Buying a golf trolley can be an uneasy prospect because there are so many models covering different sizes and price points boasting a varying amount of features.

Golfers prioritise different things when it comes to their trolley. Some will first ensure the trolley folds down small enough to fit in their car’s small boot. If you can relate to this, push trolleys tend to fold down smaller and quicker than electric trolleys. Push trolleys also come with a handy foot break and more features on the handle like a ball pouch and drinks holder.

But if you feel like pushing a trolley is too much like hard work, especially in the winter months when your bag is stuffed full to the brim with waterproofs, then an electric trolley should be where you invest your cash. They start at around £250 for a basic model and increase in price as more features are included and the type and quality of the battery improves.

There aren’t many companies still offering lead acid batteries because although they’re cheaper, they’re also heavier, larger and don’t last as long as lithium batteries. There is the option to upgrade to an extended life lithium battery, ideal for golfers that often play 36-holes in a day.

Basic electric trolleys have a simple start and stop button that rotates to change the speed. Higher price point trolleys have this too, as well as a host of other potential features that include a battery meter, shot measurement function, round timer, LDC colour display, GPS cradle and USB charging port.

Some electric trolleys do fold up compactly, but have more moving parts to do so and therefore take more time to assemble and collapse after a round. Hopefully this helps your buying decision but be sure to have a look at different models from different brands before making your purchase.