All golfers need a quality umbrella - make sure you stay dry on the course with these...

Best Golf Umbrellas

The days of your umbrella letting you down in high winds or sideways rain are well and truly over and there is a fantastic amount of choices on the market to suit both your wallet and taste.

You should see this as an investment for the next decade which is a relatively small investment given how much rain most of us play golf in.

The best golf accessories make life easier and when the weather goes south is there anything more important than a brolly?

That’s why we’ve picked out the best golf umbrellas to ensure that you stay dry and somewhat comfortable on the golf course.

These all come with a range of different features from clear panels to large double canopies and UV protection.

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Best Golf Umbrellas

Galvin Green Tromb Umbrella

Galvin green tromb umbrella, galvin green umbrella, golf umbrella

+ Wind protection
+ UV protection
– Canopy not as large as others

This 60″ storm-proof umbrella from Galvin Green has an extra strong frame and double layer top cover/ pressure release vent. The umbrella can also be used as a parasol as it has UV protection for when you’re playing in strong sunshine.

Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella

motocaddy umbrella, golf umbrella, clearview umbrella

+ Visibility
+ Compatible with trolleys
– More expensive than other models

Featuring two clear viewing panels to keep visibility at a premium whilst remaining dry. It extends to 65mm longer than a standard golfing umbrella and features an auto-open mechanism and extended handle length.

Also compatible with the Motocaddy Umbrella Holder for Motocaddy trolley users.

TaylorMade 64” Double Canopy Umbrellas

taylormade double canopy umbrella, taylormade umbrella, golf umbrella, black and white umbrella

+ Tour proven performance
+ Auto open feature
– Only one color choice

The preferred umbrella of TaylorMade Tour players, the Double Canopy Umbrella is a worthy inclusion on this list.

It has a convenient auto-open feature along with a lightweight, and yet strong, fiberglass shaft. It also includes WindPro technology which helps deal with those windy days.

Titleist Jet Black Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

Titleist Jet Black Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella, titleist golf umbrella, golf umbrella

+ Anti-inversion system
+ Durable
– Smaller handle

This umbrella has a 68-inch canopy and features a tour-inspired, double canopy design that will prevent the umbrella blowing inside-out in high winds. It looks great and also comes with UV protection for those hot, sunny days.

Sun Mountain 2021 68″ Auto Umbrella

Sun Mountain 2021 68" Auto Umbrella, sun mountain umbrella, golf umbrella, black umbrella

+ Premium detailing
+ Large footprint
– Different colors offer varied protection

This really is quite striking, either in the black or grey option. This has a double canopy and offers all sorts of protection in the wettest or hottest of conditions.

The grey has a protection factor of 60+ while the black is 30+ so, if you are playing somewhere that is especially hot, then you will want to consider the grey.

It has a rubber, slip-resistant handle that fits Sun Mountain trolleys and it has a huge 68” spread so even your golfing mates should be able to huddle up and get protected.

Ping 68″ Tour Umbrella

Ping 68" Tour Umbrella, ping golf umbrella, golf umbrella

+ Push button opening
+ Unique aesthetic
– At premium price point

This Ping tour style umbrella is huge in size at 68 inches and features a comfortable foam handle, simple release deployment and double canopy to allow airflow

Titleist Players Double Canopy

Titleist Players Double Canopy, titleist golf umbrella, golf umbrella, black umbrella

+ Tour proven protection
+ Simple looks
– Can feel very lightweight

The Players Double Canopy Umbrella provides complete coverage, whatever the conditions, and is designed not blow inside-out in high winds. The classic look is very smart and there’s also a soft foam handle for comfort as well as UV protection – great for all weathers.

Big Max Aqua UV XL Umbrella

Big Max Aqua UV XL Umbrella, big max golf umbrella, golf umbrella

+ Will suit taller golfers
+ Color selection
– Some may want a smaller model

This might sound a strange thing to say, and is maybe something that you might not have considered before, but this is ideal for the taller golfer. This has a 10cm longer shaft than usual so will suit those needing something a bit longer.

It has an automatic function to save any faffing about, a soft grip and will protect you from even the most savage of showers. And when you need something when the weather is sweltering it offers a UV protection for 50+ temperatures. This comes with an option of four color schemes.

FootJoy DryJoys Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

footjoy dryjoys umbrella, footjoy umbrella, golf umbrella

+ Large 68″ size diameter
+ Robust frame
– Only one color available

The DryJoys Golf Umbrella is huge at 68 inches and offers lightweight 100% waterproof protection with a soft handle designed for a strong, comfortable grip. The top canopy overlaps the bottom so not to blow inside out and it comes with an umbrella sheath for storage.

Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy Umbrella

Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy Umbrella, mizuno golf umbrella, golf umbrella

+ Well thought-out design
+ Good color choice
– Not auto open

We quite like this color scheme which might not be the usual electric blue-white Mizuno offering but it’s as equally striking; there are four color choices.

This has a twin canopy construction and a soft grab foam handle and this is what the Mizuno staff players rely on out on tour so you can be sure that it won’t let you down. Even the handle has been designed to reduce hand fatigue in the case of any never-ending rain.

G4Free 54/62/68 Umbrella

G4Free 54/62/68 Umbrella, golf umbrella

+ Wind and downpour protection
+ Lots of designs to choose from
– Square design won’t be for everyone

Plenty of us are swayed by the color of our umbrella and, whatever your preference (or football team), you won’t be struggling given there are 20 different color schemes.

This is a great value double-canopy offering and there is even more choice with three sizes; 54, 62 or 68 inches.

It has a water-resistant pongee micro-weave fabric so any rain will simply be repelled and it is sturdy with fibreglass ribs and tips to make it both flexible and durable. Comes with an automatic opening function. 

What to consider when buying a golf umbrella

What factors should you consider when trying to find the best golf umbrellas? Take a look below.

Strength – A good golf umbrella has to be made from materials strong enough to deal with winds that can easily push a lesser umbrella inside-out. The handle must be sturdy, as should the mechanism and canopy of the umbrella so that even when the wind is at its strongest, the umbrella can do its job.

Size – Link with the protection point below, size is a crucial factor here because an umbrella with a small canopy is not going to get the job done, especially if it is windy and the rain is falling at an angle. You need to go for something big enough to give a large degree of coverage over yourself and your clubs. That being said it should also fold away nicely so that it can easily be stored away on your golf cart or golf bag.

Protection – Obviously the quality of the protection from the wind and rain is arguably the most important factor when looking at a golf umbrella.

Color – This is entirely a personal choice but with all the different styles and colors out there, you can get an umbrella to suit you.

If you enjoyed this guide on the best golf umbrellas and you want more buyer’s guides, check out the Golf Monthly website.