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Looking for the best premium golf balls on the market? Here, we take a look at the possible options

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A golf ball is arguably the most important aspect of your game; it's the only point of contact with the club face. You may think that it is a white, round ball with dimples, but the golf ball is so much more than that, with there being a multitude of different options for your game.

It can be difficult to narrow down which one will suit you but, if you want a golf ball that is used by the very best, then a premium golf ball is the way to go. Obviously, these won't suit all individuals, with those starting out perhaps being better suited to the best golf balls for beginners

From there, you will probably look to progress on to the best mid price golf balls, before finally stepping up to the golf ball world’s top table. The thing is, there are a number of models available, and golfers will usually want to play with the best golf balls regardless of where their game is at. 

The best premium models though tend to offer the very highest levels of all-round performance in the key areas of distance, spin, feel and control. There is one drawback though, which often puts people off, and that is that they’re pretty expensive!  However, if you want the best from your golf game, they are the best option if you want to see your scores tumble down.

If premium isn't for you though, and you are looking for a particular type of golf ball, then why not check out our guides on the best value golf balls, best golf balls for high swing speeds and slow swing speeds, or even our best distance golf balls.

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Best Premium Golf Balls

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Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 2023 Golf Ball Review

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Construction: Three-piece
Colors: 2 (White & Yellow)