The best golf push trolleys include models that are compact, practical and colourful, so you should have no trouble finding something to consider

Best Golf Push Trolleys

The best electric golf trolleys can be expensive, so a good push trolley could definitely be an option to consider if you want to spend less.

All the trolleys featured here share one thing in common – they’re a long way removed from the thick, clunky and heavy framed models that used to roll up and down the fairways not more than a decade ago.

Fast-forward to today and it seems we cannot live without them. Trolleys can help prevent back and knee injuries, and they might just give you a performance advantage over the last few holes.

The best golf push trolleys in particular are great if you want something you can leave in your car or garage between rounds with nothing to worry about. They also tend to be lighter, cheaper and also fold away smaller than the best electric trolleys and best remote control trolleys.

If these qualities sound like something you’re keen on, read on to find out more about some of the best models.

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Best Golf Push Trolleys

Motocaddy Cube Push Trolley

+ Compact and light while folded and simple to unfold
+ Easy to push even on hilly courses and provides ample storage
– Lightweight design means you have to be a little careful on side slopes

The new version of the Cube is compact and simple to fold thanks to its two-step folding system. Packed with storage options, it also offers adjustable handle height and a foot parking brake.

Additional features include a new durable rubber handle and friction-free oversize wheels to easily manoeuvre around the course, along with a folding lock and compatibility with the Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system, removing the need for a lower-bag strap.

Motocaddy Cube Trolley Push Review

PowaKaddy TwinLine 4 Push Cart

+ Simple compaction mechanism
+ Easy manoeuvrability
– Not as compact when folded as other push trolleys on this list

This 7kg push trolley is incredibly easy to set up, with its height-adjustable telescopic handle allowing for quick and compact folding as well as on-course adjustability. Three large wheels make it easy to push and steer, particularly when combined with the comfy handle. The accessory station is also well designed and easy to access.

The asymmetrical design may look a little strange, but it can arguably support the golf bag better when weight it positioned more on one side versus the other.

Motocaddy Z1 Push Trolley


+ Incredibly lightweight model
+ Good for storage
– Other trolleys give a more premium feel

The new look Z1 model is ideal for budget conscious golfers looking for a simple, lightweight (6kg) push trolley. Wide-ranging features including three handle height settings and friction-free oversize wheels that can be taken off quickly for easy storage, plus a simple two-step folding system.

Simple but effective, this push trolley will get your clubs from point A to B with a minimum of fuss (and cost) while looking stylish in the process. But, there are enough practical features to enhance the convenience on offer.

Big Max Ti Lite Push Trolley

+ Lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy and robust
+ Glides around the course requiring minimal effort
– Doesn’t fold down overly flat or compactly.

The Ti Lite features straight axles for a simple quick fold, premium organiser panel with ample storage net for accessories, foot brake and height adjustable handle. The compact, lightweight construction which weighs just 5.4 kilograms and it’s adjustable bag brackets accommodate any size golf bag.

The five year warranty when registered with the brand makes it practical, reliable and simple to use too. This trolley is one of the more expensive options, but also one of the most robust and will last you a number of seasons. We’ve found the wheel bearings to be as smooth as anything else we’ve tested, which makes pushing it up hills a piece of cake.

Big Max Ti Lite Push Trolley Review

Motocaddy P1 Push Trolley


+ Quick folding system
+ Easy to push
– Have to be wary on some slopes

The lightweight P1 push model includes a thicker frame and a one-step folding system, allowing the trolley to be ready to use in seconds. It also includes the same features found on the Cube, plus a new easy-push rubberised handle.

Again, another entry level option from Motocaddy that emphasis simplicity with ample functionality, and will serve you well on mostly flat courses.

Big Max Blade Quattro Push Trolley

+ Fold-flat mechanism is an excellent piece of engineering
+ Light and travels very easily around the course
– Without a sale, the price may put some off

The Big Max Blade Quattro fold-flat mechanism is an excellent piece of engineering that makes this ideal for anyone with limited storage space. The trolley is also light and travels very easily around the course, with the four-wheel design providing extra stability on more undulating golf courses.

Importantly, the Big Max engineers have been able to incorporate the fourth wheel without affecting the fold-flat nature of the trolley. Other helpful features are the footbrake, organiser panel and height adjustable handle.

Big Max Blade Quattro Review

Clicgear 4.0 Push Trolley

Best Golf Push Trolleys

+ Feature packed
+ Improvements on previous design
– Can be fiddly to assemble

An update of the 3.5+ model, Clicgear have added several improvements to the original design. These include the new lid lock, adjustable upper saddle, silicone straps, adjustable front wheel, umbrella tube strap, improved scorecard and pencil holder.

It is extremely compact when folded down and is highly stable and easy to manoeuvre. It comes in a choice of colours and looks as stylish as it is functional. One of the most feature-packed options you’ll find for golfers that like to have everything they use at their fingertips in front of them, rather than storing them in their pockets.

Big Max Blade IP Push Trolley

Big Max Blade IP Push Trolley Revealed

+ A very well made, sturdy and lightweight push trolley
+ The compact size when folded down makes it incredibly easy to store and transport
– The front wheel can be fiddly to unlock

One of the most compact golf trolleys ever, in its folded-down state, the Big Max Blade IP has a depth of just 12.5cm, which makes it easy to store in the tightest of spaces – like in the base of your car boot, under your clubs or even on top of the parcel shelf.

The trolley uses a simple three-stage folding system and the internal mechanism allows you to click the parts into place rather than using fiddly clips.

Once assembled and ready to go, the first thing you notice is how lightweight and therefore easy to push it is, even when walking up slopes. The handle height is adjustable too, which makes a big difference to the trolley’s practicality.

Big Max Blade IP Push Trolley Review

Cube Golf 3.0 Push Trolley

Best Golf Push Trolleys

+ Small folded footprint
+ Robust and light construction
– May struggle to accommodate a large cart bag

The Cube 3.0 push trolley is a robust, yet lightweight model with a strong parking brake to keep your trolley and bag well in place. The 3-Step adjustable handle height means you can find a comfortable setting and it’s easy to unfold and stow away again. It ticks a lot of boxes, including the attractive price point.

The wheels are smooth while offering good traction and the frame has proven to be hard-wearing, making it an excellent offering for the modest price tag.

Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

Best Golf Push Trolleys

+ Folding mechanism is clever while also making it easier to set up and put down quickly
+ Very easy to push around the course
– Recommend using a cart bag as the stand bag we used made accessing clubs a bit clumsy

Following from the success of the R1 Push, the R1-S comes in a number of funky colour variations. The rack and pinion folding mechanism is a thing of beauty and the three quick release wheels run supremely smoothly for easy pushing.

The bag jaws open wide enough to accommodate the biggest bags and the silicone strap grips and holds the bag firmly in place. Unquestionably one of the best golf push trolleys on the market.

Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley Review

Bag Boy Nitron Push Trolley

+ Outstanding folding mechanism
+ Compact and lightweight
– Busy frame design

This Bag Boy Nitron trolley has a lightning-fast folding mechanism that easily folds open in one simple step. This is in part because it is so light whilst maintaining a level of robustness necessary for the game of golf. The compact size when folded down is another huge bonus so it can be stored anywhere.

Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 Push Trolley

+ Ample storage
+ Straightforward structure
– Stability not as strong as other models

The Sun Mountain Pathfinder folds compactly in two simple steps whilst there is also ample storage in the accessory console, mesh basket, as well as a velour-lined valuables pouch too.

It folds down compactly and is noticeably lightweight despite its generous size, which makes pushing it a less physically-exerting task.