Best Golf Umbrellas 2023

All golfers need a quality umbrella - make sure you stay dry on the course with these options

Best golf umbrellas
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When the heavens open, having one of the best golf umbrellas at your disposal is essential. And nowadays, there is a fantastic amount of choice on the market to suit both your wallet and taste. You should see this as an investment for the next decade, one which is relatively small given how much rain most of us play golf in. The best golf accessories make life easier and, when the weather goes south, is there anything more important than an umbrella?

So what do the best models do? Well, the most important factor is protection from the rain (and sun) and we have found good models give a large canopy of cover. Additionally, they should help when the wind picks up and should be strong enough to deal with gusts as well so there are no comedy scenes of your umbrella doing tricks on the course. In this guide, we'll be walking you through some of the best golf umbrellas that money can buy. Alternatively, if you need more rainproof gear, then be sure to check out our guides on the best golf waterproofs, the best waterproof golf shoes and the best waterproof golf bags too.

Best Golf Umbrellas

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ModelCanopy size
TaylorMade 64” Double Canopy Umbrellas64"
Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella55"
Galvin Green Tromb Umbrella60"
Titleist Jet Black Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella68"
Sun Mountain 2021 68″ Auto Umbrella68"
UV-Blocker UV Protection Golf Umbrella42"
Under Armour Golf Umbrella68"
Big Max Aqua UV XL Umbrella60"
FootJoy DryJoys Double Canopy Golf Umbrella68"
Ping 68″ Tour Umbrella68"
Callaway Shield Double Canopy Umbrella64"

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How to choose a golf umbrella

Golf umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. While they are at their core, simple rain shelters, some brands like to put a few bells and whistles on their umbrellas, adding extra pieces of technology to help keep you well protected on the golf course. For that reason, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a standard golf umbrella and you can be a little overwhelmed by the choice if you're not used to these types of products. For that reason, we've decided to set out a few points to keep in mind below when purchasing your next golf umbrella. 

Size of the canopy

Especially if you like to use a golf trolley or push cart, you may want to consider purchasing a larger canopy to completely protect yourself from the elements. But there is one caveat to that. Bigger umbrellas weigh more than smaller models, so be mindful of how much weight you want to carry in your bag for that added protection. 

Double or single canopy umbrellas?

You may have seen above that we mention double and single canopy umbrellas and wondered, what's the difference? Well, double canopy umbrellas are specially designed for golfers and have two layers of material that are supposed to withstand the wind better than a single canopy umbrella. That is because they feature air vents that allow wind and rain to pass through the umbrella and stop drag from pulling the umbrella out of your hands. 


Umbrellas aren't necessarily the golf equipment that you'll want to be spending all your money on, and for that reason, you'll want to ensure you're getting yourself a durable and hard-wearing umbrella that will help keep you protected from the elements. That means pick a product that has a strong shaft and has a canopy that won't tear easily. 

UV protection

Umbrellas aren't designed to simply protect you from the rain. Many of the best golf umbrellas are designed to have built-in UV protection that will keep you shaded and well protected out on the course. Even though you might not think to carry around your umbrella on a hot day on the course, they can be a handy tool to have to stop you from getting sunburnt, particularly if they feature UV protective qualities. 


How well your umbrella folds up and fits into your bag can be the difference between a good umbrella and a bad one. Essentially, you're going to want to ensure that your golf umbrella fits neatly into your golf bag, without splaying material everywhere. Pick an umbrella that folds down nicely into a long oval shape and slots into your bag with ease. Some golf umbrellas even come with their own bag or pouch you can store them in, so look out for those offerings too. 

For more of the best golf gadgets, take a look at our buyers guides on the best golf accessories and the best golf rain gear and waterproofs. 


What is a double-canopy umbrella?

A double canopy golf umbrella is a broad umbrella (specially made for golfers) with two layers instead of one. All other parts of a standard umbrella like the handle, shaft, springs, and runners also feature in these umbrellas and they offer great protection when the heavens open and you're storing your glove and towel under the umbrella.

Why is it important to carry a good golf umbrella?

The unpredictability of the weather is the bane of every golfer. But don't be unprepared when you step out onto the course. Make sure you have the right golf attire to ensure you stay warm, dry and most importantly, focused when you're playing golf. Having a good umbrella can seriously ensure you stay dry and comfortable enough to hit good, strong golf shots.

Are golf umbrellas the same as rain umbrellas?

Technically yes, but golf umbrellas are a little more sturdy and provide more shelter than a standard rain umbrella. They also tend to be a lot bigger so that they can shelter both you and your golf clubs. 

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