Best Wedges For Chipping

Which models should you be looking at?

Best Wedges For Chipping

We take a closer look at those models which excel around the greens, offering golfers supreme levels of spin and feel

Best Wedges For Chipping

We all know how important a good short game can be, therefore we should all understand just how impactful having a set of the best golf wedges can be to our games. Those incidents where we would take three to get down from just off the green, can be eradicated by up and downs.

One of the biggest aspects of the short game is chipping and we believe the best wedges for chipping, models which have been designed to turn bogeys into pars, can truly help in bringing your handicap down.

So what makes a good wedge for chipping? Well the best help create spin and give control to your games. Ask any tour pro what the secret is behind creating spin around the greens, and they'll tell you it's all about the strike.

Here, we're focused on the the tools that help in terms of strike; the best wedges for chipping that will give you the power to make more up and downs and improve your short game skills.

Take a look at our video comparison, below, on the best wedges

All of the following wedges spin really well, but you may prefer certain models for the extra forgiveness they offer, which varies from brand to brand. Speaking for forgiveness we have created a guide on the most forgiving wedges if you need a little bit more help. Also check out our posts on the best sand wedges and best lob wedges if you need help in those facets of the game.

Best Wedges For Chipping

Best Wedges For Chipping

(Image credit: Callaway)

Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Wonderful feel off the face+Plenty of loft and sole grind options
Reasons to avoid
-Some may prefer a straighter, longer leading edge for easier alignment

The MD5 model from Callaway is one of the best wedges for chipping because of the new Jaws grooves, designed with a 37 degree wall angle to make them sharper for maximum grip and spin from all types of lie.

Meanwhile, three raised micro-ridges between the grooves increase the number of contact points with the ball to 84 for added spin.

In our opinion, you'll struggle to find a better all-round wedge offering; they feel buttery soft and produce high levels of spin. With a wide variety of loft and sole grind options, you can be confident of finding a model to match your preferred shot choice and action.

Best Wedges For Chipping

(Image credit: Titleist)

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+More consistent direction and distance than SM7+Superb feel, versatility and spin
Reasons to avoid
-Premium performance comes with a premium price (a set of three costs over £450)

When a new or updated model arrives, there's not always a good case for putting the latest offerings straight in the bag.

However, we found that the SM8 - which features the same address looks, signature feel and excellent spin control as the SM7 - produced more consistent direction and distance.

A longer hosel and high-density tungsten toe weight increase MOI by seven per cent and moves the CG to help the face square more naturally.

In testing, we noticed a more stable and forgiving clubhead, and we were able to produce high levels of consistent spin.

There is more of a consistent muscleback look across the loft range, too, which a lot of golfers may well prefer. The SM8 also features in our best gap wedges guide because of the incredible choice available in terms of loft, bounce, finish and grind.

Best Wedges For Chipping

(Image credit: Mizuno)

Mizuno ES21 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Stable feel+Narrow topline is really pleasing to look down on
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

This offering from Mizuno arrived in the second half of 2020, and impressed straightaway.

Mizuno has designed a wedge which it says is more stable and consistent, thanks to a more central sweetspot.

We'd tend to agree with Mizuno too and, after testing it, we'd have it right up there as one of the best in terms of feel.

Traditional wedge designs tend to have a sweetspot that is slightly towards the heel due to long wide hosels and high lofts, which can make it hard for many players to achieve decent consistency.

The hollow cavity design addresses this and will help players to deliver a squarer strike and greater levels of controllable spin.

Meanwhile, Hydroflow Micro Grooves, which are vertically etched, help release moisture and maintain spin even in damp conditions.

Mizuno ES21 Wedge Review

Best Wedges For Chipping

(Image credit: Ping)

Ping Glide Forged Wedge

Reasons to buy
+We liked how tight the grooves are to the leading edge+Supreme levels of feel
Reasons to avoid
-Premium price could be a stumbling block for some

Ping's Glide Forged wedge, undeniably one of the best wedges for chipping, is aimed at skilled golfers seeking a soft feel, versatility and high levels of spin control.

It features a 13g Tungsten toe weight for feel and stability, a more rounded lead edge with more heel and toe camber and Ping’s Hydropearl Chrome 2.0 finish, which is more durable and helps produce more consistent shots from the rough.

With milling on the back, this is certainly one of the most eye-catching wedges on the market. More importantly, performance-wise it delivers excellent spin control and versatility.

The RRP of £200 will deter some golfers, but for skilled golfers seeking the best of what a better-player wedge can offer, the Glide Forged ticks all the boxes.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

(Image credit: Cleveland)

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

Reasons to buy
+One of the best-looking models on the market+ Loft and grind options
Reasons to avoid
-Fewer sole grinds compared with the outgoing RTX-4

Cleveland's RTX ZipCore wedge is designed for the the more accomplished golfer.

It boasts a muscleback design and an incredibly soft feel, whilst a repositioning of the CG ensures it remains solid and stable.

Having tested it on the Foresight Sports GCQuad against other current wedges, we have it down as one of the highest-spinning wedges on the market - and that's from a variety of distances.

Whichever shot you choose to play, you’re guaranteed high levels of spin.

The sole grinds will ensure you have the versatility to play the shots that come most comfortable to you around the greens - and let's not forget the attractive RRP of £139.

In summary, the Cleveland RTX ZipCore is undoubtedly one of the best wedges for chipping on the market.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge

(Image credit: TaylorMade)

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Really soft feel+Rusty look reduces sun glare
Reasons to avoid
-However, the rusty look won’t appeal to everyone

With its patented Raw Face technology, this has to be one of TaylorMade’s most innovative products in recent years. While the rest of the wedge has either a satin chrome or matte black, the face is left untouched.

Why? Well, raw wedges are widely known to feel softer and once exposed to air and moisture will rust over time. The theory is that this creates more friction with the ball at impact, generating more spin. We feel this makes the MG2 a worthy inclusion on this list of the best wedges for chipping.

The two sole grind options should provide enough versatility for the majority of players and we were very impressed with the overall playability of the wedge, especially when it came to chipping from tie lies.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2.0 Wedge Review

Wilson Staff Model Wedge

Wilson Staff
(Image credit: Wilson Staff)

Wilson Staff Model Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Consistent flight through the loft range+Super soft feel at impact
Reasons to avoid
-Not as many loft and bounce options compared to some brands

The Wilson Staff model wedge has been designed in collaboration with its Tour players to give golfers better feel and touch around the greens.

This has been achieved with machine-engraved scorelines, which should help players who like to be aggressive with their chipping.

The higher density pattern on the face provides more consistent contact with the ball, to give you maximum spin and control on every shot.

The scorelines also stretch right across the face to ensure consistent contact at impact.

There's a lot to like about this wedge, including the RRP of just £109.

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Cobra King Snakebite Wedge

Reasons to buy
+Full face and conventional grooves available+Three grinds on offer make these a great option to get custom fit for
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly similar to the MIM wedges

Regardless of what loft you like to chip with around the green most, there is a Cobra Snakebite wedge for that.

Whilst it looks similar in profile to the brand's MIM wedges, the new Snakebite face makes this a great wedge for chipping.

On the 48-54° lofts, where you’d be using the club with a square or de-lofted face to approach the green, the groove are a conventional length across the face but are narrower and deeper to optimise spin.

On the 56°, 58° and 60° wedges, the grooves are full face and are wider and shallower than the lower lofts to create more spin on the wedges you’d be using with an open blade around the green.

There are three grind options and lofts from 48° down to 60° and – especially with the different groove patterns down the set – the Snakebite wedges are ideal to get custom fit for a full set that can all do a very specific job in the bag.

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