On the lookout for a new driver? Here, we examine the best golf drivers for mid handicappers

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a new model and one of the best golf drivers out there – they’re the glamour purchases that help us hit it longer and straighter.

If you’re a mid handicap player, the chances are you’re going to benefit from a more forgiving driver; not necessarily a game-improver, but one that gives you a little more margin for error.

Right now we’re seeing a slight shift away from oodles of adjustability on the sole to more models within the range.

It’s a crowded market, but hopefully this guide will to help narrow down the search for the mid handicap golfers out there – those golfers with a handicap somewhere in the low to mid teens, although that’s not to say they won’t appeal to some single figure players.

For further details on how the best golf drivers for mid handicappers performed, read our full reviews below.

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Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Ping G410 Plus Driver

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Image credit: Ping

+ Can be set up for a draw or fade
+ Available in draw-bias version
– Shorter stock shaft limits club speed

The Ping G410 Plus is one of the most user-friendly drivers on the market, and despite it’s slightly unusual look at address, it’s popular with a whole range of golfers.

It features a 16g tungsten weight that can be moved towards the heel or toe to add 10 yards of draw or fade bias.

In testing, we found this to be one of the fastest while also being one of the most forgiving drivers on the market, a super combination and the reason why it’s appealing to mid handicappers as well as the top pros.

Ping G410 Plus Driver Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $399.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £399

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Image credit: TaylorMade

+ Modern, functional looks
+ Launch and spin profile will suit a wide audience
– Not adjustable for shot shape

SIM stands for Shape In Motion and it gets its name from the asymmetric sole design said to reduce aerodynamic drag in the last three feet of the downswing to maximise clubhead speed just before impact.

A heavier Inertia Generator in the rear of the clubhead will help those golfers who don’t consistently find the sweetspot, although we believe single figure golfers will also enjoy this driver.

Meanwhile, it has a larger face than the standard SIM, which the more inconsistent player will find appealing, along with the generous look at address.

We’d say that if your strike pattern is out of the heel or out of the toe then that higher MOI that you get from the SIM Max might well be the way to go.

We love the Max so much that we also featured it several other driver guides but if you want more info on the SIM range then take a look at our best TaylorMade drivers guide.

TaylorMade SIM Max Drivers Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $499.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £399

Callaway Mavrik Driver

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Image credit: Callaway

+ Solid feel
+ Very enjoyable thud at impact
–  Orange colour may cheapen the look for some

The big tech story with the Mavrik drivers is the use of artificial intelligence to remap the clubface and improve acoustics.

Meanwhile, the cyclone aero shape is said to reduce drag for added clubhead speed.

The standard model is unquestionably more forgiving and easier to hit straighter, and, for us, it was faster and more efficient off the face. It will benefit slower swing speeds or golfers who need more spin to maximise distance.

We particularly enjoyed how solid it felt, as if no energy was lost between the collision of club and ball, and the impact sound also gets a thumbs up.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $499.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £449

Yonex Ezone GS Driver

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Image credit: Yonex

+ Solid, powerful feel off the face
+ Wide-ranging adjustability
– Not the easiest to align

The GS stands for Graphite Speed and the goal for Yonex was to create an adjustable, playable driver with an emphasis on superior speed.

It features a high-tensile, Honeycomb Structure graphite crown that allows for more flex at the top of the face, whilst a Power Groove sole allows maximum repulsion from low on the clubface.

This combination enlarges the sweetspot for optimum ball speeds across all areas of the face.

The high-launching nature of the clubhead means it will likely work better for golfers with slightly slower swing speeds, who may also appreciate the slice-fighting capability of the moveable weight.

The Ezone GS, which we found light and easy to swing, will appeal to a wider audience than previous Yonex drivers, and £349 price is also attractive.

Yonex Ezone GS Driver Review

UK Buy Now at JamGolf for £349

Titleist TSi2 Driver

Titleist TSi 2 Driver

Image credit: Titleist

+ Easy to flight
+ Consistently good distance with plenty of forgiveness
– No shot shape adjustability

One of the best Titleist drivers out right now, the brand has introduced a number of new technologies to make the TSi2 driver easy to hit and consistently long.

Firstly, the ATI 425 face insert provides greater strength and elasticity for more ball speed across the entire face. Secondly, the head has been reshaped to reduce drag and help users generate more clubhead speed.

We were impressed by how easy the TSi2 was to launch, which allowed us to swing relatively smoothly and still deliver a powerful ball flight.

What we also liked was the consistency even when shots were not struck out of the middle, which will give mid handicappers a useful boost when they need it.

Behind the ball, it strikes an ideal balance between looking generous in size and easy to hit without appearing too clunky.

Titleist TSi2 Driver Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $549.99

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £499

Cobra King Speedzone Driver

Cobra King Speedzone Driver

Image credit: Cobra

+ Excellent all-round performer
+ Frames ball really well and inspires confidence
– Higher-pitched sound may not be to everyone’s taste

This sleek and speedy looking club is unquestionably one of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

Power is generated by the new CNC Infinity Milled face, which optimises thickness as well as bulge and roll for a more consistent flight and distance.

Meanwhile, improved aerodynamics – the design has been influenced by fast cars – have been introduced to reduce drag and maximise clubhead speed.

In testing, we were impressed with how clubhead speed converted into ball speed, and we also felt it was more forgiving on off-centre strikes than the F9.

With the weighting right and the correct shaft option, this club delivers an excellent low-spinning flight that will help a broad range of golfers achieve more distance and greater consistency.

Cobra King Speedzone Driver Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $349.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £349

Mizuno ST200 Driver

Mizuno ST200 Driver

Image credit: Mizuno

+ Classic looks
+ Excellent value for money
– Not the easiest driver to align

Mizuno’s ST200 driver compares favourably to many of the mainstream brands, and represents a fantastic option for those golfers looking for all-round performance without a punchy price tag.

The standard model is built for forgiveness with an 11.6g tungsten back weight but still keeps spin low to maximise carry distance.

In testing, we also found it to feel incredibly solid and stable.

In terms of looks, the classic profile behind the ball also gets the nod, as does the sound at impact, which was loud but not overpowering.

Mizuno ST200 Driver Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $279.99

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £299

Srixon ZX5 Driver

Srixon ZX5 Driver

Image credit: Srixon

+ Solid, explosive feel
+ Pleasing sound at impact
– Not the easiest to align

The ZX drivers were designed to help generate more speed and distance thanks to the brand’s new Rebound Frame Technology.

It works by layering alternating zones of flexibility and stiffness that work in tandem to focus more energy into the ball at impact for more distance.

Meanwhile, a strong but lightweight carbon crown repositions mass low, deep, and around the perimeter, increasing MOI and forgiveness on every drive.

Mid handicap golfers are more likely to lean towards using the ZX5 than the ZX7 because of its larger footprint, plus it features a single weight placed low and deep to help make it ideal for straight drives that launch high and carry far.

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £429

Ben Hogan GS53 Driver

Ben Hogan GS53 Driver

Image credit: Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company

+ Superb value for money
+ Classic looks
– Not as premium as others on this list

The Ben Hogan GS53 driver is a traditional and classic-looking model that sets up beautifully behind the ball – and it delivers a solid strike.

The clubhead is made using two separate pieces of titanium to optimise both distance and forgiveness.

Engineers also used a design feature called Face Flex to maximise response at impact, which helps with off-centre strikes – something plenty of mid handicap golfers will appreciate.

Meanwhile, an easy-to-use adjustable hosel allows users to alter loft, lie and face angle.

It may lack the premium looks compared to some models, but for those on a strict budget, this driver doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

US Buy Now at Ben Hogan Golf for $325

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