Best Golf Bucket Hats 2024

Need headwear to deal with the sun or rain? A bucket hat could be the way to go

Best Golf Bucket Hats
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Getting the right hat doesn't sound like that much of an issue, does it? Well, we would argue it is a pretty big issue when Mother Nature is throwing the elements at you. Ultimately, it's wise to be prepared as a golfer and ready to adapt to any weather condition and that's why it is important to think about what kind of headwear you take with you on your round. 

It's never a nice feeling when rain is coming down and drenches through your baseball cap, which might also allow water to run down the back of your neck, but that's where the bucket hat comes in. A good bucket hat will help you deal with the rain and it can also be used to shield you from the sun if needed too. Not only that, but it should also be functional off the golf course and have some degree of style, because nobody wants to look silly on or off the golf course right? 

So, bearing in mind the huge selection of choice on the market, we have set out a list of the best golf hats with bucket designs. Additionally, if you want to narrow your focus a bit more, then why not check out our best golf caps, best golf beanies and best golf snoods.

Best Golf Bucket Hats

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The List

How we test bucket hats

When it comes to golf apparel, we take the testing process very seriously. Whether we are sent a product or buy it ourselves, we put everything through its paces to ensure we can provide thorough and reliable advice on each product. Our writer Sam Tremlett heads up the apparel sections of our website while every member of the Golf Monthly team is an avid golfer and as such, knows what does and doesn't make for a good piece of golf equipment.

As far as our methodology goes, we review all bucket hats properly, which means we have used each one across multiple rounds and in practice to assess every aspect of its performance. For example, if a bucket hat claims to be the best waterproof bucket hat, we will put that claim to the test to see whether the bucket hat does keep you dry in wet conditions. Specifically for bucket hats, we test each one to assess how its design features can benefit you on the course. We put each hat to the test in both sunny and in rainy conditions to assess how they perform in both climates. This comprehensive testing style is not just exclusive to bucket hats as we test with the same level of thoroughness across all gear categories.

How to choose a bucket hat

While you may think that buying a bucket hat is a pretty simple purchase, there are actually many things you need to consider to ensure you get the best value for money out of your golf bucket hat. For that reason we've set out a list below of the top things we think you need to consider when purchasing your next golf bucket hat. 


How big do you want your bucket hat to be? Some models above, like the Galvin Green Aqua, or Sunderland Wide Brim will cover your head and neck well whereas others have less coverage, like the J. Lindeberg Hans model. The more coverage, the better protected you're going to be from the elements. But likewise, some bucket hats that have fairly large rims can sometimes get in the way of your swing. 


What is the hat made out of? If you want your bucket hat to deal with the rain then we would recommend models that are constructed with fabrics that bead water away nicely. A great example of this are the two adidas models we have included above. Or maybe you want a hat made with a stretchy fabric instead? Or one that feels light on your head? The material of your bucket hat is definitely a factor to consider before you purchase it. 


The bucket hat world seems to be filled with blacks, greys and navy's, but there are also models which stand out a little bit more so have a think about what color you want your bucket hat to be and how you want to stand out on the course.


Will you be using the hat away from the golf course? There are several models above that have several understated designs that do not compromise performance. They can each be used just about anywhere when the weather takes a turn or when the temperature picks up. 


With most golf gear there are models available at different price points and we have included several different kinds above that come in at different prices. Ultimately, the more technology that is included in each hat, the more costly they will be, so for that reason think clearly about your budget before buying your next golf bucket hat. 


Can you wear a bucket hat to golf?

Yes you can wear a bucket hat for golf. What makes them so useful and appealing is you can wear a bucket hat in pretty much any weather. If the sun is out and the temperature is hot, then a bucket hat keeps your face and head in the shade and cooler. Additionally there are models designed from waterproof fabrics as well and they bead water away from your head so some models are perfect for bad weather as well. 

Do bucket hats keep sun off?

Yes, bucket hats keep the sun off thanks to the wide brim which helps protect the neck, face and rest of the head. A bucket hat will protect areas of your head from exposure to the sun such as your nose and the sides of your face that just do not get covered by a cap.

Who wears a bucket hat on PGA Tour?

The most high-profile player who wears a bucket hat on the PGA Tour is Joel Dahmen, a one-time winner on the Tour. Some other players who have occasionally worn a bucket hat are Rory Sabbatini, Charl Schwartzel and Peter Malnati. 

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