Best Golf Rain Jackets 2023

Rain often strikes when we are out on the golf course so here are our favorite rain jackets so you can keep on playing your best.

Best Golf Rain Jackets
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Golf shouldn’t stop when the weather turns inclement, it is one of very few sports that can be played in pretty much anything. That being said, you must be prepared. No matter where you are playing, you should always have the best golf waterproofs to protect you from the elements. Whether that be rain pants, waterproof shoes or rain gloves and so on and so forth.

Arguably the most important waterproof element to your golfing setup is the jacket because not only will a good model shelter you from the rain and wind, but it will also make the golfing experience infinitely more comfortable despite the conditions. The best golf rain jackets do this to a high level thanks to high-tech fabrics and materials which bead the water off the player. Additionally a big signifier of a good golf jacket is how easy it is to move in. The golf swing is a fluid movement and being able to do it whilst wearing several layers is important, so the best models stretch and don't hinder the body or swing at all. 

We also think a good golf jacket needs to provide a degree of protection from the wind, warmth in the cold, and also cool design features and colors that either stand out or aid versatility to be able to use the jacket off the course. Models these days should also be easy to wash if necessary too and it's plain to see that there is a lot of technology crammed into some of the best golf jackets making them a fantastic present if you want to spoil an avid golfer in your life. 

Bearing that in mind, we have put together a list of the best golf rain jackets out right now. Alternatively if you need more golf gear when the weather gets cold and wet, check out our other guides on the best golf rain gear and best golf wind jackets too.

Best Golf Rain Jackets - Best Waterproof Golf Jackets

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