We run through the best Ogio golf bags currently on the market – Men’s and women’s bags designed for a range of on-course requirements

Best Ogio Golf Bags

Ogio has been one of the leading golf bag manufacturers in recent years, known for quality and innovation of design. Ogio produces some of the best golf bags engineered to suit requirements for men and women. Whether you prefer to carry or take a cart Ogio has you covered, as do we with our selections below.

The golf bag is an essential item of equipment and finding the right one could help you make the difference when it comes to organising and planning your game. You need a bag that will protect your equipment, provide the right level of storage with easy access to clubs and accessories, and one that delivers the best possible ergonomic fit for you. Get all these things right and you can reduce on-course stress and direct all your energies to what’s important: playing the best possible game you can.

As we mentioned above, the best Ogio golf bags do all of those things but the question is – which are the best models? Well below we have taken a look to help you narrow your search.

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Best Ogio Golf Bags

Ogio Fuse Aquatech 304 Stand Bag

+ Ergonomic weight distribution when carrying
+ Good storage
– Only just under the magic 5lb mark (4.85lb)

Ogio Fuse Aquatech 304 Stand Bag

Ogio Fuse Aquatech Stand Bag

With its fit disc strap system, we found this bag to be one of the comfiest on the market for carrying. Weight is distributed evenly across the shoulders and you’ll notice that difference towards the end of 18 holes.

There are no fewer than eight pockets and they’ve been placed so as to be easily accessible. It’s easy to grab the accessories or the drink you need without putting the bag on the ground.

Constructed from Ripstop Polyester, it’s a durable piece of kit and one we feel can take anything you throw at it. In fact we liked this model so much we also included it in out best golf stand bags guide too.

Ogio Alpha Aquatech 514 Stand Bag

+ Fully waterproof with a 14-way divider
+ Large insulated beverage pocket
– On the heavier side

Ogio Alpha Aquatech 514 Stand Bag

This is Ogio’s fully loaded stand bag model with a 14-way top, fully waterproof material and seam sealed zips making this an all-year round carry bag.

Weighing just 2.25kg, the Aquatech 514 is a good weight for a bags of its size and – even when fully packed – it is comfortable to carry for a full 18 holes. The 14-way divider is excellent for club storage and also stops the club shafts from banging together in the bag as you walk along.

The pockets are cleverly placed and the large, insulated cooler pocket on the side of the bag is a particular highlight. In the black colourway, we think this is an ideal bag to use all year round in any conditions.

Ogio Convoy SE 14 Cart Bag

+ Significant storage in multiple (13) pockets
+ Packed with features
– So much storage means bag is inevitably on the bulky side

Ogio Convoy SE 14 Cart Bag

Ogio Convoy SE Cart Bag

The Ogio Convoy Se 14 Cart Bag is a definite hard hitter. With 13 pockets and a simply incredible amount of storage, yet weighing in at just 5.9lbs, it’s a seriously impressive bag.

It’s been designed with those who like to really ramp it up in terms of equipment in mind. There’s enough space for a full change of clothes, a picnic lunch and about four dozen golf balls… It’s impressive.

The 14-way top delivers great protection for club heads and shafts while the integrated grab handles make the bag easy to manoeuvre in and out of a car and onto a cart.

Further helping in that regard is the weight. Without any kit in it, the bag weighs less than 6lbs, which is incredible for a bag of this scale.

The 13 pockets include a soft-lined valuables pocket, a cooler pocket, an insulated water bottle pocket and a removable ball pocket.

We think this is an excellent cart bag delivering on all levels – in addition, we like the bold colour options that make it easy to spot your gear when you come out of the clubhouse. It is definitely one of the best golf push cart bags on the market.

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Bag

+ Super lightweight
+ Comfortable carrying
– Slightly reduced storage options

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Bag

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Bag

The Shadow Fuse 304 is a high-performance carry/stand bag. It’s extremely lightweight at just 4.2lbs and incredibly comfy to carry thanks to Ogio’s Fit Disc Strap System and ergonomically designed hip pad.

The weight distribution is excellent and we found it sits very nicely on the back and, after a while, it’s hard to even notice you’re carrying!

Constructed from a non-rip 200D Polyester fabric, it’s highly durable and will protect equipment well.

Pockets are easily accessed while your walking, whether it’s water bottle, range finder or mobile phone.

This is a compact, lightweight and robust stand bag that will suit those looking to carry their clubs, to move quickly from car or locker room out onto the course and back again.

Ogio XIX 5 Women’s Stand Bag

+ Easy to carry
+ Lightweight
– Little less room in apparel pocket

Ogio XIX 5 Women’s Stand Bag

Ogio XIX Women’s Stand Bag

Ogio has produced a superb women’s stand bag in the XXIX. It’s been designed to suit female golfers both ergonomically and from an organisational point of view.

It’s supremely comfortable to carry thanks to an array of technologies – The co-axial strap system and quick lock anchors provide a good, consistent fit both vertical and horizontal, while the Fit Disc technology relieves weight and pressure.

An ergonomically designed hip cushion pad has been designed to further improve comfort levels.

The storage has been well thought out to offer a selection of pockets to accommodate clothing, valuables and accessories while the 5-way top offers easy access to clubs.

As Ogio says – the thought process behind this bag was clearly not to simply take a men’s bag and making it pink – it’s a bag that’s been designed with a woman’s requirements in mind.

Ogio Convoy SE 14 Stand Bag

+ Huge amount of storage for a Stand Bag
+ Highly robust piece of kit
– Not the most lightweight offering

Ogio Convoy SE 14 Stand Bag

Ogio Convoy SE Stand Bag

The Ogio Convoy SE 14 Stand Bag is a versatile piece of equipment and that’s what makes it so appealing.

OK, it’s not a super-lightweight stand bag, but it’s comfortable to carry if you want to, and it’s super stable and well set up for use on a push cart or a golf cart.

Storage is excellent with 11 accessible pockets providing ample space for apparel and accessories. The 14-way top divider allows you to keep clubs well separated and organised while the removable ball pocket panel is a nice feature.

With load balancing double straps and padded hip pad, this hybrid bag performs well if you want to pack light and carry.

But, with integrated lift handle plus double cart strap pass-through, it also sits snugly and solidly on a cart.

For those seeking an excellent hybrid bag with the maximum in versatility, the Ogio Convoy SE14 is definitely worth considering.

Ogio XIX 14 Women’s Cart Bag

+ Cart bag designed specifically for women
+ Stylish finish and colour options
– Not hugely versatile – cart bag only

Ogio XIX 14 Women’s Cart Bag

Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Bag

What’s most impressive with the Ogio XXIX 14 Women’s Cart Bag is the variety and volume of storage available. A model that also featured in our best women’s golf bags list, there are no fewer than 15 pockets and a dedicated, obvious place for everything.

There’s no more stuffing everything in together and rummaging around to find the desired item with this bag – There’s space to organise effectively and keep all your kit in perfect order, allowing you to focus on getting on with the important thing – playing golf.

The 14-way top provides good protection for clubs while valuable are protected in a fleece lined pockets and super-valuable items can be concealed in a “stash” pocket.

There’s an insulated cooler pocket, apparel pockets and magnetic accessories pocket.

Available in four stylish colour options, it’s lightweight at just 4.8lbs and easily lifted thanks to grab handles and padded single strap. It’s a well-designed, well thought-out bag.

Ogio Fuse 4 Stand Bag

+ Lightweight
+ Good weight distribution when carrying
– Fewer storage options

Ogio Fuse 4 Stand Bag

Ogio Fuse Stand Bag

The Fuse 4 Stand Bag is super lightweight at just 4.8lbs – it features in our best lightweight golf bags guide – and has been ergonomically designed to deliver comfortable carrying.

We particularly like the integrated Fit Disc strap system that distributes weight across your shoulders. The bag sits well on the back, and the hip pad helps take the strain.

The pocket design is such that key items are easily accessible, and you’ll find you often don’t need to take the bag of your shoulder to reach a change of glove or your range finder.

The bag is lightweight and minimal but there is decent storage for apparel and accessories and features like an insulated water bottle pocket, Velcro glove patch and webbed tee holder add to the convenience.

The stand operates effectively, and the bag is stable sitting on uneven terrain.

The Fuse 4 is a sleek yet durable stand bag that looks good and is comfortable to carry. It’s one of the best Ogio golf bags available right now.