Most Forgiving Wedges

These are the most forgiving wedges you might want to try

Most Forgiving Wedges

Most Forgiving Wedges

We all have different preferences when it comes to selecting our golf equipment, and it's no different when it comes to the scoring clubs - your wedges.

For some, it's a soft feel; others demand exceptional levels of spin; and there are those golfers who place a premium on forgiveness. The best golf wedges usually offer an excellent mix of everything.

We hear a lot about forgiveness levels when it comes to drivers, fairways and irons, but it's perhaps less talked about where wedges are concerned.

Chipping and pitching shots require a great deal of skill, and just like driving, it's not always easy for amateurs to repeat the same move and find the perfect contact.

We test the best wedges on the market this year

Levels of forgiveness varies from brand to brand, but we've tested the most forgiving wedges to help those of you who are in the market for a set of wedges which offers that extra margin for error. We also recommend reading our best golf wedges for beginners guide if you are new to the game.

Be sure to read our reviews below to see how the most forgiving wedges performed. Also see some more forgiving clubs in our most forgiving drivers guide, most forgiving irons guide, and most forgiving putters guide as well.

Most Forgiving Wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge review, Most Forgiving Wedges

Reasons to buy
+User-friendly design+Satin finish works well in varying light conditions
Reasons to avoid
-Limited versatility with wide soles

These wedges look like game-improvement, cavity back irons, which won't appeal to everyone, but for the mid to high handicapper they offer impressive forgiveness and control.

They don't feel as soft as the Jaws MD5, but generally speaking they make it easier to deliver good good contact consistently when chipping and pitching.

In testing, we were also impressed with the forgiveness on full shots, and the feel off the face was really pleasing.

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Most Forgiving Wedges Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Extra forgiveness helps get full shots closer+Solid and stable feel
Reasons to avoid
-Limited finish options

A model that featured in our best lob wedges guide, the CBX 2 is one of the most forgiving wedges on this list for a variety of reasons.

Cleveland's cavity back offering features a hollow chamber towards the heel and a heavy weight strategically placed in the toe help maximise MOI to improve forgiveness.

We liked how stable the clubhead felt at impact, and it proved consistent in terms of controlling direction and distance on those shots which didn't quite find the sweetspot.

The wide sole design increases forgiveness on the strike, and whilst traditional blade users might not take to its looks, it clearly delivers on its objectives.

This is definitely a wedge for the more inconsistent player to consider.

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Most Forgiving Wedges

(Image credit: Ping)

Reasons to buy
+Grip provides reference points for those grip down+Plenty of loft, bounce and grind options
Reasons to avoid
-Didn't experience extra spin of note over Glide 2.0

With Glide 3.0, Ping has focused on improving forgiveness and playability, both in terms of off-centre hits on full shots, as well as how the sole interacts and moves through the turf.

We found the thin sole to be the most versatile of the four sole grinds, which we enjoyed in the higher lofts when looking to manipulate the face to achieve different flights.

If you're a player who struggles with duffs and escaping the sand, the Eye2 sole offers a lot of resistance to digging.

In testing, we felt the lower lofts offered more stability and better distance control.

Overall, this is a comprehensive offering from Ping and whilst we consider it a club more suited to the game improver, there are enough loft, bounce and grind options to suit all player types.

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TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw Big Foot Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Forgiving through the ground and on off-centre strikes+Makes bunker shots much easier
Reasons to avoid
-Limited scope to manoeuvre the clubface

To go along with the Hi-Toe Raw, TaylorMade have also revamped the game-improvement Big Foot model to add the Raw face.

The Raw face oxidises over time, creating a rusty face that provides even more spin. This is most useful in terms of forgiveness as the added spin can help you control shots around the green and stop the ball nearer the pin.

This features an asymmetric C-Grind sole which, at 32mm wide, is flatter and wider than most traditional wedges along with an anti-dig leading edge that enhances playability from the rough and also makes it one of the best sand wedges to consider.

We believe the majority of golfers, especially those after as much forgiveness as possible, will enjoy what the Hi-Toe Big Foot offers and may well wish it came in more loft options to create a full set.

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Most Forgiving Wedges Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+More consistent direction and distance than SM7+Superb feel, versatility and spin
Reasons to avoid
-A custom fitting is a must given the options available

The SM8 features the same address looks, signature feel and excellent spin control as the popular SM7.

A longer hosel and high-density tungsten toe weight increase MOI by seven per cent and moves the CG to help the face square more naturally.

After testing the clubs thoroughly, we found the clubhead more stable and forgiving, and we were able to produce high levels of consistent spin.

There are loads of grinds to choose from so we highly recommend going for a custom fit to make sure you get the most forgiving SM8 for your swing. We'd highlight the K-Grind as a great option if you tend to chunk your chips.

There is more of a consistent muscleback look across the loft range, too, which we think a lot of golfers will prefer. The SM8 is also one of the best gap wedges out there too because of the sheer number of loft, bounce, grind and finish options.

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Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Full face grooves provide added control+Darker finish stops any sun glare
Reasons to avoid
-Full face grooves take a while to get used to aesthetically

Another great option from Cleveland’s CBX range, this time in the shape of a wedge with full face grooves.

The logic of full face grooves is sound and has proven useful for golfers after more forgiveness. Indeed, from low handicap amateurs to full beginners, we don’t always hit wedge shots out of the middle of the face and these additional grooves help maintain spin from strikes out of the toe or heel.

This is especially useful if you are looking for forgiveness out of bunkers as this is when strikes high and out of the toe are most common.

The psychological effect of looking down on a wedge will full grooves is significant too, and we found we felt more confident over a chip knowing we didn’t have to hit it out of the screws to hit a successful shot.

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Best Golf Wedges For Beginners Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge

Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Refined bounce angle enhances playability+Confidence-inspiring at address
Reasons to avoid
-Wide sole won’t appeal to everyone

If you’re after more forgiveness from a wedge, there’s a fair chance that one of the more frequent shots that you struggle with is a fat strike, which is where you catch the turf before the ball.

This Callaway Sure Out 2 model is one of the most forgiving golf wedges because it features a larger face area than most wedges, and a wider sole, which promotes a solid ball contact to propel the ball up in the air.

Meanwhile, the grip comes with 3 “step down” markings to promote effective and ultimate distance control and shot selection.