Best Sunday Golf Bags 2024

A selection of the best Sunday golf bags on the market this year

Best Sunday Golf Bags
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The best Sunday golf bags on the market offer golfers a chance to shed some weight and are ideal for those looking to play as quickly as possible. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t shop around and ensure you’ve got the perfect make and model to suit your needs. Whether that means you want a Sunday bag that comes equipped with a stand, or one that has some sort of dual-strap system, investing a little time in your decision will pay off when it comes to traipsing around your local course.

Much like many of the best golf pencil bags, one of the main drawbacks when it comes to Sunday bags is the lack of storage space. So if you’re someone that likes to head out on the course prepared for any and all eventualities, you might want to check out our guides to the best golf stand bags, or for those who’d rather not carry their clubs, take a look at the best golf trolley bags. But in this guide, we’re going to be running you through some of the best Sunday golf bags available right now.

The Quick List

Best Sunday Golf Bags

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Top pick

TaylorMade Quiver Bag on white background

(Image credit: TaylorMade)

TaylorMade Quiver Bag


Weight: 1.4kg
Divider: Three-way
Pockets: 6

Reasons to buy

Mini stand keeps bag off ground
Five-way divider
Good storage

Reasons to avoid

More bulky than others

We found the self-adjusting strap of the TaylorMade Quiver bag to be really comfortable while the extended grab handle and short retractable legs make it easy to lift and move around - an invaluable performance perk of a Sunday bag. There are also six pockets providing good storage for a pencil bag and the five-way top keeps clubs separated nicely. 

In addition to all that, it weighs just 1.4kg, so while it may be one of the heavier offerings on this list, it isn’t far behind some of the lightest golf bags on the market. It’s a great choice for golfers who want to play a quick nine or who travel a lot as it takes up very little space in the boot of a car. Overall, it’s a nifty bag that’s perfect for someone looking for a minimal carrying option. If you are a fan of TaylorMade you might also be interested in our guide to the best TaylorMade golf bags, too.

Lightest model

Sunday Golf Loma Stand Bag

(Image credit: Loma)

Sunday Golf Loma Stand Bag


Weight: 0.8kg
Divider: Two-way
Pockets: 4

Reasons to buy

The lightest bag on our list
Full stand

Reasons to avoid

Won't hold a full set

The Loma bag is the lightest on our list, weighing in at less than 1kg, making it the ultimate companion for a few holes with only a couple of clubs in your bag. It also comes with a full stand and a couple of pockets that will allow golfers to take some essential items with them and keep drinks chilled. 

Being so light, it's also comfortable, which is thanks, to the nicely cushioned full-length strap. Transporting this bag also couldn't be much easier with this bag, so for golfers constantly on the move, this might just be what you've been looking for.

Best premium model

Titleist Premium Carry Bag lying on grass

(Image credit: Tom Miles)


Weight: 1kg
Divider: Three-way
Pockets : 4

Reasons to buy

Premium styling
Ample storage space

Reasons to avoid

No stand

Weighing in at just 1kg, the Titleist Premium Carry Bag is light as a feather. It’s specifically designed for a quick summer round or nine holes in the evening with a half set. You might not get all your kit in there, but there is space for a waterproof jacket, balls and accessories. Hitting the fairways with a pencil bag like this feels great. You’re unencumbered by bulky equipment and you can just focus on enjoying the walk and your game.

We found this bag super comfy to carry thanks to the ergonomically designed double strap, but it’s pretty solid too and the mini stand legs keep it nicely off the ground to stop it from getting wet. In our opinion, this option works best as a second bag for those who want to travel light in summer or squeeze in a quick round - it’s great to have the choice of throwing a few sticks in and striding out. We like it so much we also included it in our guides on the best lightweight golf bags and the best Titleist golf bags too.

Best colors

Mizuno BR-D2 Mini Golf Stand Bag on white background

(Image credit: Mizuno)

Mizuno BR-D2 Mini Golf Stand Bag


Weight: 1.5kg
Divider: Two-way
Pockets: 9

Reasons to buy

Comes with a stand
Classic Mizuno styling
Two straps

Reasons to avoid

Only got a two-way divider

Another of the stand-bag options on this list is the Mizuno BR-D2 Mini bag. This is an excellent bag for golfers who just want to take a few clubs with them out on the course. It comes with a two-way divider and three pockets which provide enough space for clubs and a few important items, for example, one of the best golf rain jackets can easily be stored away for when the temperature changes.

One of the things we like the most about this bag is the mini stand, which is very easy to use and retract and also does a great job of keeping equipment dry when the ground is damp. At just 1.5kg and with two padded straps, you’ll feel fresh from start to finish, no matter how many holes you play. But if you're after something slightly bigger, take a look at our review on the Mizuno BR-D3 Stand Bag, for a very similar offering.

Best for rain

Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag on white background

(Image credit: Callaway)

Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag


Weight: 1.1kg
Divider: Three-way
Pockets: 3

Reasons to buy

Water-resistant material
Really comfortable

Reasons to avoid

Basic design

At just over 1kg, this bag offers golfers tremendous lightweight performance. Just throw a few clubs together, sling in some balls and tees and head out onto the course. The mini stand adds a really handy finishing touch and one that increases the bag’s durability. 

The bag also comes with three zipped pockets, meaning there is a decent amount of storage on offer here too. Its three-way divider also does a great job of housing a full complement of clubs. Additionally, this is one of the best Sunday golf bags at coping with wet-weather conditions. This is thanks mostly to the rain hood that comes with the bag and the bag's water-resistant underside. Although you will want to be careful not to get caught in anything worse than a shower. Finally, the double strap system on the Callaway Carry+ is really comfortable, making it a perfect option for golfers who value the walk as much as the golf. If you're a big fan of Callaway, then why not take a look at our guide on the best Callaway golf bags

Most comfortable

Ping Moonlite Bag on white background

(Image credit: Ping)

Ping Moonlite Bag


Weight: 1.1kg
Divider: Four-way
Pockets: 5

Reasons to buy

Two straps that make it easy to lift
Four-way divider
Good color choice

Reasons to avoid

Nothing to hold it above ground

The Moonlite bag has been a staple of Ping’s line-up and also one of the best golf pencil bags for years. And while it’s ideal for a quick jaunt around your local, it offers more than just that when it comes to functionality. There are six pockets, which is more than most, and comes with a water-bottle holder, while the four-way top provides ample storage space for a full set.

In addition, when on the ground, the straps sit in a rigid position, making it really easy to pick back up once you’ve hit your shot and get on the move again. Overall, it’s an incredibly versatile Sunday golf bag that works well with a half-set or for those longer days when saving energy is at a premium. If you like Ping as a brand, why not check out our guide on the best Ping golf bags.

How we test the best Sunday golf bags

When it comes to product testing, our reviews and buyers' guides are built upon a rigorous testing procedure as well as the knowledge and experience of the test team. Product reviews on golf bags are headed up by Golf Monthly writer Dan Parker. Other members of the Golf Monthly team contribute to golf bag testing too and all of our writers are able to efficiently test the vast majority of the biggest product releases while conveying the pros and cons of each item eloquently. Getting into specifics, we test golf bags outdoors on premium golf courses to get a thorough understanding on what design features each bag offers. 

Ultimately, we aim to be as insightful and honest as possible in our reviews, so it is important to acknowledge that no manufacturer can buy a good review. This is because our team tells it how it is. To learn more about our methodology, see how Golf Monthly tests products in our guide. 

How to choose a golf bag

Golf bags come with a variety of features that you can use to improve your overall golfing experience. But with so many different bags on the market, with each option boasting a ton of different features, picking the right golf bag for you can sometimes be a little overwhelming. For that reason, we've put together a handy list of points you need to look out for when you purchase your next golf pencil bag. From comfort to durability, check out our list of key considerations below.


As can be seen from the list of bags above, Sunday bags don't all come with stands. Some are designed to lie on the ground between shots, while others come with a mini or even a full-size stand. Depending on whether you're comfortable with picking your bag off the floor each time you play a shot, or are looking for something super lightweight, picking a Sunday bag that has a stand is one of the biggest considerations you need to make. 


While all Sunday bags are light, that doesn't mean they will necessarily be comfortable. For example, if the straps don't fit well or provide enough support, then the point of this type of bag can be lost. Make sure you choose a model that has comfortable straps (or strap if that's your preference) and perhaps even a padded area around the hips and back to aid your lumbar support.


Given their lightweight nature, it's vital that a good Sunday bag is strong. If purchasing a model that comes with a stand, check that it feels sturdy enough to withstand a stiff breeze, while it's also worth checking the quality of the divider to ensure clubs don't get damaged. As golf bags do not come cheap, it is wise to ensure you're buying a bag that is durable and can last a long time.


Some golfers like to take to the course with a few essential accompaniments, so it's important to pick a bag that suits your needs in this department. Sunday bags typically come with three to six pockets, with a few also featuring things like an umbrella holder and beverage pocket.


If you play most of your golf in a climate susceptible to rain, then waterproofing will be a very important factor to consider. Some models in our list are better that others in this regard, but as always check the bag before you buy, and if you are able to, see if you can test the product out too.

If you're looking for something a little more substantial than a golf Sunday bag, why not head over to our guides on the best golf trolley bags, best golf stand bags and best lightweight golf bags.


Are Sunday golf bags good?

Put simply, yes. They might be smaller than stand or cart bags, but that doesn't mean Sunday golf bags should be overlooked. All the big-name brands produce Sunday bags, so you can have confidence in the build and design quality.

What is a Sunday bag in golf?

A Sunday bag in golf is one that is lightweight and easy to carry, whether you're out with a full set or just throwing a few clubs together. The best Sunday bags are perfect for golfers who like to nip out for a quick round when the opportunity presents itself. They are also often referred to as pencil bags.

How many clubs fit in a Sunday golf bag?

Golfers can expect to fit a full set of clubs in a Sunday golf bag should they wish. Most Sunday bags now come equipped with adequate space for 14 clubs and a few essential items like balls, gloves, tees and an item or two of clothing. Some golfers prefer to just take out a half-set though, to keep the bag as light as possible.

Why is it called a Sunday golf bag?

It's called a Sunday golf bag because, typically, it's perfect for use on Sundays. That's because it's the day a lot of people will fancy a few holes to get their golfing fix for the week but can't be bothered hauling around a heavier and more cumbersome bag that's full to the brim with every gadget and garment under the sun.


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