In this Titleist TSi2 Hybrid review, Joel Tadman reports back on its performance having had it in the bag for a number of months

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Titleist TSi2 Hybrid


  • Inviting to look at address while being easy to aim and provides a high launch with impressive off-centre forgiveness, consistency and distance on a neutral flight.


  • Some golfers may want a stronger flight off the tee.


Titleist TSi2 Hybrid


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Titleist TSi2 Hybrid Review

The TSi range is arguably one of the most versatile you’ll find this year, thanks in part to the fact there are three models within it to choose from. The TSi1 hybrid was a later addition, offering a lightweight feel in a more oversized profile, but the majority of golfers will fit into the TSi2 or TSi3, the models that this review will focus on as a result.


The TSi2 has a larger, more rounded and symmetrical shape at address versus the TSi3, which is more compact and toe heavy in shape, which will suit the eye of the better player.

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Both these hybrids provide that classic Titleist look at address with minimal graphics that can be distracting. The white score lines assist well with alignment and the TSi2 certainly looks the more inviting.


Off the face, it feels springy with a pleasing metallic sound. The TSi2 certainly feels very stable too, which contributed to the consistent results we experienced.

The difference in performance between the TSi2 and TSi3 was minimal when testing on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor indoors with Titleist Pro V1x golf balls. In the same stock loft (18°) the spin was almost identical at around 3000 rpm but the TSi3 launched and flew noticeably lower than the TSi2.

It also gave us a little more ball speed, which mean the carry distances were similar – 220 yards on average for the TSi2 and 219 yards for the TSi3.


So in terms of picking between the two, it comes down to your technique and the situations you plan to employ it. The TSi2 is more forgiving, which makes it more suitable for inconsistent ball strikers, and also higher launching – which makes it better suited to shots hit from the turf.

We’ve had the TSi2 hybrid in the bag for a while now and it has proved to be a reliable asset to call upon under pressure. It doesn’t go left like hybrids typically do (it goes the other way if anything – we’ve got it set to a flatter lie angle to encourage this) and is surprisingly easy to hit well.


Only through a custom fitting will you know for sure which model suits your swing the best but having tested the TSi options against the rest of the market, they are certainly up there as the leading choice for golfers looking to fill that crucial slot in their bag and the TSi2 might just be the best of the bunch.