Best Golf Towels 2023

Do your clubs need a good scrub? Take a look at our pick of the best golf towels

Best Golf Towels

Best Golf Towels

Every golfer needs a towel. Whether its wet or muddy, a towel is one of the best and most useful golf accessories you can have in your bag. A good towel helps keep your clubs clean, especially in muddy conditions, and always comes in handy when wiping down your shoes, grips or anything else you may encounter during your round. 

A golf towel can come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you want a large multi-functional towel or a smaller tri-fold one you can clip on your bag, there is a towel out there for every golfer's desires. Interestingly, advancements in golf technology have meant that golf towels have come a long way since the days you might have just thrown something in from your bathroom cabinet. The technology used in some of the market's best golf towels is quite astounding and can help you keep your equipment clean and dry while on the course. 

Remember how your clubs used to perform when you bought them, all that spin and confidence that they inspired? Well, here's your first step to getting them back to that condition. Below we've set out a list of some of the best golf towels that money can buy. Plus, be sure to have a read of some of our other golf gear guides, like our best golf bags guide, or our best golf tops guide.

Best Golf Towels

Why you can trust Golf Monthly Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

How we test golf towels

Here at Golf Monthly, our highly experienced team of testers play a lot of golf in different conditions throughout the year. Most of the Golf Monthly team have been working in the golf industry for more years than they care to remember, so have a wealth of experience to offer. Through our rigorous testing procedures, our collective goal is to test every kind of golf product on the market as soon as it becomes available to us to put it through its paces on the course, the practice ground, the short-game area and the driving range.

We want to get an idea of how each product performs in all areas of the game so we can tell you what its strengths and weaknesses are, thus enabling you to make an informed choice about your next purchase. Specifically, when it comes to the best golf towels we try and assess the difference between each towel in different conditions, whether that's rain or snow. Ultimately no manufacturer can buy a 

How to choose a golf towel

As the best golf towels come in all different shapes and sizes, there are plenty of things to consider when purchasing your next towel. That can make buying a golf towel a difficult choice. But we have set out below a list of considerations we think you should keep in mind before you purchase your next golf towel. 

1. Size

Size is a big factor to consider when picking a golf towel as this can affect the weight of your club bag but it can also mean you've got more towel to use on the course. Depending on your preferences as a player, a golf towel can come in a variety of sizes from large to very small, but the best towels on the market are without a doubt the tri-fold towels that can be fanned out or folded down into an ergonomic and easy to carry shape. 

2. Material

Your golf towel will come in handy for various uses, so it is important to pick a towel made from a durable, absorbent material that will remove moisture and mud away from your clubhead or your golf club grip. It's also wise to think about the texture of the towel too. That can help you get into the grooves of your club heads but also help the towel dry faster. 

3. Clips and storage

Being able to clip your towel and store it on your bag quickly and easily for efficient use while you're out on the golf course is perhaps one of the most critical factors on this list that you need to consider. As nobody likes faffing around on the course, being able to clip your towel to your bag will save you bags of time!

4. Color

While there are some great white options on the list above, if used correctly, these towels will fade and discolor over time depending on how much mud you get on them. We would say it is wiser to zgo for a darker color towel, which can hide mud stains much better.

5. Durability 

Durability is something you need to keep in mind when buying any piece of golf equipment. To ensure your money goes the distance,  But as you will be using your golf towel to clean equipment, your shoes and perhaps even wet benches out on the course, poorly designed towels can sometimes break down thanks to repeated use. For that reason, try to buy a towel that is made from only the best materials and will last for a long time. 

While having a golf towel is an important addition to your golf bag, you may also want to think about upgrading your golf wardrobe to prepare you for wet weather golf. For that reason, why not check out our guides on the best waterproof golf jackets, best waterproof golf shoes and best golf rain gloves.


Are golf towels important?

Are clean clubs important? You'd be mad not to invest in a microfiber towel that gets to work on those grooves and keeps your clubs looking shiny and something like new. Look at the boys and girls on tour, a towel is never far from every turn whether it is cleaning their clubs or balls. Get used to using a towel more and you'll get yourself into some better habits.

How often should I use a golf towel on my clubs?

Realistically, if you want to get the most out of your golf clubs you should dry them with a towel after every shot. Sometimes that isn't possible for amateur golfers, so drying them after each round or every couple of shots is also a good way to ensure your clubs can get a solid connection on the ball. 

Can I use my golf towel to wipe my shoes down?

Yes, absolutely. You can use your golf towel for a number of uses, not just for your golf clubs. Towels are versatile and offer great drying and cleaning properties that can be used on muddy shoes, bags and even clothing. 

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