Here we take a run through the very best wet weather golf gloves on the market, helping you keep a grip when the heavens open

Best Wet Weather Golf Gloves

Golfing in wet weather is challenging, particularly when your grips get soaked and holding on to the club is like trying to hold on to a bar of soap.

To counter that, you need equipment to come to your aid.

Some of the best wet weather golf gloves actually grip better on the club when wet and can really help you to stay in control.

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What then are the best wet weather golf gloves? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favourites below to help you decide which will suit your rainy-day requirements.

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Best Wet Weather Golf Gloves

FootJoy RainGrip Glove

Best Wet Weather Gloves

FootJoy RainGrip

+ Quick drying
+ Available as a pair
– Won’t keep hands overly warm

FootJoy has long been an industry leader in terms of glove design and technology and the FootJoy RainGrip glove showcases their expertise. It’s one of the best wet weather golf gloves out there.

The autosuede knit palm provides tremendous grip in the wet. In fact, the wetter it gets, the better the grip. We found that, if you’re playing in the rain, it’s a good idea to get the palm of the RainGrip a little wet before you even start to maximise grip.

It’s very comfortable for a wet weather glove, lightweight and neat fitting with stretch properties meaning it hugs the hand nicely.

The QuikDry knit fabric has been designed not only to be quick drying, as the name suggests, but also breathable and flexible.

The ball marker and tee holder is a nice touch and actually comes in very useful on wet days, giving you one less reason to have to dig around in soggy pockets.

The FootJoy RainGrip is available either as a single glove or a pair and if you want to see the comprehensive FootJoy glove range, take a look at our guide on the best FootJoy golf gloves as well.

MacWet Climatec Wet Weather Golf Glove

Best Wet Weather Golf Gloves

MacWet Climatec Wet Weather Golf Glove

+ Superb grip in wet conditions
+ Windproof
– No ball marker attachment

MacWet’s Aquatec material is one of the very best wet weather golf gloves out there for delivering exceptional grip in wet conditions. These gloves, designed to be worn as a pair, can definitely help you hold on to the club when the rain starts to come down.

In addition, the gloves are water resistant and wind proof and fleece lined on the back to help keep your hands warm in cooler weather.

One of the great qualities of the MacWet gloves is their durability. They’ll easily last a full winter season and beyond. They’re comfortable to wear, quick drying and they look sleek and stylish to boot.

Another bonus is that these gloves can be used for other outdoor activities that require grip in wet conditions – fishing, horse riding or cycling for instance.

Cobra StormGrip Rain Glove

Best Wet Weather Golf Gloves

Cobra StormGrip Wet Weather Golf Glove

+ Excellent grip in wet weather
+ Index finger is touch screen compatible
– No ball marker attachment

These gloves come as a pair, but you can, of course, choose to just wear one if you prefer.

They work well as a pair though and the fit and feel is excellent. They’re sleek and comfortable and feel on the grip is not compromised.

The grip provided by the StormGrip suede fabric is excellent and we found performance improved when they get wetter.

A nice touch is that the index finger is touch screen compatible so you can operate an electric trolley, GPS device or your phone without having to take them off.

Overall the Cobra StormGrip ticks a lot of boxes if you’re in the market for a solid wet weather golf glove – durable, comfortable, good fit, good grip, good looks – A good product.

TaylorMade Rain Control Glove

+ Excellent grip
+ Durable
– Only in pairs

The TaylorMade Rain Control Gloves are sold in pairs – They deliver exceptional grip and a good degree of warmth in wet weather.

They really do provide a good deal of extra confidence in challenging conditions as you can swing with confidence that the club isn’t going to end up following the ball down the fairway.

The micro fiber material is flexible and durable and the use of strong Nylon fabric contributes to these being extremely long-lasting gloves.

Despite the performance, the feel is also pretty good – they’re only 45mm thick, so certainly don’t feel cumbersome on the grip.

Under Armour Storm Rain Glove

Under Armour Storm Wet Weather Golf Glove

+ Good breathability
+ Lightweight
– Limited protection from colder conditions

Sold in pairs, the Under Armour Storm rain glove is a stylish accessory as well as a highly practical one.

The textured palm construction delivers excellent levels of grip in the rain while the Under Armour Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability.

The seams have been taped to further emphasise the sleek finish.

We found the fit to be neat and the feel is excellent. Unless the weather gets super cold, you can pretty much do everything you need to on course with these gloves on. Without doubt these are among the best wet weather golf gloves on the market right now.

Zoom Aqua Control Glove

Best Wet Weather Golf Gloves

Zoom Aqua Control Glove

+ Superb, versatile fit
+ Excellent control
– Kangaroo leather not as soft as some cabretta leather gloves

Developed in conjunction with Austrian Tour pro Marcus Brier, Zoom gloves are one-size fits all and have been engineered to fit like a second skin.

With FLEXX-FIT technology, essentially a Lycra-style section on the back that incorporates a mix of flex zones to fit the contours of a golfer’s hand, it does just that.

The back of the glove is stretch Lycra while the palm is kangaroo leather – highly durable and delivering excellent grip in wet conditions.

We like the fact that the glove’s structure is such that it doesn’t lose its shape, even when it gets wet. It’s a solid item of equipment.

Bionic AquaGrip Wet Weather Glove

Bionic AquaGrip Glove

+ Ergonomically designed
+ Good value
– No ball marker attachment

The Bionic AquaGrip glove boasts a unique design. Not only does it deliver excellent grip in wet conditions, but it’s also ergonomically constructed to mimic the human hand.

Bionic gloves are designed by a leading orthopaedic hand surgeon to deliver the ultimate grip on a golf club.

Anatomical Relief Pads have been strategically placed into the glove to eliminate the natural peaks and valleys of the human hand, to provide an even surface in which to place the grip of the club. This means grip strength is increased without the need to grip harder.

The fingers feature a pre rotated cut while Lycra patches over the knuckles further increase mobility.

We found this to be an extremely comfortable glove offering very good freedom of movement. Grip is good in wet weather and the construction seems solid and hard wearing.

Srixon Rain Glove

Best wet Weather gloves

+ Quick drying
+ Great feel from suede palm
– No ball marker attachment

These quick-drying gloves perform superbly well in wet and colder conditions.

The tour-proven microfibre suede palms will actually generate greater levels of grip as they get wetter.

The gloves are flexible and comfortable to wear and the closure tab ensures a close and comfy fit.

There’s good breathability, so they are also effective in warmer wet weather.

We’re impressed by how durable these gloves are – a great piece of equipment to keep in the bag.

Mizuno RainFit Glove

best wet weather golf gloves

Mizuno RainFit Glove


+ Sleek design and look
+ Durable
– Only one colour option

This synthetic suede glove offers superb grip in the wet. In fact, it’s definitely one where you can say – the wetter the better. Grip does improve as it gets wetter.

It’s a stylish looking glove and it’s very comfortable and neat fitting. The closure system is solid and, overall it seems a highly robust product.

Available as a pair, the stretch wristband is a nice feature that further enhances fit and feel, as do flexible mesh inserts.

The glove has been designed using 3-D patterning to accurately follow the natural lines of the hand and we found it to be a sleek and high performing glove – Definitely one to consider if you’re looking for the best wet weather golf gloves.

Hirzl Trust Hybrid Plus+ Glove

Hirzl Trust Hybrid Plus+ Glove


Featuring a synthetic leather and Airtech mesh back and kangaroo leather palm, the Hirzl Trust Hybrid Plus+ glove offers something a little different.

Most leather gloves don’t cope well in wet conditions but this one performs well in the rain. It also recovers when it dries out, unlike standard leather options.

We enjoyed using this glove in both dry and wetter conditions – Not an out and out rain glove, but certainly one that stands up to rainy conditions.

It’s comfortable and it looks good in a range of bold colour options. It’s definitely one to consider if you’re looking for something with a bit of versatility.

Payntr X Glove

Best Wet Weather Gloves

+ Buttery soft feel
+ Hydrophobic coating for good all-weather protection
– No ball marker attachment

This innovative glove from Payntr golf is designed to offer the best of two sides of glove performance – the feel of leather with protection from the weather.

It’s constructed from an ultra-thin Cabretta leather for a soft and buttery, Tour inspired feel and a precise fit.

But, with the incorporation of a hydrophobic coating, it also repels water and offers excellent grip in challenging weathers.

Other technologies include an ergonomically-designed closure tab, strategic x-shaped perforation patterns to maximise flexibility and moisture-wicking, stretch elastic on the back of the hand for enhanced comfort and fit.