We take a look at the best fairway woods for mid handicappers.

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

The technology these days in the best fairway woods is incredible and the following products, while all trying to give us a helping hand, have a remarkable variety of approaches going on underneath the bonnet.

A variety of technologies are present across different brands but all fairway woods have to be versatile enough to use off the tee, from the ground and at times around the green too. They also have to bridge the gap from the driver to the irons well too.

Mid handicappers in particular often neglect to focus on this area of the bag which could cost them shots. As such we have taken a look at some of the best models for that level of player – all of which have slightly smaller heads than the most forgiving fairway woods, and yet still offer some help to ensure consistency of strike.

So here is our list of the best fairway woods for mid handicappers. Alternatively take a look at our other guides on the best fairway woods for high handicappers or the best women’s fairway woods as well.

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood

Titleist TSi3 Fairway Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

(Image credit: Titleist)

+ Great for shaping and improved acoustics
– Dirt can gather in the vacated weight ports

This is more for the player who wants speed and accuracy. There is an adjustable weight track on the back – you can move to the heel, toe or keep it neutral – and they have moved away from simply moving it to the heel for a draw and toe for a fade etc They’ve now repositioned it to help with the CG placement so if you are more of a consistent striker, and you always hit it in the heel, you can now move the CG to move your sweet spot.

The beauty of the track is the attention to detail. They have worked with a screw vendor so in the space of just two clicks it will come all the way out and, two clicks later, it is back in place.

When you are stood over the ball it’s hard to decipher which is the TSi2 or the TSi3, both classic and smallish looking, which says a lot about the genius of the design as they offer different benefits.

Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood Review

Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood

callaway-epic-speed-fairway-webBest Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers+ Fast across the face with a strong ball flight
– No hosel adjustability but there are plenty of loft options to choose from

Launched to sit alongside last year’s Mavrik fairway woods, the Epic 21 family has two heads, Max and Speed. For mid handicapper, the Speed is definitely the better option thanks to the front positioned CG and penetrating ball flight.

The Epic Speed fairway wood features Callaway’s new Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades which have produced even faster ball speeds across the whole face. Flash Face SS21 is also incorporated on these woods and keeps ball speed up even on off-centre hits.

The Epic Speed fairway wood contains a much farther forward CG, aimed at golfers who want a strong ball flight, less spin and consistent shot shape dispersion.

TaylorMade SIM2 Ti Fairway

taylormade-sim2-ti-fairway-web Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers+ Compact and aesthetically pleasing head packed with technology
– More expensive than most models in this list

The TaylorMade SIM2 Ti Fairway Wood offers a fantastic combination of compact, aesthetically pleasing looks with high launch and reasonable forgiveness across the face.

The 170cc tour-inspired head is just the sort of compact look mid handicappers want at address but this club still performs with the forgiveness of the SIM2 Max thanks to the V-Steel sole and Twist Face technology in the face.

It comes in a ‘rocket’ 13.5° option, allowing you to use it almost as a driver off the tee and as a great attacking option on a par 5. For an even more compact head, the 19° 5-wood is another great option for the mid handicapper looking for penetrating ball flight and excellent distance.

Ping G425 LST Fairway Wood

Ping-G425-fairway-hero-webBest Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers+ Plenty of forgiveness while still achieved low-spin and a strong ball flight
– Not the flashiest looking club

Ping has a fairway wood for every golfer in its G425 family of clubs and the Ping G425 LST is one of the best fairway woods for a mid handicapper thanks to its smaller head and strategically placed CG.

Ping is renowned for its forgiveness across its range and the new Ping G425 fairway wood family is no different with the G425 LST offering forgiveness as well as a low-spin, penetrating ball flight.

The one-piece face in the G425 LST makes for very fast ball speeds, 1.5mph quicker than last year’s Ping G410, and this has made for extra yardage.

The G425 LST is lofted at 14.5° for a driver-like loft but this can be adjusted 1.5° up or down and up to 3° flatter, allowing the club to be fine-tuned to suit specific requirements.

Honma TR21 Ti Fairway Wood

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

+ To add to the premium element the shaft options are excellent
– The very basic looks are classy but you might want a bit of alignment help 

This recent release comes in just the 14˚ and, with a heavy steel sole to provide a deep and low centre of gravity, it launches with a penetrating flight. It’s a very simple, stylish and sleek-looking club but there’s plenty going on underneath the bonnet with the non-rotating hosel ensuring that the spine of the shaft stays in the same six o’clock position when the loft and lie are adjusted.

A counter-balanced shaft also helps to increase your swing speed.

Wilson D9 Fairway Wood

wilson-staff-d9-fairway-web+ Classic, sleek design that inspires confidence at address
– Not adjustable and not many loft options

For the first time ever, Wilson Staff fairway woods feature Variable Face Technology, which seeks to deliver high ball speeds and high launch angles regardless of strike location on the face. This is ideal for a mid handicapper who still doesn’t strike the ball near the middle every time.

The Wilson D9 fairway strikes a classic looking pose at address and inspires confidence with a slight amount of offset and useful alignment tool on the crown. At a modest retail price too, this fairway wood is ideal for the mid handicapper who swings the club at moderate speeds and needs a good amount forgiveness from a fairway wood.

Cobra Radspeed Fairway Wood

cobra-radspeed-fairway-web+ Compact head that is incredibly precise and workable
– Have to be a very good ball striker to get the best out of this club

While the Cobra Radspeed Tour Fairway is only available as a 17.5° degree 5-wood, it offers maximum playability, low spin and penetrating ball flight for a mid handicapper looking for a workable fairway wood.

The adjustable loft sleeve means you can adjust this fairway wood to 16° for extra distance off the tee.

The Radspeed Tour has 16g of internal front weighting plus a 7g weight on the sole creating a lower CG for faster ball speeds and lower spin. The compact 148cc head is incredibly pleasing to look down at and provides some of the best workability and precision shots out of the fairway woods on our list.

Like all Radspeed fairway woods, it comes with Cobra’s Baffler Rails, making for altogether consistent and forgiving turf interaction out of all lies. A great fairway wood for an excellent ball striker.

Mizuno ST-Z Fairway Wood


+ Launches high and a great club
– Only one head option and a limited number of loft options

Mizuno fairway woods are some of the most criminally underrated woods on the market and the new ST-Z has shown marked improvements on last year’s ST2000 model.

We love this model for how high it launches, making it a great fairway wood for those who use them to approach greens, especially as a second shot attacking a par 5. The ST-Z also has plenty of adjustability, which the ST2000 didn’t have, allowing you to get just the right kind of ball flight and distance.

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers From 2020

Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

+ Driver-link possibilities with your 3-wood
– If you like to have some adjustability then you’ll be disappointed

This is Callaway’s fastest fairway wood with a high launch and flat trajectory – one of its best fairway woods for mid handicappers. The Flash Face is used for the remarkable fast ball speed and this extends across the face and the familiar Jailbreak technology, where two internal bars connect the crown and the sole, is also built in and this allows the face to work more efficiently.

You’ll read a lot about Artificial Intelligence (A.I), which began with its Flash drivers, in this range and this meant feeding the parameters of everything that you can think of into a computer and letting it solve any design problems on its own.

“We’ve consciously adopted a maverick’s rebellious and disruptive spirit to aid in our pursuit of better-performing equipment,” explained Callaway’s Dr Alan Hocknell. “Using A.I is a great example of that approach and it’s helped us to create innovative new features and technologies that defy convention and promote performance beyond the golfers expectation.” 

Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods Review

Ping G410 Fairway Wood


+ Powerful and forgiving is a good mix
– Quite functional in appearance

This has a slightly shallower face than its predecessor the G400 and is designed to deliver higher ball speeds through a re-positioned centre of gravity closer to the face and sole. It’s estimated that it might carry an extra five yards over the G400.

All three G410 models feature an adjustable hosel with eight settings so you can change both your loft and lie and the emphasis is on stability and forgiveness.

The 3-wood comes with 14.5˚ of loft but can be adjusted to 16˚ and if that’s not enough you might want to think about the 5-wood and take a bit off it. There is also a 7 and 9-wood option. If you are a fan of Ping, then definitely check out our comprehensive guide on the best Ping fairway woods as well.

Cobra King Speedzone Tour Fairway Wood

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

+ Love the simplicity of its looks and it will go forever
– If you’re prone to not finding the middle of the club look elsewhere

When we say mid-handicapper you’ll probably need to be a bit of a ball striker to consider this. The manufacturer says this club is aimed at the 0-10 handicap market so it’s a player’s club. The weight, as opposed to the more-popular Speedzone Fairway, is postponed at the front so is a low launching and low-spinning bullet of a club and it comes in just the two lofts, 14 and 17.5˚.

This is ideal for the player who likes to work the ball and the trademark Baffler Rails, which are different depths on the three models, make this a great all-rounder from both tee and fairway.   

TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Wood

+ If you struggle to launch your fairway woods then welcome to your new saviour
– With the fixed hosel there’s no going back once you’ve been fitted

This is the club that, as it sounds, offers maximum forgiveness with a higher launch than the SIM. It has the same design ethos with the V Steel sole, Speed Pocket and Twist Face technology but without the zatech titanium face or adjustability so, whatever you have in your hands, there’s no tinkering with.

This comes in the 3, 5, 7 and there’s also a 9 (24˚) which is becoming more popular as more of us realise that our longer irons might not be doing us too many favours. The idea is to play what’s right for you rather than worry about how many headcovers you have in the bag. Dustin Johnson has had both the 3 and 5-wood Max in the bag so that shows it is definitely one of the best TaylorMade fairway woods in the current range.

Wilson D7 Fairway Wood


+ The sound is a big improvement
– There are three lofts but no adjustability for any fine-tuning

Gary Woodland has had the 3 and 5-wood (and weighted them up) in the bag even though they are more for the intermediate player. This is all about speed and a reactive face and the carbon crown saves a significant amount of weight and the kevlar finish adds an interesting dynamic.

The material is used in bulletproof vests and is expensive to use but the previous sound was too tinny so this dampens the sound.

The D stands for distance and, with a more expensive face, this is a premium product.

Mizuno ST200 Fairway Wood

+ The profile is said to be ‘Tour Ready’ and the softer leading edge looks fantastic
 Dirt may gather in the sole

The best fairway woods for mid handicappers have to look good as well as perform well. As you might expect from Mizuno this is a great looker which sits and aligns perfectly behind the ball. And it’s powerful, really powerful. Any tests on this model and the stand-out comment is the really high ball speeds that it produces. This is done by using new titanium and high-strength alloys which is both stronger and more flexible than previous iterations.

Other than being explosive it is also a great all-rounder, being easy to launch from the fairways which might bring some par 5s more into range and the feel too is just what you’d like. Great club.

Mizuno ST200 Fairway Woods Review