Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

From jackets to pants, we take a closer look at the best golf rain gear currently on the market

Best Golf Rain Gear
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Best Golf Rain Gear

Somewhere along the line, pulling on some golf rain gear didn’t become such a pain. Years ago it was like wrapping yourself in a bin bag. However, the best golf rain gear don’t just keep you extremely dry, but they are designed to help you swing unhindered. We wouldn’t quite say it’s ever a joy to reach for the golf rain gear, but today’s technology-packed suits are not just more effective than ever at keeping us dry and comfortable while also looking the part on the fairways.

This is because the best models are lightweight, comfortable, warm, can be stowed away easily, and most importantly they give protection from the rain, wind and just about any other adverse weather condition when out on the golf course. 

We’ve picked out a selection of the best offerings that are well worth checking out and we also recommend checking out our posts on the best golf wind jackets, and best golf base layers to truly complete your outfit and leave you best prepared for the wind and rain.

Best Golf Rain Gear - Best Golf Waterproofs

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Best Golf Rain Jackets

Best Golf Rain Pants

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How we test golf rain gear

When it comes to testing golf rain gear, and all golf apparel, our methodology is quite simple really - we put the clothes on and put them to the test out on the golf course in different conditions. To test versatility, we also see how they perform off the golf course too. 

On the links, this means playing golf in wet conditions, as well as windy rounds too so we can gauge how protected we are. That being said Mother Nature can be unpredictable so we have even gone so far as to pour water all over jackets and pants to test how seam-sealed they are as well. 

This process usually takes place over a number of rounds and we then use these experiences to write reviews and buying advice content like this guide. Speaking of which we should make very clear, no manufacturer can buy a good review from us, we tell it how we see it.

What to consider when buying golf rain gear

When trying to find the best golf rain gear for you, what should you consider? Let's take a look. 

Waterproofing and protection

This is the most important factor in rain gear because the garment you pick has to protect from the rain and wind properly. Importantly, we are confident all of the models above will protect you well but one thing we think you should be aware of are waterproof guarantees. Many of the models above, and the brand's that make them, will offer a guarantee on waterproofing so it makes sense to perhaps go for a model that has several years protection as a guarantee. 

Freedom of movement

With all this protection, occasionally waterproof jackets can be large and cumbersome but in modern golf design this is no longer the case. Most really good models stretch and move with the body freely so that your swing isn't hindered despite having a few layers on. Additionally these jackets and pants have to provide comfort as well. 


This is not that relevant to waterproof pants as they always tend to be the same color but when it comes to jackets, as you can see above there are lots of colors and styles to choose from. Therefore have a think about whether you want to stand out on the golf course or have a more traditional style.

Additionally if you want to wear the jacket off the golf course, be aware of the styles that look good anywhere and perhaps don't go for a model that limits versatility. 


Finally be conscious of how much you want to spend. We have included models above with premium price tags yes, but there are also models above with good value so anyone can find what they are looking for. 


What is the best rain gear for golf?

The best rain gear for golf will be at the peak in terms of waterproof protection from the rain, as well as the cold and the wind. Additionally the best models allow for freedom of movement, are comfortable, and have different colors and designs to suit different people. Importantly, a lot of brands like FootJoy, adidas, Nike, Puma and more make high-quality jackets, pants and rain suits to help us golfers compete in bad weather.  

How do I wash rain gear?

You can wash rain gear but given different brands and manufacturers use varying materials, it is vital you take note of the washing instructions on the label of the garment. 

How long does waterproofing last?

This is a tricky question to answer because different models vary in length of waterproof performance. Some models over time will stop repelling water and start absorbing it, and we have found this can be solved in some cases by just washing the rain gear. However this will not solve the issue for all models and as such you should make not of the warranty of the product, or invest in a new rain suit.

What is the best golf waterproof?

There are lots of excellent models of golf waterproofs on the market at the moment. These can be from big brands like Nike, FootJoy and adidas, as well as smaller brands like Oscar Jacobson or Sunderland. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf rain gear, and for more gear for bad weather check out our guides on the best golf umbrellas, best waterproof golf bags (opens in new tab) and best golf rain gloves (opens in new tab)

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