In this Titleist TSi3 Fairway review, Joel Tadman tests it out on the course versus his current gamer to see if there are gains in performance to be had

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Titleist TSi3 Fairway


  • Surprisingly forgiving for a compact-looking, tour-inspired fairway, especially on shots from low on the face. Sole weight adjustability effective at tightening dispersion.


  • Dirt does gather in the vacated weight ports and is difficult to remove.


Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood Review


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Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood Review

The Titleist TSi fairway woods share many of the design updates featured on the driver, including a more streamlined shape, a promise of more distance and in the case of the TSi3 a more compact profile behind the ball.

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In fact, both the TSi3 and TSi2 fairway wood look smaller than the outgoing TS options behind the ball, which may not inspire the most confidence but they do look like they’re going to get the ball up in the air a little more easily.

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The TSi3 has an adjustable sole weight system similar to that of the TSi3 driver in that a 12g weight can be moved into T (toe) or H (heel) positions away from neutral to alter the shot shape.

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Again, it’s nice that this weight is now visible and that the mechanism that holds the weight in place sits absolutely flush to the rest of the sole so turf interaction isn’t effected. That said, we did find dirt gathered in the unused slots and it was difficult to remove.

This minor inconvenience aside, the TSi3 fairway really impressed. We were custom fitted for it and while we hit some more than decent shots with our current Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero fairway wood to set some base numbers, the TSi3’s SureFit CG Track system once again unlocked extra performance. It naturally helped to straighten out our ball flight without completely overhauling our natural tendencies.

We swung the TSi3 a touch faster too, producing more ball speed and a little more spin helping keep the ball in the air for longer. It was four yards longer on average but it was the grouping of the shots with the TSi3 that was the standout takeaway.

You could throw a blanket over my shots with the TSi3 while the Mavrik SZ seemed erratic by comparison. Always take results from a fitting with a slight pinch of salt (it’s a fitter’s job to improve performance) and the Mavrik SZ wasn’t fitted, but it still showed what was possible with a fully optimised, modern-day fairway wood.

It was the shots from low on the face that also stood. Where they can tend to be spinny and weak, with TSi3 they stayed in the air for longer and ball speeds were more consistent, ideal for shots off the deck you don’t strike cleanly.

The feel really stood out as well. Out of the middle, this fairway wood feels fantastic. Fast, explosive and stable and that is similar when you just miss the sweetspot too, it just leaves you wanting to hit another ball.


Fairway woods can be difficult to get on with, especially ones that look small behind the ball, but the TSi3 will surprise you with the levels of forgiveness on offer and how lively it feels off the face. The sole weight adjustability makes it a more versatile club, allowing you to tailor the set up to produce the flight you want to see regardless of if you plan to use it mostly off the tee or turf.