Best Golf Tees 2022

Every golfer needs some tees - we're here to help you choose your preferred option

Best Golf Tees
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Best Golf Tees

Every single golfer out there needs golf tees. It is the one piece of equipment, obviously aside from the putter and golf ball, that gets used on every single hole. Well most of us do anyway, only the most confident of ball-strikers sticks a ball down on the ground for a tee shot. But we know what you are thinking, how important can a golf tee really be? 

Well, we think they are one of the best golf accessories (opens in new tab) to get right because maximising every piece of equipment you use, to make sure it helps you, is vital. For example, we all know players who tee the ball up too high, or too low, and then they wonder why they have skied their shot or thinned it into oblivion. Now there are a number of different types of tees out there so it's recommended that you choose one that is right for you.

Do you want a standard adjustable height tee or do you want a castle or step tee that gives you the same height every time? That's for you to decide. In recent years we've seen sustainability in the tee market with a number of companies offering up bamboo tees, so you can save the environment every time you peg it up. Also, you can now get really cool and colorful designs that offer something a little bit different rather than the classic plastic or wooden design. So what are some of the best golf tees out there? Well, we have put a list together below to help you find the right model for you.

Best Golf Tees

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How we test golf equipment

We test golf tees (opens in new tab) in the same manner as every other piece of golf equipment, thoroughly. This involves using golf tees out on the golf course, over a number of rounds and in different conditions, whether that be in terms of weather, or the different ground conditions a tee has to deal with. 

It is by using golf tees that we can have an understanding of durability, ease of use, value and other factors. Every member of the Golf Monthly team plays golf regularly and can put tees to the test on a regular basis as well, and one final point to mention is no manufacturer can buy a good review because our team of testers tells it how it is. 

How to choose the best golf tees

When picking the right golf tees for your game, there are several factors you need to think about. As modern golf tees feature a lot of technology, that decision can be very difficult to make, but we've set out a list of key considerations below that you should think about when purchasing your next set of tees. 

1. Course/Club/Shots

First what kind of tee shots do you normally face at your golf course, and what club do you normally use off the tee? For example, if you have a lot of tee shots where the driver is required, or you hit the driver a lot, then we recommend using a longer tee so you can tee the ball up higher. This allows you to hit up on the ball and hit it further. A castle tee is particularly helpful here because you get a consistent tee height every time as well.

Whereas if your course has a lot of short par-3s for example, chances are you will be hitting more irons for your tee shots. That requires a shorter tee so they aren't as difficult to get into the ground, and they won't snap very easily. Being aware of all of this will therefore inform your buying decision when it comes to golf tees.

2. Strength/Durability

Additionally, you should think about how strong you want your tees to be. If you are the kind of player who breaks tees often, probably because of a downward attack angle, then you may want to consider a stronger tee like some of the bamboo or plastic offerings above.

3. Sustainability

Speaking of bamboo, there are a lot of brands that offer sustainably strong tees so they could be something to consider so you can get more for your money, and do your bit for the environment.

4. Color/Design

One last thing to think about is if you want a golf tee that looks a bit different and may have a cool design. You may also want a colorful option so they are easy to find once you've hit your shot too.

5. Feel 

Some tees will give a different fee to others when you strike through on the golf ball and for that reason it is good to test a variety of tees out before you buy them, to get to grips with what kind of tee suits your swing the best. Wood and plastic both have different feels so try them both and see!

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What tees do golf pros use?

It is fair to say that golf pros use different brands of golf tee whilst out on Tour so we cannot be specific in that regard. What we are more confident in saying is that most Tour pros tend to use wooden tees because they are durable and reliable so they can be used easily. We also find these tees to often be painted white because this is a color which will not distract the player. 

Are plastic golf tees better than wood?

This depends on what you define as better and in what way. For example a plastic tee is better than a wooden tee if we are talking about longevity because they are stronger and less likely to break. Whereas if we are talking about the environment, then a wooden, or even bamboo tee would be better to use. As such this answer would depend on how you are looking at the question. 

How many tees should you carry in your golf bag?

It's advisable to carry a lot of tees in your golf bag. Running out of tees during a round can be a difficult situation and can mean having to borrow from your playing partners. It is always best to be prepared by bringing tees of all different shapes and sizes with you on the course, to ensure you can play your best golf from the tee with every club in your bag.