Best Golf Vests 2023

Our look at the best golf vests or bodywarmers you can buy this year

Best Golf Vests
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Best Golf Vests

For some golfers, a padded mid layer can feel bulky and cumbersome to swing in, so a vest provides a very good alternative. Whether you call them vests, gilets, body warmers or gaiters, they are one of the best golf tops (opens in new tab) you can go for because they free the arms, and provide the appropriate amount of warmth on milder days when a normal golf jumper might be too much.

There are a range of styles on offer, with some being thick and padded for extra warmth, while others are lighter and thinner to just take the edge off that winter chill. Think about what you would need the most and let that influence the type of golf vest you buy. Additionally there are lots of different designs out there as well with most brands looking to offer something that differentiates them from the competition. 

We're confident you'll find what you're looking for in our showcase of the best golf vests below. Additionally, be sure to have a look at some of our other guides too if you want garments to keep you sheltered and warm - such as the best golf jumpers (opens in new tab) or best golf waterproofs (opens in new tab).

Best Golf Vests - Best Golf Gilets

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How we test golf apparel

We test golf apparel (opens in new tab) in the same way we test all golf equipment, by using products properly. In relation to vests this means putting them to the test out on the golf course to see if the design actually works and if it sets out what it is designed to do. We would also wear the vests off the golf course as well because versatility to use a garment anywhere is a great way to get value for money. The final point we wanted to mention here is no manufacturer can pay for a good review because our thorough testing team tells it how it is. 

What to consider when buying a golf vest

So what are some of the factors you need to consider when trying to find the right waterproof golf jacket for you? Let's take a look.


A good vest will help you in the wind and cold. The best models stop the wind penetrating the fabric and making your core cold, and also have nice features like fleece lined pockets to give you some respite from the poor conditions.

Freedom of movement

However, despite offering protection good models have to be the right weight and allow freedom of movement during the swing and when walking on the course. Ultimately, the best golf vests stretch and move with the body, whilst allowing the arms to swing freely as well. Acknowledging this we would recommend trying some models on first to see how they fit and feel when walking around and when making swings. 


If you are wearing it, you have to like what it looks like. Vests don't have to be boring and dull anymore either because now there are designs for all fashion senses. It is just a case of picking a design and color you like.


Finally be aware of your budget so you can find a vest that fits into it nicely. Importantly there are models above which come with premium, and value price points so there is something for everyone.


Can you play golf in a vest?

Definitely. Vests are a very functional piece of golf attire because the lack of sleeves allow total freedom of movement in the arms. Additionally they can be excellent at keeping you warm when it gets cold, and your body at the right temperature if you don't want to have to don larger waterproofs or bigger sweaters. 

How should a golf vest fit?

A golf vest shouldn't not be too tight in that it feels constricting, and not too loose that it feels like it may impede the golf swing. The best of way of walking this fine line is to try models on. Length wise it should go down just past the belt buckle of your pants/trousers. 

What is the difference between a vest and a gilet?

In golfing attire, a vest and a gilet are basically the same thing, a sleeveless jacket. Different parts of the world use different words here, for example in the United States they use gilet, whilst in the United Kingdom, use of the word vest is more common. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf vests. For more golf apparel buying advice, why not have a read of our posts on the best waterproof golf jackets (opens in new tab), or best golf hoodies (opens in new tab)

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