10 Essential Winter Golf Items

A rundown of the 10 essential winter golf items every golfer needs

10 Essential Winter Golf Items

10 Essential Winter Golf Items

You can have the best set of clubs money can buy, but if your winter kit isn’t up to scratch, you may as well leave them gathering dust in the garage for the next few months.

Golf in the winter can be tough, but the right gear can allow you to enjoy the game we all love all year round. 

Proper winter golf outfits that comprise a quality waterproof jacket, trousers and jumpers, supported by the requisite accessories like a warm hat, snood and gloves, mean you can stroll the fairways in comfort and focus on your game.

Perhaps you play in a winter league, or maybe you just want to keep your swing sharp for when spring comes along next year. 

Either way, give yourself the competitive edge with a combination of the products we’ve picked out below.

1. Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket may seem like an excessively expensive financial outlay but in truth it is a long-term investment in your game that provides reassurance that whatever the British weather throws at you, you will still be in a position to perform to your best.

If you’ve not purchased a set of waterproofs for a while, you may well be surprised to see how the designs have improved in recent times with manufacturers understanding the frustrations of playing golf in a jacket. Fabrics are thinner, lighter and have more stretch to allow you to swing borderline unrestricted while customisable fit options are even more plentiful to ensure the jacket stays in position and doesn’t create unnecessary distractions.



They come in a range of price points and while generally you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to durability, there are some bargains to be had. Check the waterproof warranty and make a few swings to ensure it doesn’t feel bulky or tight and confirm the size is correct.

2. Waterproof Trousers

A matching pair of waterproof slacks (or pants if you're stateside) is a must for winter golf. Not only will they keep you dry when it rains, but they will also stop mud from accumulating on your nice trousers underneath that you want to wear in the clubhouse afterwards and will also add an extra layer of warmth.

FootJoy Waterpoof Trousers in black

( FootJoy)
(Image credit: FootJoy))

Make sure they’re long enough to cover your ankles and the top of your shoes but not too long so they get caught up in your spikes. Some even have fleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm and zipped ankles to make them easier to slide on and off.

3. Mid Layers

The mid layer is your go-to garment on all but the coldest and hottest of days so it’s important to find one that suits your needs and your budget. This can be tricky, because the choice available seems endless.

Some prioritise warmth while others focus on protection from the rain or wind. It might be the case that you stock up on different types from your favourite brands to cater for the different conditions you may face, but some claim to be suitable for all but the most extreme weather.


The fit is arguably the next most important thing to consider - you need to feel comfortable in the way it looks, feels and moves with you as you swing. Ideally, it would feel snug to eliminate excess material that can get in the way without feeling overly tight. Consider a sleeveless vest for milder days where you still need to take the edge off the winter chill.

4. Base Layer

An essential primary layer on particularly bitter days, the base layer is a key garment for winter golf. Worn underneath a polo shirt, it hugs the skin and retains the warmth from the body to stop the cold taking hold.

Some provide a super-tight, compression fit which is said to increase blood flow to the muscles while others have a more relaxed feel. Some also adopt a roll-neck style for extra warmth, so think about what might work best for you.


(Image credit: Under Armour))

Make sure it’s definitely cold enough before you decide to wear one, because they can be difficult to take off during a round!

5. Gloves

Whether it’s rain gloves, all-weather gloves, some winter mittens or a combination of these, you can’t peg it up in winter without at least one pair of gloves.


Mittens provide that toasty feeling for your hands between shots and you can even put hand warmer packs inside them for extra warmth on really cold days. All-weather gloves worn on both hands provide an alternative solution, offering an element of warmth while staying on for hitting shots.

A glove it’s always worth having in your bag is a rain glove. These usually provide more grip the wetter they get so if the heavens open, you should still be able to maintain control of the club while others in your fourball struggle.

6. Hat

Hats are essential in maintaining body heat and they come in a host of different styles, ranging from beanie hats, bobble hats, caps or even waterproof bucket hats.


Golf specific wooly hats are much softer than those you might find on the high street, while bucket hats are useful in the rain if you don’t like to use an umbrella.

7. Snood

Perhaps one of the most underrated piece of winter kit is the snood or neck warmer. The neck is generally quite exposed in a traditional outfit and during winter, you want to try and keep as much of your skin covered up to stay as warm as possible.

Galvin Green Winter Snood

They’re generally made of a very soft, fleece-like material to maximise comfort and while you might think they look a little strange and unnecessary, we’re confident once you try one it will be one of the pieces of kit you can’t leave the house without in winter.

8. Umbrella

Predictably during the winter, it rains a lot and so an umbrella is the best first line of defence when it comes to staying as dry as possible.

Best Golf Umbrellas - To call upon when the heavens open

Big Max Aqua Umbrella in red

( Big Max Golf)
(Image credit: Big Max Golf))


They’re useful for keeping other pieces of kit dry too, like your glove and towel which you can hang over one of the spokes where you know it won’t be exposed to water.

9. Waterproof Shoes/Bag

Most golf shoes are waterproof these days but it remains an important point to enforce that you need a sturdy, reliable pair of waterproof golf shoes for the winter.

We’d suggest opting for spiked shoes for the extra grip you’ll need on muddy lies or frozen mats and make sure the uppers are of a style that is easy to clean as they’re likely to gather a lot of dirt during the course of a round.

Two golfers carrying waterproof golf bags

Black shoes tend to hide dirt much better, perhaps invest in a separate, less-expensive pair for winter so that your favourite premium pair is pristine for the return of competitions in the spring. You could even opt for a winter boot for next-level stability and protections.

10. Accessories

Sometimes it can be the little things that make a big difference when playing through the winter months. Consider a pair of winter wheels for your trolley for when it gets really muddy, or switching to a yellow ball to make it easier to track in lower light conditions (or if it’s snowing!).

a yellow golf ball and a white golf ball side by side on tee pegs

It might also be worth thinking about a change in ball, perhaps opting for a more durable distance ball that should also mean less of a drop in yardage off the tee in the colder conditions.

Also be sure to invest in the castle tees of the perfect height for your driver as they will be especially useful when hitting off mats. Collate the right set of essentials for you and it could make all the difference, transforming your round from a slog to an enjoyable experience.

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