Best Golf Base Layers 2023

We take a look at some of the best golf base layers on the market

Best Golf Base Layers
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When the weather turns cold, it is imperative to have high-quality golf gear to make the experience as comfortable and as easy as possible. This could take the form of making sure you have the best golf waterproofs, or other pieces of apparel like shoes or wind jacket. Another piece of clothing you should also perhaps consider though, are base layers.

The base layer has become a staple of any serious golfer’s wardrobe and they’re not just for the very coldest conditions. A good base layer can actually act to cool the body in challenging weather and it can provide protection from the sun as well as excellent support to the muscles of the arms and the core. Moisture-wicking fabrics are common in their construction, too, which can help you stay dry if you get caught in the rain.

All of this considered, it sounds mad to say that the best golf base layer could help you shoot lower scores, but we have found this statement to be true on occasion. Ultimately, the more comfortable you are on the course, the more relaxed you'll be and that can help you play your best golf. 

So, bearing that in mind, we have taken a look at some of the best golf base layers currently on the market. If you are looking to add more warm clothing to your wardrobe, Golf Monthly also have guides on the best waterproof golf shoes, the best golf rain jackets and the best golf vests.

Best Golf Base Layers

Why you can trust Golf Monthly Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The List

How we test golf products

When it comes to golf apparel, we take the testing process very seriously. Whether we are sent a product or buy it ourselves, we put everything through its paces to ensure we can provide thorough and reliable advice on that product. Our writer, Sam Tremlett, heads up the apparel sections of our website, while every member of the Golf Monthly team is an avid golfer and as such, knows what does and doesn't make for a good piece of golf equipment.

As far as our methodology goes, we review all base layers properly, which means we have used each one across multiple rounds and in practice to assess every aspect of its performance. For example, if a base layer claims to be the warmest base layer around, we will test this theory in all conditions, such as snow and rain, to see whether it does in fact provide good insulation. Specific to the best base layers, we test each one to assess how insulating each layer is, how comfortable each garment is and how much mobility is on offer in each product. This comprehensive testing style is not just exclusive to base layers as we test with the same level of thoroughness across all gear categories.

How to choose a base layer

There is plenty to think about when purchasing a new base layer. The fact is that we can all get overwhelmed by the technology and fancy materials that are woven into some of the best under-layers on the market. For that reason, we've put together a few things you need to look out for and bear in mind when purchasing your next base layer. 

Material - First things first, you need to be aware of the materials that are used to design and build base layers and what is different about them. Merino wool is a natural fibre that is used in many base layers to provide warmth, keep moisture down and prevent odors from getting into clothing. Cotton is another material used often and it is mixed with polyester for a more performance feel.

Polyester is woven and knitted together with other fibers to create technical, functional, performance products. Polyester tends to be good for breathability and moisture-wicking which can help to keep you dry and cool on the course. Finally polypropylene is also a common material because it is a synthetic fabric that helps keep you warm and dry without the added bulk.

Many of the base layers listed above are made from the materials we've mentioned here. Have a think about which material is right for you and suits your needs as a golfer. Are you looking for something that will provide maximum warmth? Or are you after performance-enhancing features as well? The best advice we can give you is to go to the shop, try on, or have a feel of the materials there. That will give you a better indication of what the fabric is like and how it might help you play better. 

Comfort - Perhaps the most important thing to consider though when picking your next base layer is how comfortable that garment is. As they touch your skin, base layers must be comfortable and fit properly. A base layer that is too tight will restrict you during the swing, whilst a baggy base layer will let the cold in too easily. That'll take your mind off the game and you'll constantly be adjusting and fidgeting with your base layer, taking your mind away from the golf. 

Neck fit - Neck fit is an important thing to consider as some golfers may not like a base layer that rises too high on the neck. Some players can find them a little constricting as you twist and turn in your swing. But on the flip side, they can also keep your neck very warm in the cold winter temperatures. Ultimately, it's worth trying out different base layers out so you can get a feel of which neck fit is best for you. 

Color - Most base layers tend to come in very neutral colors like black, white or grey, but you can actually get different colors depending on the model, as well as ones with cool prints and designs on them. It is just a case of picking the one that suits your wardrobe the best.

Budget - As far as base layers go, there are lots of models above that come in at different price points. Generally, the more hi-tech base layers that have additional performance-enhancing technology woven into their fabrics are more expensive than standard base layers. Ideally, we suggest shopping around to see which base layer is best for your requirements as a golfer before going out and buying the best and most expensive garment that money can buy. 

Obviously, you can't wear a base layer on its own on the golf course, so for that reason, why not think about adding a few more cold weather pieces to your golf wardrobe. Check out our guides on the best golf windbreaker, best golf sweaters and best golf hats for more warm weather golf clothing.


What material should my golf base layer be made of?

The best base layers are usually constructed from a polyester or a polyester mix, as well as a wool such as Merino; wool mixes are also available. These materials are very effective at controlling your body temperature and, what's more, modern base layers are designed to wick away moisture, or allow sweat to evaporate through the fabric.

Why should you wear a base layer

A base layer is a great way of keeping your body temperature up in cold conditions. Usually, because they are tight to the skin, they won't restrict your swing, or any movement, for that matter. 

What are the best base layers for golf?

There are lots of brands that make high quality base layers including J Lindeberg, Galvin Green, FootJoy, Nike, Puma, Adidas and more. The best models will be able to perform in terms of comfort, protection and versatility.

Are base layers worth it?

If you want an easy way to lock in heat during the winter months and help regulate your body temperature in summer, then a base layer is definitely worth it. You just need to make sure you pick out models that have been specifically designed for each type of condition. 

Can you wear golf base layers for other sports?

Yes, generally you can. While some base layers are designed purely for golf, you can also use many of them for many different outdoor sports and even just casually, if you want to complete a sporty look. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide, for more buying advice check out some of the best golf shoes, best golf pants, or best push carts.

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