Best Golf Club Sets For Kids

Suitable sets for keen, little golfers

Best Golf Club Sets For Kids
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Best Golf Club Sets For Kids

Many of us will have fond memories of picking up an adult size golf club when we were younger, and giving it a good whack.

If you were really lucky, you may even have got a cut down club or two to play with.

It was too heavy though, right? Perhaps you got into bad habits then that you're still struggling with today.

These days the best golf club sets designed specifically for kids are light and easy to swing, and seek to make the game as easy as possible.

The best golf club sets for kids, many of which are made by specialist junior golf club manufacturers, feature shorter and more flexible shafts to ensure young golfers can hit the golf ball properly and get more enjoyment from the game.

Many of the sets below are available in different sizes, with manufacturers only too aware that as kids grow, they need longer clubs in order to strike the ball properly.

What tends to differ from brand to brand is the number of clubs you get with the set. At a really young age, sets generally don't include more than about five clubs.

Then, generally speaking, more options become available as you move up the age brackets.

So, if you're in the market for junior golf clubs, here are some of the best golf club sets for kids.

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Best Golf Club Sets For Kids - Best Golf Club Sets For Juniors

Best Golf Club Sets For Kids

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Ping Prodi G Junior Sets

Custom-engineered to fit golfers aged 7-13 and between 4' 5" and 5' 2", these clubs feature the same technology as Ping’s adults sets.

Ping's crown turbulators reduce aerodynamic drag, which helps young players to increase their clubhead speed, whilst the dragonfly crown makes the head’s weighting more efficient. Meanwhile, the irons feature a CTP insert and graphite shafts to make them easier to swing, whilst the steel heads are perimeter-weighted for forgiveness.

Although the initial investment may be quite hefty, when you buy five or more clubs in one transaction, you are entitled to a one-time, no-charge service to have the clubs re-shafted or lengthened, re-weighted and re-gripped - so you're effectively getting two sets of for the price of one.

This is a superb initiative that not only addresses the frustration around the limited lifespan of junior golf clubs, but ensures you optimise your performance as you grow.

Decathlon Inesis Junior Package Set
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Decathlon Inesis Junior Package Set

You can pretty much find whatever sports gear you need on, and whilst much of the products sit at the lower end of the price scale, this doesn't mean they lack innovation. In fact, we've tested quite a few of the golf products, such as the Inesis 500 irons set and Inesis 900 golf laser rangefinder, and we've been hugely impressed on the performance front.

We also like its range of junior golf sets, which come in different sizes according to age groups, plus there are plenty of left-handed options in the range. There are clubs for those as young as two, right up to those aged 13, and as well as package sets, individual clubs are available. not only that, but you can even have a bit of fun with different colour options.

Crucially, however, its designers have made them easy to use, so they have enlarged clubhead that offer plenty of forgiveness.

Best Golf Club Sets For Kids

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MacGregor DCT Junior Package Set

With MacGregor, you can encourage your children to start playing golf from the age of three.

What you get with the package set varies according to the age bracket, but every club has been designed to be easy to hit, with lightweight junior flex shafts.

The first set (3-5), comes with a stand bag, oversized driver, 7-iron and putter. In the next age bracket up (6-8), a 9-iron is added to the set, and then a hybrid and sand wedge (9-12). Finally, there's a package set for those aged 12-14, which also includes a 5-iron.

Kids start to get hooked when they see the hole disappearing down the hole, and the mallet putter - which is balanced for more consistency with an alignment aid for easy targeting - certainly makes this part of the game easier.

Best Golf Club Sets For Kids

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TaylorMade Rory Junior Package Set

Rory has teamed up with TaylorMade to create these fantastic junior golf sets - and what young golfer wouldn't to show these off down the club? They're available in two set configurations for boys and girls (4+ and 8+), each created for a specific size and age range of player.

Each set has been specifically engineered to deliver the optimal lengths, lofts and shaft flexes to promote proper swing mechanics for junior golfers.

The 400cc Rory titanium driver (16°), which will fill young golfers with confidence at address, is designed in a way that makes it easier to produce high launching drives off the tee, whilst the fairway and rescue are built for easy launch and extra forgiveness. Meanwhile, the irons are developed with loft configurations that help launch the ball high and straight.

Then there's the centre-shafted mid-mallet putter, created with short-game development in mind by way of higher stability combined with easy alignment.

In summary, they might not be full sets, but in many other ways they really are the full package.

If you are a fan of TaylorMade also take a look at the best TaylorMade drivers and best TaylorMade irons guides we created.

Best Golf Club Sets For Kids

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Callaway Junior XJ Golf Package Set

Callaway's Junior XJ package sets feature many of the same technologies that we see in a number of its other products, only these clubs are specifically designed for players from 50" in XJ2 to 57" in XJ3,

XJ2 is a six-piece set: driver, fairway wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge and putter. XJ3, meanwhile, is comprised of seven clubs: driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 7-iron, 8-iron, sand wedge and putter.

The titanium driver is designed to deliver incredibly fast ball speeds across the whole face for improved distance and forgiveness, whilst the higher loft will enable players to maximise carry distance off the tee as well as reduce side spin for more accurate tee shots.

Meanwhile, the key design characteristic with the irons is an oversized, undercut cavity with extreme perimeter weighting, which helps provide ample forgiveness. The graphite shafts are light, too, which also makes them easier to use.

There's no question that Callaway's Junior XJ package sets are one of the best options available for kids.

Cleveland Golf Junior Package Set

Cleveland Golf
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Cleveland Golf Junior Package Set

This is a really smart set from Cleveland Golf, and are sure to catch the eye if you're a parent in search of kids golf clubs.

They are available in three sizes - small, medium and large, with the number of clubs increasing in the set as you get older/taller. So, to start off with, there's a three-piece set for those aged 4-6 (36"-43"), a six-piece set for 7-9 (44"-53"), and a seven-piece set for 10-12 year-olds (54"-63").

Cleveland has a great history of producing easy-to-hit woods, so you can be sure that these clubs also tick that box. Each club frames the ball beautifully at address, which should give young players a decent confidence boost, too.

Lynx Junior Ai Package Set

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Lynx Junior Ai Package Set

In the Ai range, Lynx says it has the most advanced range of junior products ever produced.

The manufacturer has certainly covered all the bases with these clubs - and they look fantastic, too.

The drivers, woods, irons and hybrids offer plenty of forgiveness and playability, whilst the wedges come in three different lofts, perfect for those youngsters who enjoy being creative around the greens.

This is the set you wish you had when you were a child.

Slazenger Ikon Package Set

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Slazenger Ikon Package Set

As much as you'd like your kids to fall in love with the game of golf like you did, there's always the chance they'll take to a different sport or activity. So, here's a more wallet-friendly option in case they do.

It gives junior golfers all the tools they need when they're starting out, and includes a 19° fairway wood, a 7-iron, 9-iron, putter and stand bag - plus it comes with a rain cover, just in case they really love the game.

U.S. Kids Golf Package Set

U.S. Kids Golf TS3 Package Set

U.S. Kids Golf is one of the game's leading manufacturers when it comes to best golf club sets for kids. It recognises the importance of kids playing with clubs the right size, so there are nine sizes and three models of clubs across the range.

The lightweight clubs are specially designed for players within a height range of just three inches, and the shaft flexes are built for the specific club lengths. Meanwhile, the grips are made to fit the players' hands.

The extensive range of clubs takes every young golfer into consideration, and if you can't find a suitable set here, you won't find one anywhere.

Ray Cook Golf Gyro Teen Package Set

Ray Cook Golf Gyro Teen Package Set

Reasons to buy

As the name would suggest, this particular set from Ray Cook Golf is designed for those golfers in their teens - although the equally impressive Manta Ray sets (see below) cover those aged 3-12.

The set pictured above includes a 460cc oversized driver, fairway wood, hybrid and irons (6-PW).The premium cast irons feature a large sweet spot and steel shafts, so they're still easy to hit, but a little more advanced than the type of club really young players tend to use.

Ray Cook Golf Manta Ray Package Set

Ray Cook Golf Manta Ray Package Set

The colourful Manta Ray sets cover those aged 3-5, 6-8 (pictured) and 9-12.

Kids don't always take great care of their possessions, and when you're young and learning how to strike the ball correctly, it can be easy to hit the ground with a lot of force. However, these clubs are built to last.

They're also designed to offer maximum forgiveness, and with an easy-to-align putter, they should help any keen young golfer to the most enjoyment from the game.

If you enjoyed this guide on the best golf club sets for kids, be sure to visit the Golf Monthly website for more gear guides.


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