Best Golf Rain Gloves 2022

Here we run through the very best golf rain gloves on the market

Best Golf Rain Gloves
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Best Golf Rain Gloves

Golfing in wet weather is challenging, particularly when your grips get soaked and holding on to the club is like trying to hold on to a bar of soap. To counter that, you need equipment to come to your aid, and some gloves have been specifically designed to help here. Some of the best golf rain gloves actually grip better on the club when wet and can really help you to stay in control.

This is thanks to a variety of technologies and materials used by brands and the best models really help take the uncertainty out of playing golf in the rain. Additionally we think the top designs feel comfortable, stretch nicely when needed, and also a degree of style as well because if you are wearing it on the course, you still want it to look good right?

What then are the best golf rain gloves? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favorites below to help you decide which will suit your rainy-day requirements. Alternatively, if you're looking to stock up on gloves for all seasons, have a look at our ultimate guide to the best golf gloves (opens in new tab) on the market. Or if you want gloves to deal with the cold, then read our guide on the best golf gloves for winter. (opens in new tab)

Best Golf Rain Gloves

How we test golf gloves

In terms of testing golf gloves (opens in new tab) we should say our process is similar to all the other golf gear reviews we produce in that manufacturers cannot pay for a good review, and we tell it how we see it.

We seek to try and be as comprehensive as possible in testing and reviewing the product which means we have used it over a number of rounds, in different conditions, because this often gave us great insight into things like durability, fit, quality and so on. This is especially important when testing golf rain gloves because this means unfortunately having to play golf in bad weather!

We should say that everyone in the Golf Monthly team are golfers at a variety of levels which we feel gives an honesty and integrity to the reviews we produce.

What to consider when buying golf gloves

You may not think the golf glove is that important compared to other pieces of equipment however it really is, after all, it is the only part of the body that remains connected with the club throughout the swing. So what are the things you need to think about when looking into purchasing a new golf glove? Well below are some factors and pieces of advice to consider.

Which hand?

For the beginners out there, a golfer who plays right-handed will typically wear a golf glove on their left hand. This is because the left hand is the lead hand in the swing provided the player has a conventional grip. Golfers who play left-handed typically wear a glove on their right hand.

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First things first, know what type of glove you want. You may be after premium leather model which will perform totally differently to a synthetic one. Chances are if you are on this guide you will be looking for a wet weather model. These do different things and more importantly feel different so have a think about what you like to feel when wearing a golf glove and choose accordingly.


The material will also be important too. The top premium leather models are designed to feel soft whilst also giving you good feel of the grip during the swing. Whereas the wet weather designs are all about protection. As such they are made from fabrics that offer more grip the wetter they get.


We can hear you asking how should a glove fit? Well the golf glove should feel like a second skin with no excess material either across the palm of the hand or at the end of the fingers. Make sure there’s a snug fit across the palm and there’s no loose material at the end of the fingers. But you also don’t want a glove to be so tight that it feels like it’s cutting off the blood supply. You should be able to stretch your fingers and make a ball with your fist without the glove pulling or over-stretching.


Are rain golf gloves worth it?

If you play a lot of golf in the rain, then yes proper rain gloves are definitely worth it. If your grip is compromised during wet weather then how can you expect to hit good golf shots? After all, your hands are the only things touching the golf club during the swing so it makes sense to have as much grip as possible, which is exactly what rain golf gloves are designed to offer. They have been specifically made to offer more grip the wetter they get so you can focus on the shot at hand, not losing your grip. 

Is there a waterproof golf glove?

There are very few waterproof golf gloves out there because wet weather golf gloves have been designed to offer more grip the wetter they get. As such we cannot say they are waterproof, but instead they have the ability to manage moisture so you can play better. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf rain gloves. For more buying advice check out the Golf Monthly website, such as the best golf umbrellas.