Best Golf Tops 2024

Looking for the best golf tops? Here we have taken a look at the options on the market and come up with a list of our favorites.

Best Golf Tops
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Best Golf Tops

We all know how invaluable a good golf top can be out on the golf course, especially if you play in a climate of ever-changing weather conditions. We need a good layer with us when out on the golf course, to keep us warm, comfortable, and as a good protector against the wind and rain. For the fashion conscious amongst us, it has to look good too.

Fashion aside, a good golf top needs to be light and breathable because playing golf is hard enough without having to worry about a cumbersome piece of clothing that restricts the swing. Of course the word 'top' implies anything to be worn on the top half of the body, however we have taken it to mean garments to be worn over polo shirts and under specifically designed waterproofs. So bearing that in mind, below we have taken a look at some of our favorite golf tops.

Alternatively if you are looking for something else in the golf apparel sector, take a look at some of our other buyers guides too - such as the best golf rain jackets, best golf polos or the best golf pants.

Best Golf Tops

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How we test golf tops

We test golf apparel in the same way we test all golf equipment, by using products properly. In relation to tops this means putting them to the test out on the golf course to see if the design is well thought out, if the garment interferes with the swing in any way, and simply if the top is actually usable. We would also wear the tops off the golf course as well because versatility to use a garment anywhere is a great way to get value for money. The final point we wanted to mention here is no manufacturer can pay for a good review because our thorough testing team tells it how it is. 

What to consider when buying a golf top

There are several factors to consider when it comes to buying a golf top and here we have listed them.

Type - What we mean here is what type of golf top are you after? It is a vague term that means covering the top half of the body and as such we have listed jackets, hoodies, vests and jumpers in this guide. Each type of top offers something a little bit different in terms of performance, feel and look so before going any further down the buying road, have a think about this. 

Additionally we also mean in relation to when you want to wear the top because some models above will be better for the summer, some will be better for the winter so have a think about when you will wear the top and what you want it to do. 

Material - Linking with the above point, knowing what you are after will help you decide what material to go for. The fleece models above will keep the cold at bay whilst ones with more spandex in them will help you move easier and won't restrict the golf swing in any way. Additionally we have found the models with cotton in them are often the best for wearing out and about as well, and they are very easy to wash. 

Movement - One of the big things around golf tops is freedom of movement and whether they can restrict or negatively impact the swing. Many don't like hoodies because the hood flies around during the swing, and others think vests constrict the arms a touch. The hood flying around is a common point made by people. As such, we would recommend trying on models and taking swings in them to see if you still offer the same range of movement.

Looks - This is an important factor to consider. Do you want to stand out or just have a more understated look? We think there is something for everyone above. 

Versatility - Do you want to be able to use the top anywhere from the golf course to the pub to at home? This is an important factor if you want to get more for your money. 

Budget - Finally be aware of your budget so you can find a top that fits into it nicely. Importantly there are models above which come with premium, and value price points so there is something for everyone.


What is the best golf clothing?

There is no doubt that there are countless brands out there that make high-quality golf clothing and when it comes to the best this can relate to big brands like adidas, Nike, Puma and Under Armour, as well as smaller ones like TravisMathew and Oscar Jacobson. What should be acknowledged is different clothing does different things so depending on when and where you are using the clothing, the best models will help deal with whatever you are facing. For example if you are faced with bad weather, the best waterproofs will help you on the course. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf tops and for more golf apparel take a look at our guides on the best sweaters, hoodies and vests for the golf course as well.



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