Read on to see our look at the best electric golf trolleys - including models that fold up small or are feature packed


Best Electric Golf Trolleys

The best golf carts and trolleys can do all the hard work for you, taking the stress off the legs or shoulders and preserving energy for the last few holes so you can finish your rounds strongly.

For our gadget-obsessed generation, they now connect to phones and provide GPS information on the screen. Some can even be described as remote control golf trolleys because they can be controlled by a handset while others will even follow you around the course!

The last few years have also seen an industry-wide overhaul of frame styling, from thick and clunky to sleek and shiny, so it’s easy to see why most amateur golfers now use one.

Of course regarding the model for you, you should consider several things like storage, battery life and overall features when looking to buy an electric trolley. 

So below we have taken a look at some of the best electric golf trolleys. Alternatively if you are in the United States, we recommend taking a look at our guide on the best golf push carts, or if space is at a premium at home, then we have created a guide on the most compact golf trolleys too.

Best Electric Golf Trolleys

Motocaddy M5 GPS Trolley


+ Folds down compactly and quickly
+ Distances displayed on a crystal clear touch screen
+ Ability to move the pin position enhances strategy
– Some hazard acronyms are confusing
– Folding latches are quite stiff

In 2020 Motocaddy introduced a trolley with a touch screen for the first time. The M5 GPS features a hi-res 3.5” LCD display that can be controlled in all weather conditions, even when wearing a glove. The screen can also give yardages, track scores and the time of your round.

It is powered by a 28.8V drive system – also found on every M-Series model in the range – to enhance efficiency and performance reliability. The M5 GPS also comes in a M5 GPS DHC version, which features an electronic parking brake and a downhill control function.

Also Motocaddy make some of the best golf push trolleys too so if these electric models seem a bit steep, then push trolleys offer excellent value.

Motocaddy M5 GPS Trolley Review

UK Buy Now at Click Golf for £699

PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Golf Trolley


+ Folds up and down with incredible ease
+ Impressive display that is easy to navigate.
– Adjusting the handle height is a fiddly process

The FX Series, which encapsulates the FX7 GPS benefits from a simple, one-click folding system and thanks to the removal of the central pillar, fold down 20 per cent smaller than the previous versions. It also has a 3.5” OCA high visibility full colour Touch Screen that displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green via the integrated GPS.

PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Trolley Review

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £749

Stewart Golf Q Follow Trolley

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Unveiled

+ Genuine hands-free functionality unique to the market
+ Easy to assemble and operate
+ Battery lasts for 36 holes, even on hilly courses
– Still quite heavy to lift.

Stewart Golf has been making some of the best electric golf trolleys for years now so it comes as no surprise the Q Follow is in this list.

It can follow you around the course at your walking pace from a safe distance thanks to the unique functionality built into the Bluetooth handset. A completely new frame design, which has a unique marble-effect finish, allows it to fold down much more compactly while an integrated carry handle makes it easier to lift into your car. There’s also a new retractable stabiliser comprising two wheels, which automatically deploys as the trolley is unfolded.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Trolley Review

Motocaddy M-Tech Golf Trolley

+ Feels superlight out on the course
+ Fantastic looking trolley
+ Full-colour LCD screen was a big plus
– Premium price will put some off

The limited-edition Motocaddy M-Tech heads up the compact-folding M-Series range. It is top of the pile thanks to its super-lightweight, high-capacity Lithium battery and next-generation, high power 28V electronics. Everything about the M-Tech screams cutting edge, from the polished chrome detailing to the hand-stitched leather handle grips and the carbon fibre styling. The wheels catch your eye too with their bespoke all-terrain tread even boasting the Motocaddy logo.

Motocaddy M-Tech Trolley Review

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £999

JuCad Drive SL Travel 2.0 Ex Golf Trolley

+ Elegant, minimalist styling and clever, robust frame design
+ Remote function worked seamlessly during testing
– Perhaps lacking the level of features you may expect for the price

Lighter than many other golf trolleys, the Travel can be carried with one hand and folds quickly and tidily into a small size – even if you drive a car with a very small boot. With the motor housed within the slimline axle and how it breaks down into a number of small pieces, golfers are able to take this trolley abroad on holiday inside their travel bag

Jucad Drive SL Travel 2.0 Ex Trolley Review

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $798.99

PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Golf TrolleyPowaKaddy CT6 GPS Electric Trolley Review

+ Stylish and folds down easily and compactly, leaving plenty of room for your clubs in your car
+ Features soon become easy to navigate
– Doesn’t accommodate stand bags overly well.

Along with Motocaddy, PowaKaddy is a brand synonymous with the phrase; ‘best electric golf trolleys’. Thanks to technological innovation and premium designs, the brand should be one of the first to consider when researching golf trolleys.

In terms of the CT6 GPS, it is ideal for golfers short on space but who still want in-built GPS functionality. The new design ensures this trolley takes up surprisingly little space when folded down, and golfers now have the option of inverting the wheels to reduce the footprint even further. Our testing showed this to be a sturdy, reliable means of transport for clubs helped massively by accurate GPS distances.

PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Trolley Review

UK Buy Now at Golf Gear Direct for £749

Motocaddy S1 Golf Trolley

+ The screen design adds premium appeal and the trolley and battery have proven to be reliable
+ Easy to assemble
– Doesn’t fold down especially compactly.

The S1 is simple to use and features an anti-glare LCD screen, nine speed settings and ADC in 15, 30 and 45-yard increments. The brand’s Quikfold mechanism allows the trolley to be ready-to-use in seconds, plus the soft-touch ergonomic handle has been updated for easy manoeuvrability.

Motocaddy S1 Electric Trolley Review

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £499

Big Max Coaster Quad Golf Trolley

Big Max Coaster electric cart

+ Excellent stability, ideal for hilly courses
+ Feature packed handle console unit
– The design, which makes it so sturdy, is not the best looking on the market

The Big Max Coaster Quad Brake features four wheels,  the front two of which rotate, so the trolley can turn on the spot. A fifth wheel can also be purchased to further improve its stability on steep hills. Other key features include an automatic speed regulator to stop it running away from you when going downhill, an electronic parking brake and a controlled distance function that allows you to send the trolley forwards up to 60 meters. It also features a colour display and an integrated solar charging compartment that sends power to your phone or GPS device.

Big Max Coaster Quad Review

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £849.99

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Golf Trolley

Stewart X9 Follow

+ Fun and enjoyable to use
+ Follow function leaves your hands free
– Heavy weight makes it difficult to lift into your car

This pricey option is also arguably the most sophisticated in this guide. A unique Bluetooth design lets it follow you around the course, turning when you turn, stopping when you stop, and removing the need to steer it with a remote control, although this is still an option. Its four wheels also generate excellent levels of grip that aid precise steering.

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Review

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £1,499

Motocaddy M7 Remote Trolley

Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Trolley Revealed

+ Fantastic improvement on previous generation
+ Simple to use and compact footprint
+ Good value compared to other remote trolleys
– Folding latches are quite stiff

Replacing the original S7 Remote is the M7 which is the eighth model in the compact M-Series range. Features include an anti-glare LCD screen, a pair of anti-skid rear wheels and an extra (removable) anti-tip wheel at the back to provide stability on all terrains. As with all M-Series models available, its integral compact-folding SlimFold system makes it possible to fit into the smallest car boots.

In terms of the remote, it is easy to use and fully rechargeable – using the trolley’s USB charging port if needed. It can move the trolley forward, left, right and in reverse, with an additional pause and resume feature. The handset range is up to 50 metres.

Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Trolley Review

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £899

PowaKaddy FX5 Golf Trolley

best electric golf trolleys 2020

+ Cutting-edge frame design and functionality
+ Offers good value for money
– Not too dissimilar from FX3 below

The FX5 provides the perfect option for the golfer seeking ample features at a mid-price point. It comes complete with a bright, 2.8” mid-size full-colour widescreen display, ADF (automatic distance function) and USB charging port. It also features PowaKaddy’s all-new stealth wheels as well as newly designed anti-damper dial control and improved accuracy speed controller.

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £549

Golfstream Vision Golf Trolley

best electric golf trolleys 2020

+ Unique screen design
+ Simple assembly process
– Lacking features compared to other models

Addressing the problem of reading the screen on electric trolleys, the aptly named Vision golf trolley comes with a new Caddy White display screen that can be read in even the brightest, most direct sunlight, much like an e-Reader. Another new feature is the patented one-touch, easy-fold mechanism that allows the Vision to fold down quickly, easily and compactly. There’s also a magnetic latch that holds the trolley together in the folded position to make it easier to transport it.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £459

PowaKaddy FX3 Golf Trolley

best electric golf trolleys 2020

+ Marked improvement on previous generation
+ Simple to use
– Lacks functionality some may want

At the entry-level of Powakaddy’s FX Series sits the FX3. Available in a stealth black or glossy white frame, the FX3 boasts a height adjustable, soft touch handle for added comfort and new HET technology for greater downhill control.

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £499

We hope you found this best electric golf trolleys guide informative.