Best Golf Hats 2024

We take a look at some of our favorite hats to play golf in.

Best Golf Hats
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Best Golf Hats

Choosing the right hat for when you're on the golf course doesn't sound like that much of an important decision, but we would argue it is. This is because hats are no longer just something to tip when we hit a good shot, nor are they just a fashion statement. No, these days the best golf hats have been designed specifically to deal with the sun, the rain, the wind, the cold and just about every other weather variable you can think of. Importantly, modern-day hats have become comfortable, functional, as well as fashionable.

So bearing in mind the huge selection of choice, and the various styles of hat out there, below we have taken a look at some of our favorite golf hats - from caps, to bucket hats, to beanies. Additionally if you want to narrow your focus a bit more have a read of our specific hat guides on the best golf caps, best golf bucket hats and best golf beanies.

Best Golf Hats

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Golf Caps

Beanie/Bobble Hats

Bucket Hats

How we test golf hats

When it comes to testing golf hats our comprehensive methodology revolves around, as you would expect, playing a lot of golf. We feel putting golf products to the test on the golf course, on the range and in practice is the best way to find out how usable and well-designed some hats are.

On that note, we feel it is particularly important to use all golf hats in different conditions, whether that be rain, wind, hot or cold, to give a clear idea on the protection on offer. We also looked to use the hats off the course as well to see how versatile they were. Importantly, every member of the Golf Monthly team is a regular golfer so we put hats to the test over a number of rounds. The final point we should mention is no manufacturer can buy a good review. This is because our testing team tells it how it is and we seek to be as insightful and honest as possible.

How to choose a golf hat

There are many things to consider when purchasing your next golf hat. From comfort to type, we've put together a list of considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing your next golf hat. 


First things first, what type of hat are you after? Do you want a regular golf cap? Or maybe you need a beanie when it is cold, or a bucket hat so you can prepare yourself for bad weather. Knowing what you want to use the hat for will help you narrow down your search straight away. 


One factor that is applicable across all golf hats, and golf apparel is comfort. If something is uncomfortable on your head you are going to take it off, or it is going to distract you from your round. As such, we would always recommend trying models before you buy so that you have some idea on what is comfortable for you. 


All golf hats are there to protect us from something. If it's caps then it is sun protection, beanies the cold, and bucket hats the rain. Therefore you need to know what gaps you have in your current golf gear and plug them with whichever hats you don't have. 


This section kind of excludes bucket hats as they tend to be in black or grey, but beanies, caps and other golf hats these days come in lots of different colors and styles. As such, have a think about what you want your hat to look like out on the course and we would also recommend having a think about whether you want to use the hat off the golf course too, so you can pick a more versatile color or design, rather than one specifically for the golf course. 


Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't mention budget. Whatever design or type of hat you are after, there are models at different price points so it is a case of working out how much you are willing to spend on a golf hat, and then picking accordingly. 

For more information on some of the best weatherproof apparel to go with your new hat, take a look at our guides on the best golf windbreaker, best golf sunglasses, and best golf umbrellas.  


Can you play golf in a bucket hat?

Yes, you can play golf in a bucket hat. Although some might think they are too large to play in, bucket hats can be extremely useful in wet weather. While their large surface area means they can blow off, bucket hats are great for golfers looking to stay dry but not have to carry around an umbrella all day. 

What hats do golfers wear?

Golfers tend to wear caps, beanies or bucket hats whilst out on the golf course. All three designs do something a little different and protect us from the sun, cold and rain respectively. Tour players tend to wear caps mainly, but when they play events in the cold, beanies are used on occasion. 

Why do all professional golfers wear hats?

Pro golfers are rarely seen not wearing a hat mostly because of sponsorship deals. They are paid a lot of money to be seen wearing hats that have logos and brand names on them and are rarely allowed to be seen without them in order to abide by their brand deals. They also wear hats because they predominantly play in hot, sunny conditions and need to keep the sun out of their eyes. 



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