the face
– It might take a big leap of faith to give it a go

This is something different. Cleveland have moved the centre of gravity forward to the front of the head when conventional wisdom says you need to push it back.

They’ve done this by developing new forward weighting technology and by having two tungsten weights into the face of the putter – the result being better stability through the impact.

This slant neck version is ideal for slight arc strokes.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $199.99

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £149

Lynx Predator Putter

Best Putters For Beginners

+ Great value
– Needless to say there’s less technology involved here

There are three mallets and one blade in this well-priced range and these are ideal for someone getting going. If you are new to the game then you might want to think about one of the mallets as they should be easier to find the sweet spot on.

They’re all easy to line up and come with a Pistol style grip.

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