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We take a look at the best golf rain pants, covering all different styles and price points so you can find your perfect pair

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Golf should never stop when the weather turns nasty. One of the cool things about golf is that it can be played in any weather but that isn't to say you shouldn't be prepared. You need to make sure you have the best golf waterproofs ready to go in your golf bag so that when the black rain clouds descend, you can put them on in a flash and will remain dry and comfortable throughout the rest of your round.

Of course, most golfers do indeed carry around a good golf rain jacket with them because they want to protect the top half of their body. But too many players forget about the bottom half. But that's where we come in. In this guide, we'll be introducing you to some of the best golf rain pants that are currently on the market. These are models that of course keep your legs dry as a bone, but also are easy to put on and take off, strong and stretchy so you can move just as you would in dry conditions, and are lightweight enough to be carried around easily in your golf bag. If you need more golf gear for when the weather turns nasty, then check out our guides on the best golf rain gear, best waterproof golf bags, and best waterproof golf shoes.

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How we test golf rain pants

Here at Golf Monthly, our highly experienced team of testers play a lot of golf in different conditions throughout the year. While our apparel leader Sam Tremlett heads up the majority of golf clothing reviews on our site, most of the Golf Monthly team have been working in the golf industry for more years than they care to remember, so have a wealth of experience to offer. Through our rigorous testing procedures, our collective goal is to ensure that every waterproof trouser model on the market is tested as soon as it becomes available to us. We then spend time putting that piece of apparel through its paces on the course in all weathers. 

We want to get an idea of how each pair of pants performs in all areas of the game so we can tell you what its strengths and weaknesses are, allowing you to make an informed choice about your purchase. Whenever possible, we will also look to wear these waterproof pants with other waterproof clothes to see how well they perform in tandem with other garments. 

How to choose rain pants

Waterproof pants can be a very technical garment. Some of the best golf rain pants will feature a ton of innovative features that can help players have a more comfortable and relaxing round of golf. But that can often make purchasing a new pair of rainproof pants a very hard decision to make. But to help you in your purchase, we've put together a list of considerations that will help you decide on the right pair of pants for you. Our top tip though is to always try on a pair of waterproof pants before you buy them.


Obviously, the most important factor to consider here is how well they protect you from the elements. A good pair will keep the rain at bay, as well as the wind, but won't feel cumbersome and heavy. Also, this protection should not come with the sacrifice of breathability either because we don't want a garment that will make us too hot. 


Linking with the above point, be aware of how long the warranty is on a particular product. Make a note of which models offer have the longest money-back guarantees as this can act as an insurance if the product becomes faulty.  


A really good pair of waterproof pants will also be durable and strong enough to deal with abrasive bushes and things of that nature that we regularly encounter on the course. 

Ease of use

The pants should also be easy to put on whether that be wearing by themselves or over the top of pants or shorts. When a sudden downpour arrives a pair that can just slide on with no difficulty are worth their weight in gold. 


Finally be aware of how much you want to spend because as you can see above, there are models at lots of different price points, with some models not coming cheap! 


What are the best rain pants for golf?

There are lots of excellent models of waterproof golf pants on the market right now. Not only do big brands like adidas and Nike make high-quality models, but also smaller ones like Stuburt and Sunderland do as well. 

Can you wear waterproof trousers for golf?

Yes especially when it is raining and there is a lot of wind. Waterproof trousers help keep your legs dry and warm when the conditions are tough out on the golf course. That being said using waterproof golf trousers all the time is not advisable because when the sun is out, they can get very hot. 

Can you wear waterproof trousers in the summer?

Yes, but we would advise on wearing waterproof trousers that are breathable and give you good ventilation as you may get too hot. 

If you're after more information on some of the best golf apparel, why not also check out our guides on the best golf vests, best golf hoodies and the best golf jumpers.



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